Concerned about the health of the elderly

Date of publication:2011-5   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:By Sun Xiuqin, Zhang Hua, editor in chief   Pages´╝Ü200  
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The first article in elderly health care
the first chapter a way of keeping good health and mental health in the elderly.
A, a way of keeping good health
three healthy lifestyle, how to just calculate health
four, pay attention to their physical health.
in the second chapter, aged four seasons health
two in spring summer regimen,
three, the autumn health
third chapter winter health disease of various signal
A, disease of various signal
two, elderly onset to aid
three, Guan Aizhong elderly patients
second geriatric rehabilitation medical
fourth chapter cardiovascular and
a vascular disease, stroke prevention in elderly
two, prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease and brain health
four sleep disorder, hypertension rehabilitation
five, old air of sudden cardiac
fifth chapter, respiratory system disease, the prevention and treatment of influenza a

two, prevention asthma
Chapter sixth digestive system disease.
A, how to protect the gastrointestinal
two, how to protect the liver
three, the elderly biliary disease control
four, diarrhea and constipation common sense
...... Motion @##@
third in the elderly medication, supplement the trace elements and the advantages and disadvantages of tobacco and tea.
Fourth articles in the elderly Health problems the book is divided into four parts about in the elderly. Health care article mainly introduces the elderly mental health, the four seasons health, disease prevention and control signal and first aid; elderly people susceptible to the rehabilitation of the disease treatment is mainly introduced in this paper; drug safety medication in elderly, the trace element supplement and tobacco tea pros; sport article mainly introduces the elderly fitness motion and the matters needing attention. This is a book about the elderly health maintenance and promotion of popular science books, easy to understand the reason, the method is safe and practical, and middle and old friends for learning reference.
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