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Date of publication:2002-1   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Qi Ji   Pages:341   Words:507000  

The higher occupation education is relatively new in the education category in our country, this book tries to reflect the following characteristics: 1 on the higher occupation education goal, need to apply to the radiographer practical work, other professional courses and as far as possible, and the connection and complement of radiographers. 2 is not a similar textbooks and reference books for this book tries to do, according to the knowledge structure of modern medical imaging and connotation of evidence-based medicine, the examination methods and corresponding diagnosis content organically, to students in order to complete impression; traditional knowledge has been out of date content, enrich the application of the new knowledge, the students after graduation is easy and practical work cohesion. 3 text control within the scope of reasonable, as far as possible, refining, allow sufficient space for teachers, do not mix with the reference books. 4 chapters are the choice of methods for examination, clinical and pathological basis of various examination methods, the relationship between aspects of content, and behind the main sections are accompanied by "points" for teachers teaching and students' memory.
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The first chapter is the first section of medical imaging of section second, the development of medical imaging and clinical studies in the contemporary status of third diagnostic imaging and imaging technology section of the fourth medical imaging used in the second chapter the basic concepts of the respiratory system the first day of medical imaging techniques in respiratory system diseases diagnosis application value and limitation the second section respiratory anatomy section third respiratory system basic representation of the pathology section fourth section fifth bronchial disease pneumonia, lung abscess in sixth section, seventh section of pulmonary tuberculosis of lung cancer eighth primary mediastinal tumors and cysts of Ninth Section of chapter third chest creation of heart and great vessels disease section of medical imaging techniques in heart and great vessels the diagnosis of the value and limitation of second heart and vascular imaging anatomy of the third section of the heart and great vessels basic representation of the pathology section fourth congenital heart disease, fifth congenital heart disease sixth pericardial disease seventh vessel disease fourth chapter digestive system section of medical imaging technology in the diseases of digestive system diagnostic value and limitation of second digestive system imaging anatomy of the digestive system of the third day Representation of the pathology section fourth section fifth, liver, gastrointestinal diseases of bile and pancreatic diseases of digestive system in the fifth chapter sixth section of urinary and reproductive system in Chapter sixth, skeletal muscle and joint the seventh chapter of central nervous system and ear, nose, throat
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