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Date of publication:2011-11   Press: Hunan science and Technology Press   Author:Connecticut Health Research.  

This series is rich in content, covering all diet, medication, the four seasons, meridian, movement and detail aspects.
"science and health details of l00" section of a comprehensive and detailed analysis of details and physical and mental health of the elderly is closely related to the kinds of life. "Four Seasons Health wisdom": from the traditional health theory, the rules and skills of traditional Chinese medicine. "The health care and massage" introduction of Nursing Health Sciences method and simple massage. "Reasonable diet and the diet therapy for" section points out the principles and methods of diet tonic in the elderly. "Happy principle and exercise prescription": the movement pattern for the elderly and health knowledge from the psychological and emotional regulation. "So simple" Longevity Sciences provides the longevity of theoretical knowledge and practical method for the reader, you walk along the road to go on as long as the healthy, happy and simple life, everyone can easily live beyond 80 years of age, 90 years old, even over a hundred years old threshold.
Author brief introduction

Introduction carnation health research center: Carnation health research center on carnation geriatric hospital, is the carnation international elderly living demonstration city dedicated health practice and Research Center, the formation of the center has been the strong support of the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University. Center has a department of orthopedics experts Wu Yening, cardiovascular expert Liu Shunan, rehabilitation of cerebrovascular diseases expert Zhang Pangui, geriatrics expert Lei Xiangjian, endocrine experts Chen Chongping, senile dementia experts Xiong Xianqiong, combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine expert Tang Qiongyun, neurological department of internal medicine experts Liu Xiuzhuang, aged care expert Peng Shoujun, neurological department of internal medicine of expert Tan Zhongdong experts to dozens of, the medical community has in Hunan province good reputation. Center Based on inheriting Chinese traditional health care methods, combined with the medical and health practice, absorb modern health research results, further enrich and develop the theory of health, has formed its own style of health academic ideology.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter overcome senescence [
have knowledge greatly]
A, aging is an irresistible law of nature
two, the mechanism of aging theory and causes of
three, brain and aging
five blood and aging, aging and senescence gene
six, active peptide and aging
seven, stem cells and senescent
eight, immunity and aging
nine, trace elements and aging
ten, vitamin Q and anti-aging
eleven, DNA index quantification of human aging degree of
twelve, delay aging, new
thirteen middle-aged anti-aging
[carnations tips: anti aging compound and
[Chinese] the second chapter longevity research
dawn bright]
A, the World Health Organization report explains the concept of
two, the longevity of human life
three, human biological clock
four, potential cell function
five, longevity genes
six, antioxidant
eight, carnosine magical thymus is life clock
nine, long life two sections of
ten, decided to men's life 9 indicators of
eleven, scavenging free radicals can long life
Twelve, vital capacity can predict the life of
thirteen, time and life link
fourteen, why men than women.
[carnation tips: the enzyme is the key to longevity]
[chapter third longevity
really simple] biological index
A, long said
two, longevity
four potential activation of longevity, the balance of the body, prolong life
five, growth rhythm and longevity of
six, social factors and longevity of
seven, nutrition and longevity of
eight, diet and longevity.
nine, sports and long life
ten, the culture and the longevity of
eleven, physical labor and longevity of
twelve, diet, temperance and longevity of
thirteen, the relationship between husband and wife and longevity of
fifteen mentality and longevity, longevity signs of
[carnation tips: abandon the "five hard" longevity]
[fourth chapters apart
Shouxing bright]
A, status of centenarians China and long experience of
two, ancient and modern of longevity health differences between
three, why they can live
[carnation tips: longevity people way of life
[] the fifth chapter reasonable diet
motion degree]
A, is the "balanced"
two, attention to "eat reasonable"
three or four longevity food
four, elaborate longevity requires colored food
five, brain puzzle food
six, trace elements can not be ignored
seven, proper exercise strong physique
[carnation tips: simple exercise]
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