Eye protection knowledge Q 260

Date of publication:2002-9   Press: Tianjin Science and Technology Translation Publishing Company   Author:Qiu Zihong   Pages´╝Ü184  
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The first part of the basic knowledge of eye care the health of your eyes? Nursing knowledge test listening eyes eye discomfort information to eye detection you explore eye knowledge structure structure of the eyeball eyes eye eye is the window of the soul that the relationship between eye and systemic disease cherish your eyes in daily life at Jing Baojian eyes and make-up to buy at high risk for sunglasses eye the second part common eye Q & a family of glasses is Q1 what is the refractive ametropia? Q2 ametropia can have what symptom? Q3 ametropia caused by poor eyesight how to treat? Myopia myopic Q4 caused by what are the reasons? Q5 myopia which is divided into several types? Q6 myopia have what symptom? Q7 in addition to wear glasses, there are other ways of correcting myopia? Commercial Q8 eye massager, it can treat myopia, is it true? Pseudo myopia pseudomyopia and true myopia Q9? Q10 how to judge whether pseudomyopia? Q11 pseudo myopia wear glasses?...... The third part @##@ nursing hospital department of ophthalmology for patients after "Eye of common sense question 260: big eyes and a small canon of medicine," the physiological structure and characteristic of eyes to the people, to prevent eye diseases provides practical knowledge and plenty of eye small secret. The substantial content, pictures, is a useful reference people eye. Eyes, we are most proud of "window of the soul". In the daily life, everywhere there is factor of many of eye health hazards. How to make the eyes from being hurt? "Eye of common sense 260 asked:" big eyes and a small medical preventive eye practical knowledge and plenty of eye care tips, want to keep a clear eye you, is not know.
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