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Date of publication:2007-2   Press: Jiangsu Art   Author:Liu Keling, Rong 东贵 master   Pages:216  

"The famous speech" the author not only health education experts, and experienced clinicians, experts have long been engaged in teaching, research, and scholars for many years engaged in health management. Their characteristic is the profound medical professional content, into the general public can understand the science works, the real "can make readers to understand at a glance, a school will be, one with the spirit". So, "article" famous notes are popular with readers. Many letters from readers to reflect that, they "must not see each, a heart to panic"; there are many readers when the doctor, "notes" the masters in hand, in order to better communicate with doctors. Recently, China Health Education Association in cooperation with the "excellent health guide" service, finishing assembly based on the more than 100 "famous lecture" more than 50 experts to write on the launch, "100 forum" series of health. Series of concentrated national health education chief expert and other well-known experts and excellent presentations, capture the essence, the readers.
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Defense control hypertension good cardiovascular disease, to enjoy a better life to the prevention and treatment of fatty liver "five high" -- diet and exercise stroke health big landslide about the antecedents and consequences of obesity correct understanding of arrhythmia of cancer is not terrible understanding outbreak diabetes alert "silent killer" -- the two big a magic weapon of senile osteoporotic anti senility man, protect your reproductive function
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Lay the cardiovascular disease defense Hu cardiovascular disease has become the heavy burden of World Health care. According to the world heart federation statistics, throughout the world, every death 3 people, there are l people died of cardiovascular diseases. The statistics also show, 80% died of cardiovascular disease who come from low-income countries and regions, and cardiovascular disease mortality in these countries and regions with increasing obesity and smoking continues to rise, cardiovascular mortality is still far higher than other diseases including cancer, AIDS, no, its harm age, identity, regional division, and has gradually risen to the first killer to human health "". It is expected that in 2020, myocardial infarction and stroke, death from the fifth and sixth rose to first and fourth, the mortality rate of cardiovascular disease worldwide will force D50%, up to 25000000 people, including 19000000 people in developing countries. To arouse the public on cardiovascular disease and its risk factors (obesity, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, nutrition, smoking) attention, the World Heart Federation (World Heart Federation) will be the last Sunday of September every year as world heart day (World Heart Day). The purpose of WHF is to help people around the world through the prevention, control of coronary heart disease and stroke, prolong human life, especially pay attention to prevention of cardiovascular disease prevention in developing countries, raise public awareness of cardiovascular disease, international non-governmental organizations and broad coalition government related disciplines and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the relevant functional departments cardiovascular disease, build overall defence. The full line includes five aspects: the first line of defense against morbidity -- primary prevention......
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President of the book Chinese Health Education Association Yin Dakui recommended sequence. National Health Education chief expert: Hu Dayi, Guo Yizhen, brilliant appearance, top experts sent you "health package"! Leading experts lineup, the new health concept, practical health Daquan, preventing and curing diseases. Chinese saying "nip in the bud", China "Huangdi Neijing" thousands of years ago. "The disease before treatment". Is to prevent when no disease, is of multiple risk factors in the headwaters of the comprehensive control, is the key of our diseases from the "downstream" to "upstream", this is a very important medical mode. Peking University and Capital Medical University Professor, doctoral tutor Hu Dayi being cast tonic, as in the use of poison, harm, far more than the body's own disease, like a catalyst, the toxin in the body of the breeding and series. Association of Gerontology Chinese medicine research committee vice chairman Guo Zhihong, hypertension, the surface is an independent disease, is actually an important risk factor for cardiovascular, cerebrovascular disease. To prevent cardiovascular events, control of hypertension is one of the most important single breakthrough Shanghai Jiao Tong University affiliated Ruijin hospital clinical department of hypertension, high blood pressure, Shanghai City Institute director, Guo Jizhen eat sweets itself does not cause diabetes, but when diabetes has "everything", lots of sweets could be that "Dongfeng", will make the already terribly fatigued islet like a horse tired horses no longer work, your blood glucose levels rise to diagnose diabetes level. Deputy director of the Department of endocrinology of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, director of the diabetes center red Ding health through to the end!
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