Diagnosis and treatment of skin disease and rehabilitation

Date of publication:2009-8   Press: Sun Jiwei, Zhao Yingjian, hole wins people's Military Medical Press (2009-08)   Author:Sun Jiwei, ed.   Pages:280  

The doctor -- "skin disease diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation" can help you to improve the diagnosis and treatment of skin disease of skills, effective methods on patients -- "skin disease treatment and rehabilitation" can let you grasp the prevention and treatment of skin.

The first chapter 2 Introduction to why the skin will have different colors of skin color is different, even the same person's skin, in different parts of different shades, race, age, gender, nutrition, endocrine and outside environment has influence on the. Skin color is mainly composed of 3 colors: black shades for how much melanin granules in skin and thin yellow, depending on the size of the cuticle thickness, density and blood flow distribution and skin microvascular looming in the red. The growth cycle of 3 growth cycle of hair and hair loss hair can be generally divided into the growth period, resting stage and off stage. Hair growth period is about 1 years, resting period may not exceed 2 ~ 3 months, eyebrows and eyelashes growth period was about 2 months, ending a period of up to 9 months. Hair in 15 ~ 30 years the fastest growth, the old hair growth slows. Summer day night rapid growth, growth is rapid, had a parallel relationship with the health, is proportional to the thickness of hair follicles. 4 of the sebaceous glands and sebaceous glands secrete oil distribution, protect and lubricate the skin. Sebaceous glands are almost all over the body, but its distribution in different parts of the scalp and face is different, especially the eyebrows, nose and cheekbone ministry more, per square centimeters for 400 to 900 glands, and the rest part is less than 100, especially the lateral crural limbs at least. If the sebaceous glands, gland mouth blockage, easy cause sebaceous adenitis bacterial infection. Such as the common "sty" is due to blocking eyelid meibomian gland mouth formed.
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? What is the reason? A control method with good what? Write the purpose of this book is to care for patients with skin disease to answer these problems.
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