With the development of longevity

Date of publication:2010-12   Press: Huazhong Normal University press   Author:Zhang Wen Ji, Xu Cewei.   Pages´╝Ü402  

This book is a research and development "longevity" proceedings. From the development and longevity, longevity and life style, environmental, biological factors, longevity culture, a way of keeping good health, longevity research, discusses the hot topic in gerontology research six aspects related to other problems in gerontology. The book is available for gerontology workers and the cause of aging workers education students, use and reference.
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Order (Li Xuchu) China wisdom development and prolong life longevity (Wang Wenhan) of the philosophical thinking about the problem of longevity and development (Li Xuchu) "title" and other long and development (Pang Zizhao) long and development thoughts (Xing Anren) on health and development research methodology (Liu Rongcai) longevity region economic Quest (Liu Qinmao) analysis of long Economics (Zhang Guanyi) on the longevity and the medical science and technology development (Tian Keying) to strengthen the old-age security system construction, promote health and longevity, promote economic development (Liu Shenping) on the modern education to promote health and longevity (Liu Qinmao) &ldquo ” gratitude; promote longevity and development (Xu Cewei) is the elderly social security system health and longevity assurance (Li Mojie) Scientific Outlook on Development and the aging of the population (Ji Kun Chen) to fully explore epistemology method long law major social value (Liu Rongcai) on the long view (Xu Cewei) from “ be in a calm mood about the — — ” on the physiological, psychological balance and longevity of relationships (Zhang Wenji) two longevity and life style, environmental and biological factors, healthy lifestyle is an important guarantee for longevity (Liu Xingce) is the main way of health care Way of life (He Fangzhen) on leisure and spiritual autotrophic (Xu Cewei) health and longevity of — — our common pursuit (Rao Zonggan) … … other three four five longevity longevity culture a way of keeping good health survey of six relevant gerontology postscript
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