Clinical hematology test

Date of publication:2004-8   Press: Chinese medicine science and Technology Press   Author:Hu Yiqun   Pages:411   Words:548000  

"The clinical hematology test" is one of the medical colleges and universities test series of professional planning materials. The book has 11 chapters, divided into two parts. The system, briefly introduces the basic knowledge of blood tests, including blood, bone marrow examination and blood within each cell system; the introduction of clinical application of blood examination, according to clinical disease is divided into sections. Book keeping the advantage of traditional teaching materials in the content, focus on innovation, illustrations, fine printing characteristics. Illustrations in color image, vivid, to help readers learn, understand the relevant theory has played a good role. In the textbook contents explain profound theories in simple language, suitable for teachers' teaching, more convenient for students and clinical workers self-taught, master, have very strong practicability, the undergraduate medical colleges in inspection and related professional students and clinical laboratory workers rare materials, a good reference book studies and clinical medical undergraduates, students, medical professional researchers.
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The first chapter hematopoietic blood test first hematopoietic organs second hematopoietic microenvironment hematopoietic stem (progenitor) third cell fourth blood cell proliferation and maturation of hematopoietic regulation fifth section sixth section second chapter bone cell apoptosis body check first bone marrow puncture technique in section second section third commonly used bone marrow smears of blood cells staining fourth section of bone marrow biopsy section fifth blood cell immune markers sixth hematopoietic stem / progenitor cells cultured for seventh day blood cell chromosome test section eighth molecular biology examination in third chapter red blood cell system the first red blood cell system form second festival red cell structure and function of third red blood cell examination in fourth chapter granulocyte system first granulocyte system form the second section granulocyte classification and function of third day granulocyte examination in fifth chapter mononuclear macrophage system first mononuclear macrophage system morphology second mononuclear macrophage function in section third, single nucleus macrophage check sixth chapter lymphocyte plasma cell system first lymphocyte plasma cell morphology in section second lymphocyte plasma cell function in section third the lymphocyte plasma cell system to examine the seventh chapter of thrombosis and hemostasis The first section megakaryocyte morphology and function of platelet function and morphology in section second section third platelet inspection section fourth blood coagulation factor inspection section fifth section sixth blood coagulation regulating system in section seventh blood coagulation regulating system checks the blood examination application chapter eighth red blood cell disease inspection section of red blood cell classification of diseases second node regeneration anemia, iron deficiency anemia third day fourth day fifth day megaloblastic anemia hemolytic anemia sixth hemoglobin disease seventh other diseases of red blood cell system to change the ninth chapter malignant disease of hematopoietic system checking first acute leukemia second myelodysplastic syndrome third myeloproliferative disorders fourth plasma cell disease Fifth Festival lymphoproliferative diseases and sixth malignant histiocytosis chapter tenth non evil land white blood cell disease inspection in the first quarter of granulocytopenia and deficiency of second day leukemoid reaction section third infectious mononucleosis fourth section Langerhans cell histiocytosis fifth lipoidosis sixth hypersplenism in Chapter eleventh thrombosis and hemorrhage disease inspection section vascular purple patch The second section thrombocytopenia...... The blood test reference value of Chinese English glossary
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  •   This book is to help friends teacher bought, Dangdang delivery speed can still, each other soon received
  •   The content covers very wide, but only speak generally, there are few examples, not detailed. Color printing quality is very poor, and a far cry from the photo color.

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