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Date of publication:2011-10   Press: Wang Peitao, Wang Xinsheng Ocean University of China press (2011-10)   Author:Wang Peitao, Wang Xinsheng   Pages´╝Ü439  

"The main content of medical interpretation" include: knowledge; sexual concept; history; culture; anatomy; physiology; psychology; sexual orientation; education; human science research methods.
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Wang Peitao, Shandong Zhangqiu people, born in 1965. Doctor of science, chief physician, Professor, tutor for postgraduates. The Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Qiingdao University, deputy director of the Research Office of Department of Urology, male. The Shandong Medical Association vice chairman of Andrology branch, Institute of Andrology branch combining Chinese and Western medicine in Shandong Province, Qingdao City Medical Association andrology branch committee. Graduated from Qingdao Medical College in 1987, has been engaged in the clinical and scientific research work of men, in male fertility and sterility. The diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction and accumulated rich clinical experience, made a number of provincial and municipal scientific research, in the domestic and foreign academic journals published over 50 dissertations. Wang Xinsheng, Shandong Qingdao people, born in 1963. Professor, doctor of medicine, chief physician, master's tutor. Vice president of the Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Qiingdao University. The Chinese Medical Association andrology branch committee, vice chairman of the Shandong Medical Association andrology branch, vice chairman of the society of Andrology branch combining Chinese and Western medicine in Shandong Province, Qingdao City Medical Association chairman andrology branch. In 1986, graduated from Qingdao Medical College in 1992, received a master's degree in Qiingdao University School of medicine, Department of Urology, 1993 - 1995 went to Germany for further study, and obtains the medicine doctorate. Study the clinical and scientific research work after returning home for many years engaged in male subjects. Presided and participated in a number of provincial and municipal scientific research projects, in the domestic and foreign academic journals published professional papers.
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In the first chapter of understanding what is human nature of human sexuality research value your own understanding about human sexual tragicomedy human calls for multiple points of view of scientific concept of second chapter several concepts of human sexual concept in ancient China the third chapter of the ancient history of "sexual than asexual", originally should not occur "sex (sex) to human sexual behavior and its characteristics affect our love and sex figures in the history of human evolution history in 20 events in fourth chapter cultural singularity culture cultural phenomenon of worship of ancient China culture of Chinese ancient science works of Chinese ancient literary works the fifth chapter of anatomy general organ of female sex organs of male sexual organs organ protective sensitive area sixth chapter sexual physiology and sexual arousal response and brain sex hormones and behavior response to orgasm debate chapter seventh psychological normal sexual psychology abnormal psychology dream erotic adolescent sexual psychological distress teenagers psychological health education of college students the eighth chapter of psychological tendency tendency gay homosexual orientation to confessed himself to be gay life Ninth chapter overview education education education the necessity and significance of the education objective, contents of the tenth chapter research methods of human sexuality in the eleventh chapter of the twelfth chapter of misunderstanding development chapter thirteenth teenagers love fourteenth chapter fifteenth chapter and sixteenth chapter of marriage and inoculation of the seventeenth chapter and the eighteenth chapter of disease and modern life nineteenth chapter twentieth chapter of communication with the elderly in twenty-first chapter, twenty-second chapter of dysfunction of sexually transmitted diseases reference
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The copyright page: the first chapter of understanding what is the human nature is what is human nature? "Sex" this word comes from the Latin root, meaning "cut or separation" of the organism is divided into male and female two categories. A usage of the gender, the male or female state. Is also used to refer to the anatomical structure, called sex organs, organs play a role in the reproductive and sexual pleasure. When it comes to sexual organs for fertility or joyful participation in physical activity, we also refers to, such as masturbation, hugging and kissing, sexual intercourse. It refers to the sexual feelings, experience or desire, such as sexual fantasies and ideas, strong sexual desire or others to produce the feeling of attraction. We usually try to clearly express the meaning of "sex" in everyday conversation. When we speak of a newborn when we refer to the physiological structure of the gender; when we talk about "sex", refers to the expression of sexual feelings body. Behavior refers to the expression of sex or intimacy of physical activity, with or without a reproductive behavior. For example: masturbation is pleasure rather than for sex birth; kissing, hugging, hand stimulate the sexual organs and oral sex is sex sexual stimulation, but they do not lead directly to reproductive. We define the human nature, as is our sexual individual experience and ways of expressing ourselves. We are aware that they are male or female is part of our nature, because it reflects the ability of our sexual experience and sexual response. No matter whether we have sex or sexual fantasies, even if the disease lose the feeling, always is a very important part of our.
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