Technology of basic medical laboratory quality management

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Feng Renfeng   Pages:83   Words:125000  
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The first chapter of medical laboratory quality management based on the first day of quality management in medical laboratory words, two, medical laboratory quality objectives, quality management four, three, six, five error detection system steady state error of seven, non steady state error of eight, statistical quality control, analytical performance evaluation of nine ten, random error or imprecision (RE) eleven, system error or inaccuracy (SE) twelve, medical decision level thirteen, total error (TE) second medical laboratory management related laws, regulations and rules and regulations, laws, regulations and rules and regulations of two, and medical experiments related laws and regulations three, the laboratory management system roughly content the third section laboratory safety requirements, the personnel requirements two, biological source of danger three, hazardous chemicals four, five, six ventilation safe use of electricity, waste disposal, fire facilities, seven eight cylinder gas requirements section fourth medical laboratory use legal calculation unit, the international system of units and our legal units of measurement Two, medical experimental calculation unit three, international units system is defined in section fifth of the basic medical laboratory instruments and equipment management requirements in section sixth pipettes correct use and calibration of seventh chemical classes and storage requirements of chapter second detection system and evaluate the performance of the first section in medical experiment, the matrix effect the second section is not fine density estimation section third patients results reportable range of experiment fourth section analysis of interference section fifth accuracy performance evaluation in section sixth to determine the acceptability of the inspection system for the performance of the third chapter quality control section pre analysis quality management section second laboratory operating procedures in section third, statistical quality control based on fourth section control product selection fifth section quality control basic statistical calculation section sixth to draw the Levey-Jennings control chart in section seventh, correct understanding and application of Westgard multi rule control procedures in appendix a permissible error index t value table in Appendix two experiment a quantitative experimental precision and reportable range evaluation experiment two experimental @##@ matrix effect Influence the quality of result of medical experimental conclusion of medical research, to observe the effect of diagnosis and treatment of patients. Therefore the experiment must have quality management, to ensure the reliability of the results. In order to meet the needs of medical biological technology development, the acceptance of secondary health occupation education students understand and grasp the laboratory quality management technology, the Ministry of health teaching office planning and organized the compilation of the book. This book from the actual situation of the domestic medical biotechnology, absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced quality management theory and experience, especially experience rich practical clinical laboratory, emphasizes the basic concept, striving to be advanced and practical, and as far as possible to the sample and explained the content points, explain profound theories in simple language, for students to master. The book is divided into three chapters, mainly on the basic requirement of laboratory quality management system, main performance and evaluation, quality control technology three aspects. This book is available in secondary health professional occupation school medical biotechnology students and engaged in the laboratory work of medical personnel.
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