• Prevention and treatment of common diseases in Western Medicine

    Abstract: this book focuses on the etiology and pathology of sexually transmitted diseases, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, treatment, and prevention and nursing knowledge, but also with the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases commonly used drug dosage form. Rich in content, focused, easy to understand, scientific and practical. Is suitable for basic medicine,

  • The Department of Dermatology and Venereology, common disease control

    Prevention and treatment of common diseases, dermatology, ISBN:9787564506933, author: Diao Qingchun ed.,

  • Aftercare and rehabilitation of skin diseases

    Aftercare and rehabilitation of skin disease, skin disease and rehabilitation "care" for the purpose of clinical application, is divided into two parts: basic and clinical, basic part introduces basic knowledge about skin care, clinical diagnosis and treatment, clinical part of conventional treatment method causes of common skin diseases, venereal diseases, clinical manifestation, and the recently, western medicine factory,

  • Vitiligo on

    "The new vitiligo (Second Edition)" the clinical manifestations of vitiligo, etiology and pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, prevention and nursing, clinical and experimental study of traditional Chinese medicine regeneration factor and black. The book focuses on the clinical practice and scientific research, comprehensively reflects the new achievements in diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo, new technology, new method, with,

  • The theory and practice of Dermatology

    "Theory and practice" dermatology system introduced the skin surgery and skin immunology, also introduced the skin cosmetology, devoted a rare, difficult skin disease diagnosis thinking and analysis of specific cases and expert comments column for junior doctors, so that the reader can in a relatively short period of time to understand the system asia,

  • QA Department of Dermatology, rational drug use

    "Question and answer" written by Jin Peiying, Department of Dermatology, rational use of drugs, including various types of skin diseases in 23 categories, more than 170 kinds of skin diseases. The rational use of medicines in the book has more than 1100, the main contents of answer covers medication principle of various skin diseases, each kind of skin disease and other preferred system drugs,

  • The clinical practice of Chinese Medicine

    Hives, "the clinical practice of Chinese medicine: urticaria (English)" on the basis of many years of clinical experience, the epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestation, laboratory examination, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of Western medicine, the treatment of urticaria, TCM etiology and pathogenesis, TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, prevention and nursing of urticaria, masters,

  • Handbook of clinical prescription

    "Handbook of clinical prescription: Department of dermatology clinical prescription Handbook", introduces the common skin disease and venereal disease diagnosis of more than 200, each of the diseases from an overview of the diagnosis, treatment principle, specific drug treatment scheme, matters needing attention these aspects to write. As the Department of dermatology clinical guide book, "Handbook of clinical prescription:,

  • Drugs for the treatment of skin disease

    "Drug treatment of skin disease study (Second Edition)" content brief introduction: the skin is a mirror of the human body, the skin changes can reflect the overall change, the human body and can reflect the changes inside the body, the skin is an important part of medical science. In the past, the Department of dermatology is a sub discipline of Department of internal medicine; to this day, in the west,

  • Yu Guangyuan skin disease diagnosis and differential diagnosis

    "Yu Guangyuan skin disease diagnosis and differential diagnosis of the lesions as the key link" in differential diagnosis between various skin diseases. Skin is a skin disease symptoms, signs and skin diseases; skin diseases can have the same skin, the same skin disease also can have the different skin lesions, skin lesions can be around between the various skin diseases of anti,

  • Cosmetic dermatology

    Cosmetic dermatology, "national medical beauty attending training series: cosmetic dermatology" points and the general theory of two, a total of 21 chapters, total hours of about 50 hours. Part one is the introduction, including 7 chapters, respectively is introduced the basic knowledge of scientific beauty skin, such as a brief history of the development of cosmetic skin science, anatomy and histological structure of the skin,,

  • Dermatology

    "Dermatology" in view of the characteristics of skin and venereal disease to morphology based, select a large number of clinical picture, the common skin disease and venereal disease etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment were key to explain. ,

  • Medical interpretation

    "The main content of medical interpretation" include: knowledge; sexual concept; history; culture; anatomy; physiology; psychology; sexual orientation; education; human science research methods. ,

  • Department of dermatology clinical practice thinking

    "The Department of Dermatology disease clinical diagnosis thinking", this book is based on clinical cases, by showing the whole process from patient to patient's diagnosis thinking was inspired and guided readers to establish scientific clinical thinking careful. Contents of common disease in clinic, etc.. ,

  • Dermatology

    "The main object of dermatovenereology" is a technical secondary school (high school), junior college and received medical diploma, on-the-job medical personnel and work over a period of time. With five year undergraduate textbook in considerable depth. In view of the fact that most of the students have some practical experience, "dermatology" except in limited space is,

  • The foundation of modern dermatology

    "The foundation of modern dermatology (volume one) (Second Edition) (Hardcover)" includes: "the foundation of modern dermatology (I)" and "modern dermatology Foundation (2)". "The foundation of modern dermatology (volume one) (Second Edition) (Hardcover)" adhering to the original layout style, but to each chapter,

  • Atopic dermatitis

    "Atopic dermatitis" according to the features of atopic dermatitis and progress of clinical research based fast, new achievements, the extensive collection of up-to-date literature, combined with his own research results and rich experience in clinical practice, the use of modern molecular biology, genetics and immunology theory, divided into 22 chapter,

  • Technology for the treatment of skin beauty of traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine

    Skin care is an important branch of medical beauty, the beauty of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in treating skin which plays a significant role. This book combines skin beauty of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, skin beauty cosmetics, beauty equipment, beauty of Chinese and Western medicine skin multidisciplinary knowledge, explain profound theories in simple language to describe the various clinical,

  • Dermatology

    Dermatology, "medical education reform textbook series: Dermatology" content brief introduction: This book is composed of 27 chapters, which cover kinds of diseases and typic,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of skin disease and rehabilitation

    "Diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation" skin disease is divided into 14 chapters, the first chapter introduces the main etiology, common skin disease symptoms and treatment and nursing knowledge, the second chapter to the twelfth chapter according to etiology and morphological classification method, introduced a system of clinical manifestation of etiology, clinical common skin diseases and prevention measures: no.,

  • The classical results of skin diseases

    "Classic" the effectiveness of skin disease is "the effectiveness of the classic series" skin disorders in fascicles, systematically summarizes the eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, acne, skin itching, warts, chloasma, vitiligo, alopecia areata, psoriasis, psoriasis, urticaria, herpes zoster of traditional Chinese medicine effective treatment, content package,

  • Rural common skin diseases and venereal diseases medication required

    "Rural common skin diseases and venereal diseases medication required" and introduces the basic principle of skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, drug use, economic and practical to recommend effective medicine commonly used. Briefly introduced the specialist of the common and frequently occurring disease etiology, clinical characteristics and diagnosis, and according to the different characteristics of disease, draft,

  • Dermatology focus (in English control)

    Dermatology is a form of science, various skin diseases of a variety of clinical manifestations, for not seen skin disease, doctors are often difficult to correct diagnosis, and clinicians especially beginners are often very difficult to encounter a variety of skin diseases in a short period of time, the typical clinical picture, is a shortcut to learning dermatology,

  • Skin beauty laser and photon therapy

    "Skin beauty laser and photon therapy (fine)" is a suitable for clinicians reference book, especially suitable for the skin of laser treating physicians, dermatologists, cosmetic dermatologist, graduate students and in clinical teaching in senior clinicians, reference, but also has the reference value to other related disciplines. With the development of science,

  • Defects of the human body

    John Monn is a renowned in the global scientist, he has the mental endocrine on achievement and in the development of this new discipline contribution is second to none. The sequence of events on the human body defect is analyzed in detail and incisive. How men and women development, gonad, sex hormone, infection,

  • The new Department of dermatology drug Handbook

    "The new Department of dermatology drug Handbook (Second Edition) contains" collection in 2005 version of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" as well as the basic drugs, the 2004 national prescription and non prescription drugs, the national basic medical insurance and industrial injury insurance directory in the Department of Dermatology and Department of Dermatology related to medicine and chemical medicine, a few near,

  • Skin venereal diagnosis and prescription Handbook

    "Skin venereal disease diagnosis and prescription Handbook", this book is modeled by the domestic and foreign skin venereal treatment guidelines, standards and expert consensus, combined with clinical standards and practice, comprehensive clinical treatment experience, is the resident clinical tool book. ,

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