Secret of longevity

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Hunan University press   Author:Liu Qianyang editor   Pages:168  

Mayang was named the first "Chinese longevity", book illustrations to explore from six aspects of ecological habitat blessed, and longevity culture, traditional health secret, magic longevity story, beautiful scenery, profound humanistic Shou Xiang, longevity secret Mayang long-standing. This paper systematically explain Mayang longevity, is a gift of Mayang people's dedication to the community, Mayang Shou Xiang gave readers a blessing.
Catalogue of books

A habitat where
2. livable eco harmonious human
3. products rich state
two Longevity Culture
2. historical figure legend
3. sparse text poetry
4. cultural relics
three health secret
2. living comfortable eating free
4. flat hanging a song and dance entertainment
5. exercise
6. Miao medicine health
four Shouxing bright
1. Li Xuelan (1895.6 l996.4): the wise woman, Huang Jun
2. yellow 银凤 (1898.7 - 2010.2): flat and grandmother, Long Guiping
3. (1900.6 - 2.l0.3): a hundred years of vicissitudes of a shoulder, character 光贞
4. Yang Chek Mei (1901.9): hearts and hands Shou long, Zhang Shengbin
5. (1901.11): industrious optimistic people live longer, Liu Junhua
6. horse 香菊 (1902.2): see the light two sister 100 years old, Shu 胜春
7. field (1902.9 - 2009.4): reading degree of life, Zhang Mei
8. (1905.6 - 20l0.2): indifferent smile over a hundred years, Yang m
9. IAAF Xi (1907.1 - 2009.5): Miao Kungfu practice longevity, Zhang Jie Teng Feifei
10. ray 令友 (1908.8): among the self health care, to quiet white scholar
11. Zhang Daimei (1 909.4 a): warm grandmother \ Jiao Mei
12. Teng four (1910.2): sweet potato to grow in longevity, Huang Jun
five Shou Xiang quest
2. natural scenery landscape
3. travel
4. Shou Xiang Mayang longevity development conception of tourism
1. Di Yu Miao longevity research long, Mayang, Xiao Zhenyu
2. cultural ethics makes Mayang longevity blessed land, Huang Guanlan
3. tradition is the Mayang longevity culture, Zhang Shengbin
4. Miao medicine is health care, Teng 建甲
5. Hunan Miao Autonomous County in Mayang province in spring results Mayang longevity (CAS)
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