• Emergency medical record analysis

    "Emergency case analysis" selected 60 cases clinical emergency medical records, each case analysis for case description, diagnosis and treatment of the thought process and the comments of the three parts. Case description is concise, focused on diagnosis and treatment of clinical thinking process, showing the process of clinical analysis, including basis and differential diagnosis of clinical features, diagnosis and case reviews,

  • Manual emergency department and intensive care

    "Manual" emergency treatment and monitoring of a total of 44 chapters, describes the emergency department common disease, frequently occurring more than 70. "Manual" emergency treatment and care from the basic concept, elaborated on the pathogenesis, clinical manifestation, each kind of disease diagnosis and differential diagnosis, treatment principle and scheme, and from the angle of resident physicians,

  • Multiple trauma rescue scholarship

    "Multiple trauma treatment" for many years engaged in by the trauma emergency treatment experts. The book has 26 chapters, focuses on the multiple injury epidemiology, injury mechanism, pathophysiology and to assess the severity of the injury; multiple injury assessment and emergency treatment; lethal triad and its prevention; treatment and hospital, hospital transfer;,

  • Organic phosphorus pesticide poisoning and common treatment manual

    "And the common toxic organophosphorus pesticide poisoning Handbook" is the foundation of training materials and common poisons and the treatment of acute organophosphorus pesticide in the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region health department sponsored, Amity Foundation in support of the poisoning on finishing made, in order to improve the treatment level of the grassroots, and can be used as emergency reference. The book consists of two parts,,

  • Practical first aid technique

    "Practical first aid techniques: critical care medicine" is divided into 11 chapters, about 38 words, concise content, strong practicability, expounded the method of etiology, diagnosis, self-help and mutual help, treatment of common diseases, emergency medical staffs is more practical and valuable reference book. ,

  • The Emergency Rescue Manual

    "The emergency rescue Handbook", the book is divided into nine chapters, including: cardiovascular disease, respiratory system disease, digestive system, nervous system, blood emergency emergency emergency, kidney failure, acute infections, endocrine and metabolic diseases, poisoning. ,

  • Absolute peace of mind the baby emergency treatment

    "Absolute ease of baby emergency treatment": in the growing of children, often faced with all kinds of unexpected injury. The accident is a sudden and There's no telling, crystallization can instantly destroy the parents of efforts for many years. At present, the prevention of mass and even some special child care institutions for children of accidental injury,

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