• Happy health care.

    "Happy health care a bit" as a doctor, I sincerely hope everyone learn how to self health management, this book, dedicated to -- although tried many health method, but few successful you, body slightly uncomfortable, do not want to go to the hospital to self regulate you, want grasp the handle,

  • Health education of College Students

    "Introduction of health education of college students" content: youth is a person from family to society, the transition period green mature. In this period, the collision of emotion and social development, physical function, often lead to conflict psychology of young students; career, occupation choice, employment and the survival pressure,

  • From head to toe, antioxidant

    "Introduction" from head to foot antioxidant content: know why iron rusts? Why is apple put soon become yellow? It is a trick of the oxide! Now do you know why the body uncomfortable, similarly, human health will also be affected by oxidation of the invasion, to know the accelerant oxidation is human body aging,

  • Common sense is not ill health

    Health knowledge were not ill health knowledge, "not sick (popular upgrade version) (premium collection)" content brief introduction: health is the life, health is an important way to keep healthy. So, how are we going to do health care? In daily life, do the law of life, ease of mind, a way of keeping good health is the best. Health knowledge,

  • Physical decline than the age of blame

    "Introduction to physical decline than the age to blame" content: human physical reached the peak at around 20 years of age. Along with the growth of the age, physical strength to decline. But age does not necessarily lead to physical decline, but with the increase of age, we exercise less, this is the real cause physical decline,

  • The public health.

    "Bible" for public health Shiyan Taihe Hospital (Affiliated Hospital of Hubei Medical College) Tu Hanjun, Zong Ming, Zhu organization the Roger more than 100 clinical experts, prepared a dissemination of health knowledge of popular science books. It is in Shiyan Taihe Hospital and Shiyan Municipal Science and Technology Association organized mass,

  • Disease to medicine

    "Disease to their medicine: an introduction to the book:" health "content laugh laugh door fortune" is true? Is said to see the comedy show, natural killer cells would set out to attack cancer cells, after listening to the crosstalk of rheumatoid arthritis can alleviate inflammation! "Disease to their medicine: Huan Xiaojian Kang book" the author looks on the health benefits of laughter,,

  • Skin regeneration mystery

    "Skin regeneration puzzle" in interviews, in order to first-line clinical cases for demonstration, restoration science level regeneration from the human body, easy to understand the knowledge of prevention and treatment of the people most concerned about, the daily life and labor in the burn, trauma, diabetic skin ulcer, dog bite disease. ,

  • Decryption of infertility

    "Introduction to decrypt the infertility" content: each sub human, has a sad story a reluctant and outsiders say...... In recent years, the number of patients with infertility rising, China's current infertility patients have accounted for 12.5% of the population of child-bearing age, more than 40000000 people, and every year,

  • Brain nutrition guidance manual

    "Food and nutrition brain nutrition guide" from the most common daily life began, according to the latest on diet, nutrition, the brain's information at home and abroad, with straightaway language, scientific expounded the brain needs nutrition, and various food brain function: the balanced diet,

  • Chinese Family Health Handbook

    "Chinese Family Health Handbook" selected 2010 health times content, embodies the most wonderful, core for healthy times 2010 health science knowledge, life care, cardiovascular protection, focusing on health and sports medicine and four themes, consisting of four chapters, prominent intellectual, service,,

  • Talk about past and present healthy

    Brief talk about past and present "healthy" content: thousands of health, 000 health, mental balance is the key; liberal to punt, health and longevity over hundred years; to be healthy, happy, learn to their own. Read this book into health. High perspicacity healthy, quietly taste health; establish the new concept of healthy living, healthy,

  • Not anxious to healthy living

    10 steps to help you achieve the carefree life! , you always worry about his body out of the problem you are afraid of all unknown what worried about your family and friends always say "not what, good will!" But the sentence itself more let you fear you nervous hospital you won't sleep through the night you want to solve the problem, you want to improve your life do you want to know the carefree life,

  • Health and longevity 8 words

    Brief introduction of "health and longevity" 8 words: health and longevity are always concerned about the topic, everyone hopes to live an easy life in old age, health and longevity, but how to do to live a long and healthy life is not clear to everyone. "Health and longevity 8 words" gives food, animals, love, protection, measurement, treatment, nursing, raises the health and longevity of eight,

  • For the people's police Health Book

    "Give the people's police health book" is written specifically for the police, targeted, systematic guiding police health care of popular science books, from the current situation of the health of our country, the health management, police police police diet, exercise, sleep, police science police go out official business,,

  • Lotus effect

    "Lotus effect" is composed of two parts. Part one introduces the lotus root and stem, leaf, flower, fruit and other departments, functions and taste of food and medicinal knowledge; part two introduces lotus food therapy of various diseases, lists nearly 580 kinds of clever use of lotus root disease of cure, "Jane, will, to highlight the characteristic low, check". ,

  • Our ancestors passed to our health wisdom

    "Our ancestors came to our health wisdom" content brief introduction: long China culture attaches great importance to health and longevity Road, which passed down a lot about health and health of proverbs, sayings, these GetWord statement contains a profound philosophy of health, is our ancestors left us precious wealth. Today, through the interpretation of this,

  • Why the Japanese longevity

    For ordinary people, like the moon in water, ever-young flowers in the mirror, in fact, we can not only have longevity, in ensuring the healthy body and have the youth vigor at the same time, also can have more than 100 years of longevity. Author Shirasawa Zhuoni in Tokyo on the old man, had the privilege of visiting more than 100 years old,

  • All from the foot rule

    "Everything from the foot treat" brief introduction: keep tree mulch, raise one foot; foot densely distributed reflection area; often rubbing, tapping, massage foot reflection zone with these; caring for yourself and your family, let the body health and vitality. ,

  • Healthy and happy 100 year old

    Hong Zhaoguang chief expert on 100 "healthy and happy, healthy and happy 100 year old (Third Edition)" incisive language, aftertaste: words are popular, make people remember. Financial authoritative, scientific, intellectual, interesting and practical as a whole, can be called the masterpiece of public health education, excellent medical popular science books. ,

  • Rural health and health knowledge popularization reader (7 volumes)

    "Rural health and health knowledge popularization reader (set of 7 volumes)" includes: "common sense", "daily safety prevention of AIDS, venereal disease and drug knowledge", "healthy living", "health care", "disease prevention", "food safety knowledge", "water and life" in seven volumes. "Rural health and health,

  • Basic knowledge of human anti radiation

    "The human body radiation protection knowledge reader" the interpretation of scientific concise for the radiation problem, try to make people understand: radiation is everywhere, as long as we have the relevant knowledge, no need to talk about "radiation" pale! At the same time, here to remind everybody, should be timely information about government issued, for the radiation,

  • 2 minutes of joint maintenance exercises

    Let you from osteoarthritis, "2 minutes of joint maintenance exercises: keep you from osteoarthritis" introduces the reader to a specific joint maintenance exercises. This set of joint maintenance care embodies the author as a high degree of Department of orthopedics experts for more than 20 years work experience, the complex joint nutrition, anatomy, physiology and biological joint principle,

  • Lung cancer prevention and health

    "Lung cancer prevention and health" lung cancer prevention and treatment as the theme, content involves the lung cancer prevention, early diagnosis, operation treatment, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, molecular targeted therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation of various minimally invasive health etc.. I hope readers reading "lung cancer prevention and health" to do the following: ① knowledge update,

  • Celebrity health

    "Celebrity health: at all times and in all countries by 138 celebrities" a way of keeping good health is a devoted celebrity a way of keeping good health of popular books. The book tells the story of 138 healthy longevity at all times and in all countries celebrity health experience and specific methods. Sex, practicality and readability in one science, nowadays people out of health care,

  • Laugh to health

    "Smile" is a healthy teaching people treasure the happiness of life, is the author of 30 years of "laugh" health scientific results and books. "Laugh" describes how to develop healthy "laugh" habits in life; smile, laugh, laugh happy forehead door open gate, three doors open, the hundred vessels are through "Sanxiao health,

  • Drug safety know the score

    "Safe" know the score by clinical pharmacists a hospital is prepared, a total of 3 chapters, mainly covers the medication safety, reasonable medication, scientific management of drug content of the three part, help the readers have a more scientific understanding of general medicine, as clear as noonday medication, Guan Yao, ensure drug safety, scientific, reasonable. All,

  • Migrant workers small injury - prevention and cure

    The health status of migrant workers "self control" small injuries for migrant workers is not optimistic, will they live and work in common minor injuries, including insomnia, eye disease, toothache, rhinitis, lumbocrural pain, skin allergies, skin tinea, furuncle, frostbite, hemorrhoids, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, food poisoning, cough, cold,

  • Health in your hands

    "Health is in your hands (Third Edition)" the theme of healthy lifestyle, including a reasonable diet, moderate exercise care, psychological balance, prevention and treatment of common diseases such as topic of people and the necessary knowledge. The Book Language incisive. Aftertaste; words are popular, make people remember. This set of financial authoritative, scientific,

  • The hair will speak

    "The hair will speak" the main content description: various diseases in the internal, will form on the outside. The hair is everyone symbol individual style and charm, but also the important mark of our health. "Domino" vividly illustrates the dialectical relationship between local and whole. The human body is an organic whole, internal and external communication,

  • Awake or dreaming

    Sleep behavior: strange, "awake or dreaming: a brief introduction to the main content of sleep behavior" the strange: sleep is so important to us, but we know very little about it, especially the behavior of all sorts of strange things in some sleep, let us look at a loss, even may not make weird things explanation. "Awake or dreaming: the strange sleep,

  • To get rid of the trouble by yourself

    "To get rid of trouble on their own: Daily worry self resolve 80 method" is a specialized teaching how to eliminate the public mental health reading trouble. The book from four aspects of attitude adjustment, character, nature, behavior and other ancillary sublimation, concise and detailed introduce effective methods of how to get rid of ego everyday worries,,

  • The doctor

    The doctor, "doctor doctor" no talk with eloquence in medical theory, not every rhythm medical knowledge, only into a river doctor life wisdom pungent sharp insight and road course, help people more clearly understand the hospital, doctors, Chinese medicine, disease, full of traps in the road, to find a solution to their own health disease,

  • You have a good sleep.

    "You have a good sleep: sleep disorders interpretation" is a film about the sleep disorder of popular science readings. The etiology, symptoms, treatment and prevention of detail various sleep disorders. In the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders, the psychological self adjustment of sleep disorders, drug therapy, Chinese medicine treatment of sleep disorder, sleep disorder,

  • South Korea, the world cultural heritage dongyibaojian

    "Korea World Cultural Heritage 'dongyibaojian' physique diet" in encyclopedia knowledge can be directly applied to actual life in disease prevention, treatment. But, "Encyclopedia of world cultural heritage," South Korean constitution diet is not simple, not even read can read. ,

  • Medical guide

    "Medical Guide: how to see a doctor" for medical and health science books, designed to allow the majority of people understand the hospital and medical and health care knowledge. Standing in the ordinary medical point of view, systematically introduces how to choose the hospital, how to describe how the condition and history, and the doctor communication and understanding of medical process and line,

  • Time keeping in good health

    "Shun health: an introduction to the main content in time and solar term in health tips": Chinese medicine, Chunsheng, summer long, the autumn harvest, tozo; Chen L, wu long, of late, night reservoir. Human life can not be contrary to the laws of nature, so if you want to live a long and healthy life, we must shun, Shun day and time. The main life,

  • Manage the temperature does not fall ill

    "Good temperature, not sick" Introduction: there are many causes cold factors of modern life, such as air conditioning, the heat of the day to eat cold food, do not exercise enough makes the body heat, lack of long-term, and let the body in a "cold" condition, it is easy to cause a variety of chronic diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, obesity, decreased immunity...... Even,

  • Diagram nine symptomatic health physique

    Person's body is different, the health of the methods are also different. Do you know what is the Constitution? You know your body taken the regimen? "Physical health" to illustrate nine symptomatic with "the nine kind of constitution" as the breakthrough point, from the characteristics, various physical performance, partial reason and susceptibility to disease and other aspects of Yang deficiency constitution,,

  • Irreplaceable teeth

    "Irreplaceable teeth!: new knowledge to protect teeth and gums (interesting graphic)" content brief introduction: simple ways to keep a healthy teeth. Brushing alone cannot prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease of the real reason. Your teeth a bit because of pain or gum pain is to go to the dentist? If you have is wrong tooth,

  • White collar Master workplace health

    "White collar Master workplace health" for health professionals in the workplace, from the way of life, eating habits, the way one gets along with people, life and mental activities and other aspects of the 45 opinions and suggestions, provide guidance for white-collar workers to physical and mental health. "White collar Master workplace health" is rich in content, science,

  • Health knowledge quiz

    Marital problems, personality, also have in common. "Health knowledge question and answer" case from the years of consulting, almost covers the various problems that may be encountered in marriage. Even if you are currently in a stage of life, "the health knowledge of a case to ask" in also allows you to nip in the bud. After all,

  • Sports talents health

    "Sports talents health" from the exercise and healthy relationship, explain profound theories in simple language to explain how to exercise to be healthy, emphasizes on the sport health measures of common diseases, common way for most people to sports health etc.. Is scientific, practical, is a comprehensive reflection of the new concept of sports and fitness,,

  • Health self management

    "Self health management (Third Edition)" incisive language, aftertaste: words are popular, make people remember. Financial authoritative, scientific, intellectual, interesting and practical as a whole, can be called the masterpiece of public health education, excellent medical popular science books. ,

  • Brain health questions

    "Brain health questions" has been brewing for a long time, the book's article is selected from the "brain health" magazine and "Shanghai public health news" comes, is writing some long-term commitment to the field of brain science and clinical experts and public health experts, with professional and readability. "Mental health" magazine is well-known there,

  • The sick can not be trying everything

    The original chart diagnosis method, detect 361 kinds of diseases! Be arranged in this book charts, can help you feel unwell to judge their own health status, determine what symptom is in need of attention, which is to be of no great importance, should be immediately to the hospital. In addition, the book of various diseases,

  • The new health knowledge is all right?

    This book mainly explained to the readers of "media publicity of the new health knowledge is not correct", and gives a lot of examples to illustrate. The author interviewed the agriculture, health, food, environmental field reporters, so the book has a strong sense of the scene, readability is strong. In today's society full of all kinds of,

  • A sleep disorder

    "Introduction of sleep disorder - a" main content: sleep is like breathing human physiological needs, who lives a L / 3 of the time spent in sleep, sleep is essential for life, is an important part of human body restoration, integration and consolidation of memory. However, with the increasingly fast pace of modern social life, pressure,

  • A healthy lifestyle

    "A healthy lifestyle (Third Edition)" the three points about healthy lifestyle content, 1/3 healthy lifestyle to extend cancer and liver aspect. But in the structure is divided into a healthy lifestyle, liver cancer, three. Each article is divided into several sections. Each section is basically independent written,,

  • Anti aging Guide

    "Anti-aging guide" shattered anti-aging cosmetics and hormone, herbs and other anti-aging drug myth, and points out that the most powerful anti-aging weapon is the physical and mental health status, and put forward specific health plans in the physical, psychological and spiritual three aspects: learn to eat right, follow the anti-inflammatory diet ★ society of sports, calling,

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