Medical polymer materials

Date of publication:2000-8   Press: Chinese medicine science and Technology Press   Author:Zheng Junmin   Pages:216   Words:255000  

This book is the Ministry of education "in Colleges and universities of medicine in twenty-first Century for the teaching content and course system reform research and practice" projects "pharmaceutics teaching content and course system reform" the research, is recommended by the Ministry of education "for the twenty-first Century one of the textbooks". In order to meet the needs of the twenty-first Century teaching this course, let alone. Further study of rational drug delivery and promoting technological innovation, so that the speed and quantity of drugs according to reach the body design is to ensure drug safety, effectiveness, economy and reliability of the serious challenges facing. The book according to the latest data at home and abroad, the paper introduces the principle and application of medical polymer materials international verification and practice through legal procedures have been used by medical polymer materials, especially for natural sources of attention abroad in recent years (including derivatives) and synthetic medicinal macromolecular materials are widely collected and introduced. The structure is complete, novel content, language fluency, as students in medical colleges and universities in the pharmaceutical materials and engaged in the production of pharmaceutical preparations, researchers reference book.
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Chapter 1 introduction of the basic concept of the first section of polymer materials in section second section third polymer chain structure of polymer aggregation structure chapter second polymer chemistry section polymerization section second chemical reaction of polymer third chapter of polymer materials and the physical and chemical properties of the first section of the polymer solution of physicochemical properties of second molecular weight and molecular weight distribution in section third the polymer mechanics state and polymer materials and mechanical properties of fourth drugs through the polymer diffusion in Chapter fourth medicinal natural polymer materials section of starch and its derivatives second day third Festival cellulose cellulose derivatives overview section fourth medicinal cellulose derivatives on the fifth day of other natural medical polymer materials chapter Fifth Village Medical polymer material section acrylic acid homopolymer the second section and copolymer of vinyl class of homopolymers and copolymers of ethylene oxide type third homopolymers and copolymers of fourth other synthetic medical polymer materials and products sixth chapter of medical polymer packaging materials section of medical polymer packaging material and form second medicinal polymer packaging materials Test and evaluation in domestic medical polymer materials name and manufacturer Chinese index English index
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