• Elderly health Poetry

    "Elderly health poetry" is the 2008 annual Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission funded science project. "Poetry" by the elderly health construction in Beijing old medical service system in the lead units of Beijing Geriatric Hospital and has the rich work experience of the old cadres health hospital of National Defense University jointly completed, to participate in "poetry" in elderly health,

  • Nurses

    Nursing staff, "for domestic service engineering materials: nurses" from the nurses to employment, stable employment of comprehensive training, from the psychological to skills are about to enter the post endowment nurse staff, "for domestic service engineering materials: keep old nurse" is divided into six chapters, the main content include: endowment nursing,

  • Anti aging wisdom

    "The latest research results of anti aging wisdom" that, aging can be avoided, and even can be reversed. We take in the daily life of vitamins, minerals, chemicals and natural substances are human for thousands of years is always looking for anti-aging medicine. Not only that, you can also from,

  • Not sick slow old life

    "Introduction content not sick slow old life": the practice of growing old young health secret, do not enjoy the sick Man Lao life. The aging speed of the body, than you think is also fast: human organs, there are different changes in different age, 25 year old human cells, organs begin to decline decline, entered into the old man for 27 years,

  • Chinese medicine master personal health secret

    Brief introduction of "Chinese medicine master personal health secret" content: in June 19, 2009, Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of health and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine was held in Beijing in recognition of the general assembly, the founding of new China 30 Chinese medicine master 60 years the first selected for recognition. These 30 Chinese medicine master,

  • Elderly care

    "Health care": 352 elderly health experts, 1500 American senior doctor, help you to prevent and reduce the 131 kinds of common illness elderly. The aging of the population is already the development trend of global concern, how to let the elderly youth, away from the troubles of sickness and pain, is the government and society are very heavy,

  • Evergreen tree of life ""

    "Life" evergreen tree ": the elderly health and safety and protection" starting from the health of the elderly life, advocating a healthy diet, health, the most suitable for the elderly, exercise regimen, to provide prevention and cure of sports as a reference, a variety of means to reveal a threat to personal safety, property safety,,

  • Anti Bible

    "Anti book" only on the anti aging. From the aspects of the aging, change, life and the aging mechanism and so on, people understand that the situation of human aging; the second part mainly talks about how the anti-aging, anti old from TCM ancient health anti-aging, from domestic, foreign celebrity anti-aging regimen experienced foreign anti-aging research,

  • And don't get sick

    "And don't get sick: healthy longevity health wisdom" about: want to have healthy, prevention is the key. If the disease before the arrival of the body, a "SOS" do not attach importance to, then, will usually be penny wise and pound foolish, sick as a mountain down, even if spend hard-earned money, sometimes also can not save,

  • Details determine longevity

    "Details determine longevity" tells the story: there are a lot of pain people itself is easily resolved, there are a lot of risk which can be completely avoided. In daily life, the old people as long as the attention to some details, some easy to cause the disease factors to stop in time, according to its own constitution, eat a nutritious meal,

  • Young people are not old vessels

    "Young people are not old vessels" introduces the composition, function and angiogenesis related knowledge, concept of hardening of the arteries, how to effectively protect the health of blood vessels, hardening of the arteries of the prevention and treatment methods, including drug therapy, diet therapy, physical therapy and how to change the way of life the bad. Its target readers,

  • Let parents health and longevity of the 31 things

    Health and longevity is the biggest wish of parents for children. Aging illness in addition to bring their parents pain, also can cause all sorts of problems to the lives of their children. With the increasing age of parents, the risk is more and more big. In this book, the famous Japanese geriatrics expert introduces 31 let parents healthy and not too,

  • Experts in prevention and cure of senile dementia

    "Experts" Alzheimer's prevention of full-time medical experts are collectively responsible for the care of prepared. In the form of question answering system introduced in the elderly dementia forgetful and basic knowledge of prevention and treatment, early detection, and diagnosis of measures and family nursing knowledge and skills etc.. "Alzheimer's disease prevention and control,

  • Happiness of the elderly health pillow book

    "Happy in elderly healthy book" for the elderly health problems often encountered in contemporary, be badly in need of understanding and solutions, this paper expounds in detail, in order to provide health care knowledge, scientific, practical system for the elderly. "Happy in elderly healthy book" in the knowledge of health care of the elderly,

  • In the Medicare 10000 why

    "In the Medicare 10000 why (clinical examination and health articles) (2)" content brief introduction: Why are you sick? Why is your health HERSHEY'S ball? Why do you always not just as one wishes treatment? It not only depends on your attitude to health and disease, the more it,

  • To mom and dad's health book

    "To mom and dad's health book: your parents first book" is a book for old friends to bring health, happiness book. It is designed to help elderly people to establish a correct conception of health, a reasonable understanding of the nutritional, healthy exercise and lifestyle to affect the physical and mental health of the elderly, the church friends how to prevent and,

  • Hundreds of centenarians longevity secret

    "Nine aspects of hundreds of centenarians longevity secret" from the heart, harmony, interest, exercise, diet, reveals a hundred centenarian longevity secret, is a quest of life and longevity of dialectical relationship between medicine and philosophy based on the longevity of the classics. Through long experience of 100 centenarians summary, analysis, research, exploration,

  • Said the sunset

    "As saying:" the joys and sorrows of the retired elderly author was an army medical workers, engaged in grass-roots cadres working in place for many years and. His life for the elderly aspects were summarized and discussed, and some useful comments and suggestions. The book has 12 chapters, respectively, based on knowledge,,

  • Life is exercise and nutrition science books - healthy elderly Sports Nutrition Guide

    Brief introduction of "healthy elderly Sports Nutrition Guide" content: with the rapid development of Chinese economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the elderly have been seeking health life demand and economic strength. We refer to the elderly at home and abroad, a large number of sports nutrition information, and according to our many years of working experience and science,

  • No age health wisdom

    "No age health wisdom: universal health law" Zhuang 淑旗 for Zhuang, "no age health" and "the theory of wisdom to drinking and drugs", systematic interpretation, from the perspective of the relationship between human and food, according to the size and symptoms, provide food taboo and life maintenance method, and collect the eight several kinds of food therapy,

  • The mysteries of the human body and the elements of longevity

    "The main content of the mysteries of the human body and the elements of longevity" includes: "the mysteries of the human body" the problem is too big, we choose the readers may be interested in the topic to elaborate, but the mystery, the elderly physiological pathological. For example, the mystery of life, the mystery of human organs, health and sick mystery, mystery and diet nutrition,

  • Long So that is what it is. simple

    So that is what it is. simple "longevity" from the two aspects of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine, the prescription for a healthy long life, extensive and rich content, text easy to understand, explain profound theories in simple language, has very strong practicability and maneuverability. At the same time, the author has had a brain tumor, cerebral infarction, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease and so on more than 60,

  • Elderly health.

    "Elderly health collection: the old Heng Yan" "" Lao Lao Heng Yan ", equipped with more than 300 humorous drawing, respectively from the daily life, exercise guidance, prevention and curing method of disease for the specific details of daily life, emphasizing the health to fit their own, not others, at the same time, some of the game the original book,

  • Not the old life.

    "Not the old life" is trying to tell us: in the choice of mood win, aging is thought out, do not let the diet affect our true age, to live is to "move", the movement is the anti senile "switch", only to sleep without any anxiety, youth, habits of aging is the "hotbed", is the vitality of the secret recipe, maintenance,

  • Healthy centenarians is not a dream

    "Healthy centenarians is not a dream" illustrated, easy to understand; the content includes two parts: one is the interpretation of 100 questions from the experts on the "World Expo 'light cup' 2009 Shanghai elderly health knowledge Grand Prix"; the two is the selection of the 100 health related knowledge and health of the elderly health. ",

  • Handbook of Climacteric Health Care

    "Handbook of climacteric care (to parents health books)" is a book for old friends to bring health, happiness, it aims to help the elderly to establish a correct conception of health, a reasonable understanding of the nutritional, healthy exercise and lifestyle to affect the physical and mental health of the elderly friends, how to prevent and respond to disease in the church,

  • A hundred year old secret

    "A hundred years old secret: Cai Hongguang on longevity" content brief introduction: millions of dollars, a chance it may be. One hundred years of life, but to get the life wisdom. Everyone has heard of longevity, everyone wants to longevity. However, few people can see the centenarians, let alone can live to be 100 years old, so a hundred years old,

  • The treatment of gerontal diseases eyes

    "Introduction to the treatment of gerontal diseases" eye look content: the last 10 years, research achievements we have hope in this field will reveal to the public eye syndrome. For a vast in territory, population, economic development level and the national income per capita is still low compared to the country, to improve the medical management system and,

  • Challenge 100 is not a dream

    "The challenge hundred is not a dream" on the toxin of a comprehensive analysis, focus on the diet, exercise, diet, massage, spirit and other aspects of the principle, method and detoxification detoxification detoxification, helps you to create a fresh and natural, away from the pollution of the world. Forever young, prolong life has always been the dream,

  • The 100 year old secret.

    "Introduction to live past the age of 100 secret" content: according to the scientific speculation, average life of over a hundred years old. However, most people don't live to natural age in real life. This is because except for a few of the natural calamities and man-made misfortunes, accidents, the vast majority of people in the world died of disease rather than natural,

  • Anti aging medicine and Food Guide

    "Food and medicine" anti aging guide from the more than 100 kinds of daily life, has anti-aging, health care function of medicine, food and health food, introduces its function characteristics, nutritional components, is suitable the crowd and specific usage, I hope readers will benefit from it, by reasonable use of these drugs, food and health food,

  • In the Medicare 10000 why

    "In the Medicare 10000 why (surgery, tumor and specialty papers) (Book)" content brief introduction: Why are you sick? Why is your health HERSHEY'S ball? Why do you always not just as one wishes treatment? It not only depends on your attitude to health and disease, more,

  • The elderly health management

    "The main content of the elderly health management book": people say "life" is the natural law, why not more old more healthy? More happy? Physiological "aging" is inevitable, but the old heart is not old, as long as you keep calm and optimistic attitude, can make your life more healthy life...... The body without,

  • Do a smile

    "Smile" tumbler ": the main purpose of the safety guidelines to prevent" falls in elderly people is to tell the readers, falls are preventable! And in plain language, vivid picture of daily life in the elderly, from clothing, food, shelter, medication, exercise, and after the fall, psychological distress, the elderly and the church,

  • Senile disease prevention experts on Chinese medicine acupuncture

    "Old disease acupuncture prevention experts talk about" by professional medical experts are collectively responsible for the care of prepared. The book consists of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion two articles, covering the acupuncture of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine health care basic common sense, common geriatric disease, TCM syndrome differentiation, diet, health, and acupuncture health etc.. The contents of the book,

  • The elderly health through main and collateral channels

    "The elderly health through main and collateral channels" brief introduction: now, more and more people begin to pay attention to the main and collateral channels of health, it is very gratifying. However, main and collateral channels regimen is a very mysterious knowledge, without professional guidance is very easy to fall into a wrong path, especially the elderly, physical fitness was,

  • For your health and longevity of a coup

    "For your health and longevity supported coup" the knowledge, interest com., has distinctive features extensive, scientific, practical, novel. This is a book about health and longevity, including all aspects of the interesting book; is a book in your problems for you at any time, easily solve the health problems of the book is a book to help you,

  • 118 health elderly don't know the details

    "In the elderly can not know the 118 health details" for health status of the elderly in the present, from the most common in the elderly are the most easily overlooked health knowledge to find health every gap in the aged people, and makes analysis of the elderly health scheme tailored best, prevention disease,,

  • Health to the old

    "Old (health to enjoy high quality of life in old age") about: how to prevent or delay the diseases associated with aging (such as arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and atherosclerosis). Health challenges faced in the elderly, as well as from the choice of doctors, drug taking, self treatment, protection,

  • Fatty liver

    "Fatty liver" in the form of interlocution introduces fatty liver of the basic knowledge and prevention knowledge, focuses on the diet of Chinese and Western medicine treatment of fatty liver, repair method of conditioning methods, living treatment method, exercise therapy and mental adjustment. The middle-aged person's life has been more than half, natural enemies of this human fatty liver also stared at the group,

  • After 60 years of healthy life

    The writer Bernard Shaw said "after the age of 60 is the true life". "After the age of 60 healthy life" by TCM theory and modern medical research achievements, close to life, from the details, pay attention to the health of the elderly. A comprehensive and systematic introduction to the elderly health knowledge, after the age of 60 health concept, health,

  • Elderly health food code

    "Elderly health food code" to each kind of nutrient, each ingredient of scientific explanation, teach you how to use scientific diet method, let you eat healthy, eat longevity. "Elderly care Codex" will explain the new concept of health for you, teach you a healthy lifestyle. And in the light of the common diseases in the elderly,

  • From head to toe, flowers to raise

    "From head to toe, flowers to raise" introduction by 15 kinds of maintenance treatment and 15 kinds of common diseases. The flowers are safe, practical, efficient, economical, and convenient, simple operation, time saving, helps readers and patients to master. On each flower therapy at the same time, also introduced other phase,

  • 60 years on the road to health

    "60 years on the road to health (Revised Edition)" content brief introduction: health education experts, chief Hong Zhaoguang of Ministry of health, the long practice of healthy lifestyle, body weight, blood pressure were unchanged unchanged for decades, happy mood. All the indexes of the physical ability of elite. "60 years on the road to health (Revised Edition)" is Hong Zhaoguang's health education,

  • Old people don't get sick of wisdom

    "Old people don't get sick of wisdom" a book in hand, get all the secret to a happy old age, parents' health, the best gift of the children -- for the elderly children, parents' health is the greatest fortune of sons and daughters; and parents to maintain physical and mental health is the biggest wealth in children. The body is sick to cure is passive,

  • Do you know what time you start aging

    "Know what time you start aging it (Home Edition)" the main content: the objective reality to tell people: senescence sooner or later, life is short, aging and death is life irresistible law. People only through the correct way to keep in good health, delay the aging process, to enjoy a normal life as they age and talent. ,

  • The best health to the parents, the body volume

    "The best health to the parents, body roll" content brief introduction: a machine, with proper maintenance, can easy to use, durable. People are the same, need a balanced diet, to health and longevity. Sleep is a physiological activities of human beings must be carried out every day. The duration of sleep, quality and human health, long life,

  • The best health to the parents

    "The best health to parents" is divided into nine chapters on the elderly physical, psychological status, sleep, disease prevention, main and collateral channels, diet, and expounds the comprehensive and drug, movement, climate related health knowledge. In pay attention to nutritional balance, control the rhythm of life, as a pleasurable occupation, the heart is as smooth as a mirror, tell,

  • Health and beauty killer

    "Health and beauty killer: Constipation" in the form of interlocution introduces constipation basic knowledge and prevention knowledge, focuses on the diet of Chinese and Western medicine treatment of constipation, repair method of conditioning methods, living treatment method, exercise therapy and mental adjustment. The middle-aged person's life has been more than half, constipation, the natural enemies of mankind also stared at,

  • Long, actually so simple

    "Long, actually so simple" is "healthy times" in its ten anniversary show, will ten years published content, to the health of the elderly portrait of dedication. "Long, actually so simple" can not only make the elderly spend the most beautiful sunset red, but also to enable young people to better understand and care for the old,

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