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"Question and answer" written by Jin Peiying, Department of Dermatology, rational use of drugs, including various types of skin diseases in 23 categories, more than 170 kinds of skin diseases. The rational use of medicines in the book has more than 1100, the main contents of answer covers medication principle of various skin diseases, each kind of skin disease of choice for the system administration and other medication effective, for example the literature function mechanism, brief, external use medicine effective usage and, combined with medicine, and Prevention of adverse reaction of drugs, in the aspects of drug interactions and special precautions.
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The first chapter of viral skin disease first herpes simplex (Herpes Simplex) 1 on herpes simplex basic principles for selection of the best treatment of what? 2 for severe primary herpes simplex selecting the best system drugs? How to 3 for the immunocompromised patients medication? How the 4 herpes simplex viral meningitis, neonatal HSV infection extremely serious medication? 5 what is the treatment of recurrent herpes simplex? 6 what drug can reduce the recurrence of herpes? What are the 7 choice of drug treatment of herpes simplex? 8 what are the adverse effects of acyclovir? What precautions 9 the use of acyclovir? 10 of the drug acyclovir interactions have? 11 famciclovir and other drugs which have harmful response? What precautions 12 the application of famciclovir? 13 of the drug famciclovir interactions have? The second section of herpes zoster (Herpes Zoster) which has 1 for the treatment of herpes zoster principle? 2 how to choose the best treatment of herpes zoster system? 3 for herpes zoster ophthalmicus how to select system administration? 4 the choice of treatment of herpes zoster which external medicine? 5 how to select the herpes drug therapy in patients with low immunity? What are the 6 local application in treatment of herpes zoster sequela? What systems medication sequelae of herpes zoster on 7? What are the adverse reactions of the 8 gabapentin? 9 what are the adverse effects of amitriptyline? What precautions in 10? . amitriptyline has interaction which drugs? How the 12 doxepin hydrochloride adverse reactions and precautions? In section third, verruca vulgaris and verruca plantaris (Verruca Vulgaris and Verruca Plantaris) 1 verruca vulgaris and verruca plantaris guiding principle for choosing the best treatment of what? 2 pairs of verruca vulgaris and verruca plantaris and how to choose the fastest external therapy? 3 what are the effective medicine for external use can choose? 4 for what has antiviral system? Adverse reactions and drug 5 dimension A acid drug interactions have? The fourth section flat wart (Verruca Plana) what are the principles of treatment 1 to guide the flat wart? 2 lesions of a small number of patients how to select local medication? What systems use large number of patients with 3 lesions of choice? 4 skin lesions to choose the best what kind of medicine? 5 cases of intractable joint which immune enhancing agent? The fifth section epidermodysplasia verruciformis (Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis) which has 1 guide epidermodysplasia verruciformis selection principles of medicine? What effective topical epidermodysplasia verruciformis facial lesions on 2?...... The second chapter microbial infections in third chapter fungal skin disease in the fourth chapter of allergic diseases in Chapter fifth, chapter sixth physical skin disease of nerve dysfunction dermatosis seventh chapter erythematous papular scaly skin disease chapter eighth sterile pustular dermatosis of connective tissue disease ninth chapter tenth chapter vesicular skin disease in eleventh chapter, twelfth chapter vasculitis diseases subcutaneous fat disease thirteenth chapter non infectious granuloma in Fourteenth chapter sebaceous sweat gland disease fifteenth chapter, sixteenth chapter of mucosal disease hair diseases seventeenth chapter nutritional and metabolic diseases eighteenth chapter pigmented skin disease genetic skin disease nineteenth chapter twentieth chapter atrophic diseases in twenty-first chapter of sexually transmitted diseases in twenty-second chapter, twenty-third chapter of senile skin disease and other skin disease name index
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The copyright page: illustration: such as isolated Neisseria gonorrhoeae, should make the drug sensitive test, to select effective drugs for the treatment of. In order to avoid re infection, should follow sexual partners, including in the onset of symptoms during or within 2 months before diagnosis and patients had all sexual contact, should make examination and treatment for gonorrhea and Chlamydia trachomatis infection, and education of patients and partners, avoid sexual contact before completion or symptomatic treatment when the. Gonococcal ophthalmia patients should be hospitalized, and check whether the disseminated infections. Gonococcal epididymitis treated, if symptoms within 3 days was not improved, you should re evaluate the diagnosis and treatment; according to the recommended regimen, testicular swelling and pain continues, it should be a comprehensive inspection, to the exclusion of other diseases. ' Gonococcal meningitis, endocarditis as complications, should please the specialist consultation. The mother of Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection in neonates and its partners shall make a diagnosis and treatment according to the relevant requirements, according to the recommended adult gonorrhea treatment. Infection during pregnancy: recommended ceftriaxone 250mg, intramuscular injection, single dose, or spectinomycin 4G, intramuscular injection, single dose. Pregnancy disable quinolones and tetracyclines. Chlamydia trachomatis infection in pregnant women have to infer or confirmed, recommend erythromycin or amoxicillin therapy. Gonococcal infection in men who have sex with men, often produce gonococcus sex proctitis. No special requirements for the treatment of HIV infection, but this crowd, other viral and bacterial diseases of high risk, therefore, should do preventive counseling, to reduce their risk of infection of other sexually transmitted diseases, suggest that they at least annually for 1 sexually transmitted disease comprehensive detection. Gonorrhea patients complicated with HIV infection, its treatment and negative HIV the same. Gonococcal pelvic inflammatory disease, epididymitis and HIV infection, immune function as it has frustrated, pay attention to the treatment of infection with Candida albicans and other pathogens, and targeted therapy.
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"Q & a" rational drug use: "question and answer" Department of Dermatology specialist medication series
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