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Date of publication:2007-6   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Edited by Zhu Yaowu   Pages´╝Ü204  

Zhu Yaowu, associate chief physician, graduated from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in 1987. Engaged in the work of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined with clinical tumor. The professional direction analysis for clinical therapy of tumor, tumor imaging diagnosis, research of tumor and tumor curative effect standard treatment of economics. He has published many articles in the treatment and curative effect evaluation of lung cancer, colon cancer, his major works include "lung cancer diagnosis", "comprehensive treatment of gastric cancer, liver cancer," "comprehensive treatment". Involved in a number of state research projects, such as the national administration of traditional Chinese medicine, the National Natural Science Foundation and the national fifteen project "to improve lung cancer in traditional Chinese medicine on survival time and quality of life". Specializes in the treatment of respiratory, digestive system tumor. For adjuvant therapy after radical resection, TCM Combined Quxie Fuzheng and long course of treatment, reduce the rate of recurrence and metastasis for advanced cancer; lost the chance of operation, treatment focuses on extending the survival time and life quality, fully embody the characteristics of TCM treatment and survival.
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"Guide" series of lung cancer patients by people's Medical Publishing house.
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The first part requires an understanding of the basic knowledge about the anatomy of lung cancer, 2 lung function, lung cancer two, lung cancer is part of what is the three to form four, lung cancer 1 central type lung cancer 2 peripheral lung cancer five, lung cancer pathological type six, why talk about "cancer" mere mention of 1 basic knowledge of lung 1 of the lung, lung cancer 2 infiltration 3 transfer the second part I doubt I Is it right? Got lung cancer, lung cancer has what a clinical manifestation of two, further understanding of other signs of 1 pulmonary infection in 2 cancerous fever 3 vena cava syndrome in three, I doubt justified do four, how to detect early lung cancer 1 of 2 tumor markers in sputum examination of 3 imaging examination 4 fiberoptic bronchoscopy in 5 biopsy of third part doctor not a little puzzled how to go the long way 1 go to a "good" hospital 2 I should see a doctor which section two prior to the 1 know yourself as well as the enemy, win 2 to establish their own medical records 3 familiar with material, clear thinking, 4 do further examination of the ideological preparation three Don't worry you need to be hospitalized in 1 inpatients hospitalized 2 how well the 3 thing that should take 4 admission formalities 5 hospitalized time need discipline 6 Medicare patients for 7 to understand the basic situation of some hospital 8 how to handle the 3 procedure four how to communicate with a doctor and doctor 1 AC discharge to 2 to the doctor describes common fourth part was 3 in exchange for how to diagnose lung cancer -- a form of radiographic evidence of 1 chest 2.CT 3 magnetic resonance (M RI) Is it right? See more clearly the 4 imaging of lung cancer should be differentiated with what the disease of lung cancer tissue of two -- 1 sputum cytological evidence be found in cancer cells in 2 why to take the examination of hydrothorax 3 confirmed by biopsy of lung cancer why...... The fifth part how to assess the condition of sixth part of me I just want to know about some of the problems of commonly used drugs @##@ a misunderstanding of sixteenth lung cancer seventeenth other local treatment for lung cancer in tenth directions for seventh part of lung cancer operation treated eighth lung cancer radiotherapy ninth part of lung cancer chemotherapy in eleventh lung cancer with traditional Chinese medicine in twelfth part of cancer pain, not endure the thirteenth part to the fourteenth part of lung cancer lung cancer prevention fifteenth part of lung cancer should also be aware of the Nearly half a century, the incidence of lung cancer increased dramatically. At present in most of the developed countries, occupies the first place in malignant tumor common in male lung cancer, women accounted for second. The total number of patients with lung cancer ranked first in the world. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hefei city of lung cancer mortality rate has leapt to the first group of cancer. Each year in Beijing more than 20000 new cancer patients, lung cancer accounted for about 1 / 4. Lung cancer is more complex etiology, environmental pollution, smoke and fumes from the kitchen is the main cause of high incidence of lung cancer. As a cancer specialist, in with the patient and family communication, I know they are different with other concerns and demands of patients with non malignant diseases. There is no doubt, lung cancer for each of us, it is very terrible. If unfortunately quietly come to you or your family's head, due to the lack of understanding of lung cancer, doubt, fear, anxiety, helplessness and be confound at you, will undoubtedly become part of life and the main content. You or pessimistic, negative wait; or blind listen blindly, arbitrary. This is obviously the two extreme, two kind of error. Whenever I see a lot of patients at a loss in the disease, critically ill patients, and even made the wrong choice, I will be very sad. Believe in science, the coordination is the magic weapon. This time you is probably the most in need of a doctor friend, detailed explanation for you, reasonable suggestions, help you with your idea. This book is to be your friend, hope to be able to play this role, you become a good helper in medical treatment process.
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