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Date of publication:2006-5   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Li Jianmin   Pages:323   Words:470000  
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The first part: the first chapter first natural medicine research object, task and method of learning in section second, a brief history of the development of natural medicine third medicine nomenclature and classification of the second chapter of plant morphology and anatomy of the first section plant cell second plant tissue section third seed plant organs of third chapter of plant classification knowledge section plant classification overview section second lower plants third higher plant fourth chapter crude drug resources, harvesting and processing, storage section crude drug resources section second, section third of crude oil processing of crude storage fifth chapters of traditional Chinese medicine processing section processing to section second processing methods in Chapter sixth, identification of crude drug section pharmacognostical identification purposes and the significance of the second day students medicine identification basis and general procedure of section third pharmacognostical identification method in section fourth of the crude drug identification technology development the seventh chapter of plant drugs first boghead crude drug second festival fern pharmacognosy section third gymnosperm pharmacognosy section fourth is Identification of Pharmacognosy identification experiment guide ninth chapter mineral drugs sub plant crude drug eighth chapter animal drugs section section second animal drugs. The first section of mineral drugs overview section second mineral drugs name index retrieval table @##@ angiosperm branch The two part is the pandect. The pandect introduces basic knowledge about medicinal botany and biology and basic method; the theory introduces the morphological characteristics of angiosperms 19 families and commonly used drugs 194, master a variety of biological species (a English name) 40, understand the 64 varieties, list the understanding of students 90 kinds of medicine. In the preparation process, aims to highlight the secondary occupation education, carry out the comprehensive quality education is based on the ability oriented vocational education idea. This textbook besides textbooks office in accordance with the Ministry of health in accordance with the requirements of writing, also has the following characteristics: 1 the theory of plant medicine according to the natural classification system extension column, embodies the organic combination of pharmaceutical botany and pharmacognosy, also easy to learn the same genus in common students drug identification characteristics and effect and so on, and compare its specificity, and to reveal the regularity. The traditional experience discrimination method 2 pay attention to medicine, also reflects the latest achievements of modern drug research. Crude drug 3 in the general resources section increased crude drug resources protection knowledge, to enhance the students' consciousness of crude drug resources protection.
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