The accumulation of health in middle age

Date of publication:2007-11   Press: People's military medical   Author:Yang Xi   Pages´╝Ü212  

The book introduced the health care methods of various organs, reasonable diet of middle-aged, middle-aged people to exercise, anti-aging, how to prevent and cure various diseases. "People to find disease before forty, forty later disease for people", hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver, gastrointestinal ulcer, cancer will come. Reading this book, you can know more about their body, knowledge of disease prevention and treatment, the key is in the hands of health. This book is suitable for middle-aged people to read, also has certain reference value to the majority of clinicians.
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Healthy middle-aged people, care of middle-aged people and ten healthy sign new standard healthy middle-aged man is the bridge of 46 ~ 55 years old, life a high-risk period for middle-aged health risk factors how to treat fatigue eight factors that influence the health of middle-aged five aging syndrome afflicting modern middle-aged middle-aged overdraft from "high" the middle-aged disease prevalence characteristics of three middle-aged healthy often "five see" why modern life expectancy short middle-aged when anti - "elitist syndrome" intellectual life short 10 years human "overhaul" from the age of 30, "Climbing" can't "speeding" middle-aged don't hard boil middle-aged health problems on the middle-aged man health should pay attention to the barrel principle middle aged to regular physical examination project two, middle-aged "all-round" brain health care health heart health vascular health respiratory health care health intestinal gastric esophagus health liver kidney health care facial care hair care eye care ear health care oral nasal tooth care hand care Foot health prostate health three, middle-aged people should hold the healthy the first golden keys -- a reasonable diet four, middle-aged people should hold a healthy second golden keys -- moderate exercise, five middle-aged people should hold a healthy third golden keys -- quit alcohol limit six years, should hold a healthy fourth gold key -- psychological balance seven, middle-aged people how aging eight, middle-aged care measures can
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Ten healthy healthy middle-aged man, middle-aged care eye of 1 eyes of God as the extension part of the brain, eyes bright eyes, one's eyes brimming with radiating vigour, sensitive reaction, no bad feeling, the spirit is strong, good brain and viscera function. Think 2 teeth strong medicine, tine is bone, kidney and bone marrow. The oral health of the teeth, the function of the kidney. 3 sound and voice is loud, ataraxia, breathing, respiratory minute 16 ~ 20 times, the lung function was normal, strong resistance. 4 shaped symmetry can keep the body well proportioned, weight is moderate, is the foundation of health. Survey data shows that, elderly aged over 90 years, and no case of obesity. 5 Yaotuiling exercise regularly, and feel happy, characterized by muscle, skeletal, articular nerve function. The 6 front door loose urine smooth, no dripping wet endless and block, the prostate, urinary and reproductive system. The 7 door compact normal stool, no semiliquid stool, constipation, anal sphincter tone, the anus bowel without special patients. Careful jump frequency is maintained in the normal range of 8 pulse shape (60 ~ 80 / min), pulse, blood pressure is not high, moderate performance, good elasticity, rhythm of the heart and blood vessels, the artery without significant atherosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 9 meals on time quantitative stability keep diet, not picky eaters, the partial eclipse, smokeless wine hobby, pay attention to nutrition and health. 10 the living dead to keep the law of life, get up on time to sleep, the sleep quality is good. The new standard health recently, the United Nations WHO on human health has developed new standards, which includes body and mental health. A healthy body can be "Five" to measure: 1 eat fast food fast and not eat like wolves and tigers, no taste, but eat not picky eaters, not a partial eclipse, not difficult to swallow the feeling, on visceral function. 2 then quickly to excretion of urine quickly, and feel at ease, it did not fatigue, gastrointestinal, renal function showed good. 3 sleep fast timing of natural sleep at night, after go to bed can fall asleep quickly, and deep sleep; wake up sober, energetic. Sleep fast that the excitement of the central nervous system, inhibiting the coordination function, and visceral pathological information without interference. 4 say fast speaking fluently, language expression is accurate. That agile mind, heart and lung function. 5 go many diseases which cause the body to lower limb weakness from the beginning. Walk quickly that be full of go, in good physical condition.......
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