Simple self treatment of insomnia

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You Guolong, graduated from the Hongkong Institute of international research of traditional Chinese medicine. Professor at the Taiwan province Tainan city Chinese Chi Mei hospital, Department of acupuncture and moxibustion instructor. The World Federation of Chinese medicine division members, Chinese membership association of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese Acupuncture Association, the guest professor of Liaoning Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, a visiting fellow at the Liaoning Institute of traditional Chinese medicine. Good at using acupuncture, Acupotomy treatment technology of stroke hemiplegia, gastrointestinal disease, waist leg pain and
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What sleep is per person per day need in life, most people sleep more than 1 / 3 of life. But the exact definition of sleep, with the changes of the times and have different meanings. The initial French scholars think, sleep is due to the body, so that the activity of the sensory activity and exercise temporarily stopped, give appropriate stimulation can make its immediate arousal. Later because people know the electrical activity of the brain, so that, sleep is caused by the functional activities of the brain of the animal physiological activity is low, given the appropriate stimulus can achieve fully awake. But recent studies that, sleep is an active process, and sleep and wakefulness central management specialized, sleep the brain just has a way of working, so that energy is stored, is conducive to mental and physical recovery; and adequate sleep is the best rest, a basic role in maintaining health and strength, also get height to ensure that the production capacity. Due to the continuous work and fatigue, the human cerebral cortex nerve cells from the excited state to enter the state of suppression, suppression from local gradually spread, when inhibitory reaches a certain range, will enter the sleep state. Specifically, in the central part of the brainstem, there are many scattered in the nerve cells, they are connected by nerve fibers, such as cutting, known as "network structure". It is the function of the cerebral cortex excited, maintain cortical arousal level, so that the body in a state of arousal. When it to the reduction of the impulse, cerebral cortex nerve cell activity level is reduced, the excitement into the suppression, the person is in quiet or enter the sleep state. The mechanism of sleep is unclear. Since 1957 USA two scientists began to use to record the changes of brain of waves after sleep, according to the study of normal human EEG during sleep, found two species occur during sleep state alternately, first is a performance of large amplitude, frequency of slow waves, called slow wave sleep. At this time to breathe slowly and deeply and evenly, pulse blood pressure is stable, the secretion of pituitary "growth hormone" increase, synthetic metabolism promote physical, the physical recovery, so it is also called "the body's sleep". After the EEG frequency fast wave, called REM sleep. At this time, rapid eye movement, cerebral vascular dilatation, cerebral blood flow during slow wave sleep more than 30%-50%, brain cell metabolism, make the mental rehabilitation, so it is called "the brain's sleep". The two process takes about 2 hours. Then, repeat the two process, the repeated alternate, night in 4-5. In different ages, different time proportion of REM sleep and slow wave sleep for adult, REM sleep time accounted for about 1 / 4 of the sleep process, the elderly sleep time is reduced, the fast wavemorpheustime was also reduced, and childhood fast wavemorpheustime ratio up to 1 / 2, and so on the brain development.......
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Part 1 patient notice what is what is sleep sleep sleep efficiency mechanism is what sleep is divided into several types of why sleep is a physiological need why sleep is a biological clock of human sleep phase is how to change the sleep time and what is the relationship between sleep and age of science what sleep quality factor is a healthy sign how to judge whether the sleep sufficient what is healthy sleep health adult day to sleep how long sleep on the physical and mental health which the positive role of sleep and learning and memory have what relation the sleeping human's consciousness is completely lost you sleep on people's soul left the body here how to sleep time shorten sleep and don't sleep as big to body harm you lack of sleep will make people become stupid too little sleep will lead to various diseases have reduced sleep will make people aging it lack of sleep can cause myopia it insufficient sleep affects child height you sleep can beauty do why naps are beneficial to the health what is insomnia insomnia is what is happening why some people will suffer from insomnia caused loss The psychological factors cause insomnia sleep environment factors which tips: related pollution factors for urban insomnia what cause insomnia disease factors what service what drugs can cause insomnia caused by other insomnia what what is false loss of eye why insomnia insomnia and more dreams and forget what you belong to which kinds of insomnia what faith depressive insomnia...... Part 2 medical guide interpretation of Part 3 to Part 4 self self treatment of Part 5 Part 6 @##@ prevent trouble before it happens out of misunderstanding The book in question and answer form briefly introduced the basic knowledge of insomnia, types, clinical symptoms, auxiliary examination, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine and prevention knowledge, focuses on a simple method for readers self recuperation and self treatment of insomnia, and the author's views on preventing some errors in treating insomnia. This book is a comprehensive reflect the new achievements of insomnia self treatment and recuperation of popular science books, the content of fusion of Chinese and Western and detailed, concise and clear. Has the characteristics of science, practicality and readability strong. Not only for patients with insomnia self treatment, can also be used as the primary health care personnel reference books.
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