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Date of publication:2005-2   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Sun Jiuling   Pages:247   Words:369000  

This book is the Higher Occupation Technique Education Ministry of health planning materials "diagnosis" of supporting materials. The book is in the process of writing on the syllabus, and strive to do a large amount of information, wide coverage, from different angles to test students' ability of analyzing and solving problems. The book consists of nine parts, divided into: interrogation, common symptoms, physical examination, medical records, laboratory diagnosis, medical image diagnosis, equipment inspection, steps of diagnosis and clinical thinking and clinical diagnostic technology. Each includes learning objectives, learning, exercise, the four part. The exercise part in various examinations according to China's current at the lower, the book is carefully designed 2373 questions. The questions of terminology, blank filling, short answer questions and multiple-choice questions. In each chapter are attached to answer questions for readers' reference.
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The first inquiry second common symptoms of third physical examination first chapter basic examination method in chapter second general examination in third chapter fourth chapter neck head check check fifth chapter sixth chapter abdomen chest examination seventh chapter anal, rectum and Genitalia Examination in eighth chapter spine and limbs ninth chapter neurological examination of fourth medical records of fifth experimental diagnosis first chapter of blood and bone marrow cytology in second chapter third chapter humoral check renal function tests in Chapter fourth, liver function tests in Chapter fifth commonly used biochemical examination sixth chapter Immunology Examination in seventh chapter clinical monitoring of drugs and drug detection of sixth diagnostic medical imaging seventh equipment inspection chapter ECG second chapter ultrasound endoscopy third chapter fourth chapter EEG the fifth chapter and sixth chapter of EMG of radionuclide examination of pulmonary function tests seventh chapter eighth chapter PCG eighth steps of diagnosis and clinical thinking method ninth clinical diagnostic technology
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