Geriatric nursing

Date of publication:2004-1   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Xia Xiaoping   Pages:195   Words:290000  

In 2003 August the Ministry of health teaching office organized the compilation of the national higher occupation technique education in five year nursing professional teaching materials, "geriatric nursing" is one of them. In the process of writing this book tries to meet the higher occupation technique education of training practical talents, combined with domestic and foreign nursing education philosophy and curriculum characteristics, the old life cycle management as the main line, in the frame of nursing procedure, in order to meet the elderly health needs, solve common health problem of the elderly as the focus, to carry forward the traditional virtues, respect for the elderly, help the old oriented, in order to maintain the best state of health of the elderly, to improve the quality of life to achieve healthy aging as the goal, content and structure of the material was selected and arranged carefully, Yan Jin. The book is divided into nine chapters, including the introduction of the theory of health assessment; aging; elderly; mental health of the elderly; elderly health care and health promotion; nursing care of senile people daily life and common health problems; nursing safety medication for the elderly; nursing care of senile diseases the patients; home care and hospice care of the elderly. This book mainly for higher occupation technique education in five year nursing professional use, can also be used as a geriatric nursing training, continuing education of nursing and nursing staff reference book.
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The first chapter is the introduction section of population aging situation and development trend of second day old discipline basic concept of third day old nursing concept and category of the second chapter aging theory. The third chapter the elderly health assessment first day the elderly health assessment of the content and the method of second day old people's life quality comprehensive evaluation of the fourth chapter of the elderly mental health first day the elderly psychological characteristics of second day old common psychological problems and nursing of third day of mental health of the elderly in Chapter fifth, aged care and health promotion section section second healthy elderly and healthy aging third aged people's self health care and promotion section fourth community elderly health care section fifth foreign aged people the sixth chapter the elderly care of daily life and common health problem of nursing in the first day of daily life of the elderly nursing of second day old people falls prevention and nursing care of third elderly constipation nursing of fourth day old fecal incontinence care The fifth section of older people with urinary incontinence nursing the seventh chapter safety medication in elderly care section section second of drug safety nursing third day family Medication Guide Chapter eighth senile each system common disease patient care section is section second senile sensory system common disease patient care third day old age common diseases of respiratory system nursing care of patients aged fourth day common diseases of circulatory system of nursing care of patients with fifth common diseases of digestive system in elderly patient care sixth senile urinary and reproductive system disease patient care seventh senile metabolic and endocrine system disease patient care eighth senile motion system common disease patient care ninth day old nervous system disease patient care in Chapter ninth, the elderly family nursing and hospice care practice practice an elderly home visits and family health assessment practice two elderly health assessment practice three old people's life quality comprehensive assessment practice for four ~ six elderly patient case nursing Plan and health guidance plan appendix evaluation quality of life elderly scale 1 ~ 12 appendix two of the people's Republic of China occupation skill standard annex three syllabus (Reference)
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