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Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Chinese Chinese community   Author:Yu Guojian   Pages:290   Words:454000  
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The first chapter of the elasticity section stress and strain, force balance and medical application of two, normal stress and strain three, shear stress and shear strain, volume strain four second section modulus of elasticity, elastic and plastic modulus of two, three, third section of elastic potential energy, a substance of viscoelasticity viscoelastic material stress-strain relation, dynamic characteristics of two viscoelastic material static features fourth bones and muscles of the mechanical properties, the mechanical properties of a skeletal muscle two, the mechanical properties of bone biomechanical properties of exercise second chapter fluid dynamics based on the first day the stable flow of ideal fluid, a steady flow of ideal fluid, three, continuous two equation second section Bernoulli equation and its application, the Bernoulli equations of the two, application of the Bernoulli equation in section third, the actual fluid flow, Newton viscous law two, laminar flow, turbulent flow, Reynolds number fourth Poiseuille's law, Stokes's law a Poiseuille law two, Stokes's law of blood flow in nodules exercises chapter The three chapter surface property of liquid surface tension to a first quarter two, surface tension, surface tension coefficient three, second section of curved liquid surface inside and outside pressure third section capillary phenomenon, wettability, capillary phenomenon two section fourth and section fifth alveolar surfactant adsorbed on the surface of the pressure in a gas embolism, alveolar. Two, the pressure of gas embolism of exercise fourth chapter of vibration of ultrasonic first harmonic vibration, _ a simple harmonic vibration expression two, simple harmonic vibration energy is three, with the same direction and frequency composition of simple harmonic vibration of a second day fluctuation, mechanical wave generation and geometric representation two, describing the fluctuation of physical quantity three, plane harmonic wave expression four, wave energy, wave attenuation, acoustic sound wave with a third day two, the physical properties of the acoustic pressure and acoustic resistance three, sound intensity and sound intensity level in section fourth section fifth ultrasonic Doppler effect and its application in medicine, ultrasonic generating and receiving ultrasonic characteristics and functions of two, three, of ultrasound in medicine Radiation application of exercise fifth chapter of electrostatic field and electrical field sixth chapter DC chapter seventh chapter ninth chapter eighth alternating current electromagnetic phenomena of geometric optics and medical optical instruments, the tenth chapter and eleventh chapter of light absorption and quantum physics basic knowledge twelfth chapter nuclear and radioactive X thirteenth chapter ray fourteenth chapter fifteenth nuclear medicine imaging chapter transistor circuit appendix two appendix a calculus based common physical quantities and units in the definitions, designations of appendix three successive Nobel prize winners @## @ The new century planning in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine in medical physics teaching "according to the national Ministry of education" is "about" fifteen "during the construction and the reform of higher education teaching material opinion" spirit, under the guidance of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, by the association of higher education of Chinese medicine organization prepared. This textbook is based on the unified national higher medical colleges in 1984 published "on the textbook of medical physics", summed up the experience of reform in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine "of Medical Physics Teaching" in recent twenty years, the latest version of the reference of science and technology, medicine and other similar textbooks, mainly for Medical College of Medicine Colleges and universities and similar professional, college students use the. In the process of writing this book, pay attention to the selection of materials, strengthening infrastructure, professional services, reflect the new progress of the subject, that follow the scientific, systematic, advanced, practical and standardized, standardization principle, concept and strive to accurate, clear, fluent in the language, teachers teach, students learn. Therefore, carrying the teaching requirements in each chapter, summary and exercise to write each chapter, focus on the need to understand and remember the formula for the frame marker, first defined the important physical noun to indicate the English, the book with appendix, small part of the reading material, and * said in the title, to expand knowledge of students. In order to make no learned advanced mathematics students can also use this book, especially increases the content of calculus in the appendix. Physical quantities, units and symbols of the book by international institutions and national standards.
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