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Date of publication:2004-10   Press: China press of traditional Chinese Medicine   Author:Fang Min   Pages:119   Words:181000  
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The first chapter introduction the first chapter massage development exercises answer the second chapter massage exercises answer second basic characteristics of the third chapter massage action principle and the principle of treatment of main and collateral channels and acupoints on the answer to fourth chapter exercises answer the fifth chapter anatomy and physiology of exercise answers the sixth chapter biomechanical exercises answer the seventh chapter exercises answer the eighth chapter massage technique exercises answer ninth chapter third treatment of orthopedic diseases exercises answer the tenth chapter and eleventh chapter of Otorhinolaryngology exercise answer children massage exercises answer simulated test papers and answer test answer simulated test two test three @##@ answer answer In order to fully implement the educational policy of the state and the strategy of rejuvenating the country, to meet the needs of the development of higher education of Chinese medicine in China, to promote quality education, cultivate talents of Chinese medicine development requirements of the new century, research on textbook construction of national higher Chinese medicine will organize the new century planning in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine materials, the new century planned higher institutions of Chinese medicine massage textbook "learning" is the problem sets with the "massage" textbook teaching. The new century planning in Higher Institutions of Chinese medicine massage textbook "learning problem set" as supporting materials for the life, exercise and teaching syllabus and materials consistent. Readers are undergraduates, the higher Chinese medicine colleges and universities students of adult education, qualification examination personnel and other learning Chinese medicine personnel. Write the purpose of this book is to enable students to have learned the knowledge, to exercise review of the form of, consolidate, strengthen, also took the exam to facilitate learning, for students to self test.
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