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Wash the mirror, open the eyelids stick out your tongue; before make-up, look at your face; when the car, have a look your hands and nails. This, one minute is enough; but, it can let you understand their own health. Checking method for the simple and easy, is a minute health diagnosis.
when your own physical examination to become a habit like wash the same. You know about your body is not inferior to any doctor; when you are well aware of their own physical condition, that no disease, hypochondriasis disease but don't know disease phenomenon will take wings to itself. Simple medical knowledge can not only save yourself and your family life. It also allows you to nip in the bud. Maintain the health and vitality. Hope everyone can become their own "medical expert", can confidently say "my body I know".
Author brief introduction

Yang Licai
engaged with more than 20 years of clinical research of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, engaged in clinical work in Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital during the period, by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award and the Beijing administration of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology award a number of government incentives. The current practice in North America America Chinese medicine research center, opened in Chicago, a Chinese medicine clinic, committed to the international academic exchanges of Chinese medicine, the cure of tens of thousands of patients with difficult patients, especially made great success in acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of infertility, the widely acclaimed by patients.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter every minute self health diagnosis of
1 observation face -- reflect in vivo lesion mirror
2 eyes examined -- for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases sentinel
3 check the lips and tongue -- understanding of the digestive system and circulatory health
4 ears checked -- miniature human health
second chapter suspected illness self diagnosis of
1 to observe the color change -- the health status of the colored spectra
2 examination of skin rash -- the vital signs of systemic disease.
3 hand -- found in abnormal signal health hologram
4 check the feet -- heart, kidney and other organs of the body abnormal conditions of the reflectance map
5 to observe the nose change -- to various kinds of infections and inflammation of the early signal
6 sputum of respiratory system disease inspection -- an important signal
7 observation -- understanding of the physical and the sweat and body odor to find the disease special window
8 of urine examination of urinary system disease -- an important signal
9 check stool -- digestive health side
third chapter feel mirror Abnormal self diagnosis of
1 abnormal vision -- find the eye and brain lesions is an important signal
2 auditory abnormalities -- ear disease and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
3 abnormal sense of smell -- nasal inflammation and psychiatric symptom.
4 taste unusual -- the digestive system and the endocrine system disease signs of
fourth chapter infant health check
1 examination of the head -- understanding of children development and brain disorders of the important window of
2 eyes examined -- found the baby body hidden in the small mirror
3 observation excrement -- baby health condition barometer
4 of urine -- urinary tract health window
5 observed sleep -- reflect the baby health situation of
6 crying judgment -- determine the baby body unwell an important basis for the
7 respiratory conditions change -- diseases in respiratory system symptom of
8 diet and appreciate the change -- signs of disease.
9 other conditions -- can't let down the sign of disease according to symptoms of
fifth chapter selection treatment of
1 how to choose the out-patient departments
2 when to call emergency
3 systemic symptoms and possible disease and the first departments have a fever

edema obesity lymph nodes in

anemia and jaundice cyanosis
4 head symptoms and the likelihood of disease and the first departments

headache convulsions coma

sleep disorders in dementia vertigo

eye proptosis nasal bleeding

ear deafness sore throat hoarse voice

5 chest symptoms and the likelihood of disease and the first departments

cough hemoptysis.

hiccup vomiting palpitation chest pain

dysphagia abnormal appetite
6 abdominal symptoms and possible disease and the first departments

flatulence and constipation.
hematuria blood in the stool
urine abnormal

7. ascites abdominal pain, lumbosacral symptoms and possible disease and the first departments
closed The
vaginal bleeding
scrotal swelling
male sexual dysfunction of male infertility

female infertility
8. limb symptoms and possible disease and the first departments
paralysis, paralysis, involuntary movement of

lumbocrural pain, muscle atrophy.
sixth chapter commonly used laboratory indexes and related diseases.
a blood test,
1 of blood test
2 red blood cell anemia and test
two, blood inorganic ions
four, the detection of serum protein in renal function tests
six glucose, lipid determination of
seven, liver function tests,
eight hepatitis B virus detection,
nine, blood gas analysis and acid-base balance determination of
eleven immunological tests, serum enzyme determination of
twelve, cardiovascular disease and myocardial enzyme test
thirteen, the detection of tumors.
Fourteen, the relevant hormone determination
sixteen serological tests, the digestive system function test
1 reproductive body fluid testing vaginal cleanliness test
2 male semen
1 of urine test urine general inspection
2 urine microscopy,
nineteen stool examination
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