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Date of publication:2012-3   Press: HarperCollins UK   Author:Fan Haisheng  

Qigong is a part of traditional Chinese medicine, a part of sports, is the high-tech category, is a treasure of Chinese excellent traditional culture. Qigong is not only a positive role to the prosperity of the Chinese nation, but also to the development of world medicine and human health has made an important contribution.
"longevity" "founder Fan Haisheng comrades created" longevity "in 1992 by the national power enterprises sports teams in the State Sports General Administration Group Company under the jurisdiction of the recognition and identification unit Federation and Chinese Wushu Research Institute, and is responsible for the promotion of large enterprises in the nation and the sports system, and achieved very good results. Can be said to "create" long Gong, add a flower to the qigong community.
"longevity" is the power law to Chinese medicine theory as the basis, to prevent and cure diseases as the core, to the scientific training as a means to health and longevity, for a complete set of cultivation function of the human body and creating good system, strong internal organs, regulating the six Fu organs. Promote the viscera Quzhuo back, discard the false and retain the true, clear Quxie, regulate qi and blood, dredge main and collateral channels, the balance of yin and Yang, make the person a welcomed by the masses health and longevity of the superior power.
"longevity" "consists of four step method, the first step is strong power organs, regulating the six Fu organs; the second step Dhyana is mainly the five internal organs, through the six Fu organs; the third step horizontal power mainly wash viscera, six foot bath; fourth work is to make the viscera Qi in normal operation, the acquired respiratory transformation to the innate strength, arouse the vitality, its development potential, harmony between man and nature. "Longevity" series of works "and" longevity "," longevity Health Qigong Exercises "and so on specific. The book (film) introduces "power law" and "longevity longevity" self treatment method.
"longevity" is "self treatment method is an important part of longevity" series of works of power, strong pertinence, different patients according to their own situation, choose for their own healing power law practice, and according to their actual situation, choose their own diet formula. This fifteen book illustrations, language easy to understand. Teaching by Fan Haisheng and professor by mr.. The book (Teaching) content in
significance quite strong, extremely high practical value. Not only can be used as a textbook in University for the aged, medical workers and can be used as reference books, is the large, primary and secondary school students, qigong
lovers and disease in patients with good teachers and helpful friends. From 2010 to 2011 "power law" and "longevity longevity self treatment method" has been incorporated into the "national college textbooks compilation", "national medical colleges and universities teaching books". Is master Fan Haisheng for humanity and a gift.
in "long work" new book "longevity" self treatment method and eleven new book, "long Gong" 8 DVD "long therapeutic exercises teaching film," 160 DVD teaching by Oriental Press, people's Medical Publishing House, people's sports press and other news agency published on the occasion, close-up of this order, hope this book (Teaching) in the popularity of Qigong knowledge, guide the qigong exercise, carry on the nationwide fitness campaign to thousands of households. Also hope that the marine comrades in the published eighteen books, 168 sets of teaching films, continued to write books, make good films, to create good works, made new achievements in the research of promotion again and Qigong Science, and to make new greater contributions to the cause of human health and economic construction of china.
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Liu Ji
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