Brain aging and health

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Why the aging body no matter who is old, wrinkles will face, abdomen and waist may accumulate fat, is saying the fat. With the increase of age, fat and muscles in the face and shoulder atrophy, appear aged complexion, the body becomes short. What is happening to these external visible symptoms of aging background? The representative of multicellular organisms, and is not a simple set of allogeneic cells. Many species have different functions in the cell body, sharing different functions together form the organ, a combination of various organs before the formation of biological. Therefore, all cells in vivo without proliferation and metabolism of unified, individual could not survive. In addition, as the unity of the individual organism, exists not only in single cells and organs function, but also through the normal function of endocrine and immune system, maintain a stability. The maximum decrease of feature aging fall in the number of somatic cells and decrease in cell function and endocrine and immune system function with the. In addition, the individual's death is from the heart, brain, kidney and other organ dysfunction. Multicellular organisms have inherent life, even if it is the same individual, also due to cells, organs and different life. Important organs of the shortest life determines the individual's life. At the same time, like bacteria and unicellular organisms, as long as circumstances allow, through cell division can increase infinitely. But if the conditions are too harsh, it will completely dead. That is to say, the single cell biological or life, or death, does not have a multicellular organism visible associated with individual survival mechanism of aging. All cells in the same individual, must carry on the proliferation and metabolism of unity. All the cells in multicellular organisms, prevent cell proliferation with arbitrary function. If this function is damaged, cells will proliferate, control individual overall is upset, this is the cancer. Therefore, the prevention of aging and cancer is a unified whole. The cell volume of multicellular organisms is very big, is hundreds of times of single celled organisms, genetic factor has very long. Genetic factor is longer, the probability of mutation of the greater. Therefore, there must be a prevent the mutation accumulation function. Multicellular organisms to survive, must clear the mutation or damaged cells. However, aging tissue clearance impaired cell and on the defect part repair function is very low, the problem of survival mechanism resulting in multicellular organisms, can be called aging. Somatic cell according to a certain number of times after the split, split will stop. This is because the telomeres (The presence of telomere). At the end of the chromosome are called telomeres, it shorten with cell division and cell division, leading to the final can not. That is to say, the telomere portion is longer, more the number of cell division, reach a certain limit, Division will stop. In fact, the symptoms of ageing will also appear at a young age, as known as 2L trisomy syndrome and Alzheimer disease and Werner syndrome, because of its fast speed and maintain telomere dysfunction. Therefore, decided to somatic cell division times have telomeres, and determine the cell life. Why the aging brain consider brain aging, the most important thing is to pay attention to the nerve cells and somatic cells, it does not have the proliferation function. Therefore, neural cell damage can not be recycled. Human neural cell telomere length, whether the health of young people or the elderly, both Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases, are the same. Therefore, determine telomere and nerve cell cell death independent life. Acute necrosis of nerve cells, many are decided by the responsible blood vessels of brain cell nutrition obstacles and life. In addition, the cause for chronic nerve cell necrosis is unclear, mitochondrial function and reduce free radical (see Chapter fourth) has also been attention. The death of nerve cells in the form of "apoptosis" and "necrosis" two. The former mainly with chronic cell death, the latter mainly and acute cell death. Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease and other chronic neurodegenerative diseases belong to nerve cell apoptosis, and arteriosclerosis and hypertension increases with age based disease caused by cerebral thrombosis, nerve cell necrosis....... P4-6
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The first chapter brain aging 100 years old 2 aging of the body and brain aging elderly why frequent at night why the aging brain aging body why apoptosis and necrosis of 3 elderly intelligent cannot use psychological test evaluation of 400 year old feel weak 5 human outline 6 aging brain characteristics changes of the whole brain nerve cells change the role of glial cells of the deposit neurotransmitter and receptor of cerebral blood circulation changes in cerebral metabolic changes of brain wave change chapter second memory and dementia 1 support memory system to preserve the genetic factor information quantity limited brain and neural network based language transfer information brain equivalent to the computer's RAM2 about the brain with the "plasticity" brain and computer only required different neural networks are maintaining brain damaged plasticity: "on behalf of 4 senile dementia of different disturbance of consciousness forgetfulness and memory disorders in dementia LTP" phenomenon in 3 normal elderly dementia and the risk of dementia and frequency the incidence of dementia syndrome is not comprehensive dementia patients with dementia of the Alzheimer's by a factor of 5 generalized Alzheimer's disease early Clinical and biochemical examination and diagnosis of neural clinical course old dementia transfer substance decreasing hereditary Alzheimer's 6 cerebral vascular dementia accounted for 44% of Japanese patients with dementia cerebral vascular disorder each bout, symptoms aggravate cerebral vascular dementia symptoms in Binswanger S disease dementia (special type of cerebral vascular dementia) how to distinguish between Alzheimer dementia and cerebral vascular dementia in 7 of Peake's disease in 8 and 9 brucellosis easily misdiagnosed as dementia, difficult to treat disorders in aphasia left unilateral spatial agnosia 10 curable dementia symptoms Department of cerebral surgery disease depression dehydration, electrolyte abnormalities and drug induced 11 drug induced dementia treatment of acetylcholine decomposition enzyme inhibitor non steroid series anti-inflammatory analgesic cerebral circulation metabolism improving drugs inhibit the "action" drug 12 dementia care and get along with method 85% nursing staff are women and in the elderly home care facilities Center nursing to rectify the good care environment with a cordial conversation contact active use of welfare services 13 dementia prevention and prognosis in third chapter movement dysfunction and Parkinson's disease in fourth chapter fifth chapter aging brain health @##@ Science In people's traditional view, once the onset of illness of Alzheimer's disease, development, has become a "incurable disease". However, this book will tell you: these have become history, scientists have found that these symptoms can be controlled. The book is easy to understand explanation of the nature of these diseases, introduces the related research, progress, treatment for readers, especially those about to enter old age people, was suffering from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease who function decreased people, friends and relatives, the book can be properly to understand the relevant knowledge, timely, appropriate prevention, establishing rehabilitation confidence, improve clinical symptoms, which is the key of our fight disease! In addition, this book also contains a basic knowledge about memory, learning, motor function of brain activity, and the aging brain, meet the elderly psychological preparation, the medical workers and learning medical, nursing, and is also the first hand reference book.
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