Eye syndrome differentiation and treatment experience

Date of publication:1997-8   Press: Huang Shuren University of Science & Technology China press (1997-08)   Author:Huang Shuren   Pages´╝Ü225  

"Eye of syndrome differentiation and treatment experience set" is the author of Huang Shuren on their own in ophthalmology teaching, scientific research and combination of Chinese and Western medicine scientific summary of clinical experience in the treatment of eye diseases in nearly half a century of years. The book is divided into two parts, part one, not only illustrates the relationship between the diagnosis, syndrome differentiation and treatment of the three eye, and anatomical unit eye as the order, system to teach the Department of ophthalmology disease etiology, mechanism, diagnosis and treatment based on syndrome differentiation. The prescription is the confirmation and the selection of income during the decades of clinical practice in the book, each prescription with addition and subtraction prescription and drugs. Part two introduces some difficult cases of clinical diagnosis and treatment process, to increase the reader on the treatment of understanding of ophthalmopathy syndrome. From a professional point of view, "ophthalmopathy syndrome differentiation and treatment experience set" is a very good traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine Department of ophthalmology clinical and teaching guidance book on the causes and treatment of eye disease; mechanism, book and a universal certain, it is family, especially the prevention of eye disease treatment, protect eyesight references.
Author brief introduction

Professor Huang Shuren, in 1951 graduated from the Shanghai Medical College (the predecessor of Medical University Of Anhui southeast Medical College). After the graduation, Professor Zhang Xiqi under the famous department of ophthalmology. The former Medical University Of Anhui Department of ophthalmology department assistant, lecturer, associate professor, professor. Decades of clinical, teaching, scientific research, focusing on the fundus disease and IResearch of Chinese traditional medicine, particularly a certain reputation in the modern mainstream medicine with traditional medicine treating ocular fundus disease. Publications: "hypertension fundus atlas", "eye of the dialectical theory of governance", "eye of dialectical treatment experience set"; editor works: "clinical diseases of ocular fundus disease", "Atlas"; participated in the writing section works are: the Ministry of higher medical college textbook "Department of Ophthalmology" (first edition), the "Department of Ophthalmology" (seventh volumes), "modern department of Ophthalmology", "China combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine clinical encyclopedia" {volume} Department of Ophthalmology etc.. Published in the "Chinese Medical Journal", "Journal of traditional Chinese medicine", "Journal of Medical University Of Anhui" and other comprehensive medical journal; the journal "," Department of Ophthalmology "Chinese Journal of ocular fundus diseases", "traditional Chinese medicine", "Journal of China Department of ophthalmology clinical department of ophthalmology magazine" specialist magazine papers 98. Professor Huang Shuren served as the four or five member of the society of Third Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology; Anhui Province Institute of fourth, five session of director of Department of Ophthalmology; Institute of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined with Chinese. In addition, also the former or current "Department of Ophthalmology", "Chinese Journal of ocular fundus diseases", "research", "Chinese Department of Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology", "Journal of Practical Medicine Department of Ophthalmology China journal" Journal "editor in chief of the Journal of Clinical Department of Ophthalmology;". Professor Huang Shuren in 1956 for the first carried out the optic keratoplasty in the province, and implantation of artificial lens, won the Anhui province socialist construction activists very health system in Anhui province advanced job title; in 1980 for the hypertension fundus of five class classification method, by the Anhui provincial Congress of science and Technology Award; in 1994 for "clinical ocular fundus disease the advent of science", by the Anhui Provincial Education Commission scientific progress award. Besides, there is the Anhui branch of Chinese Medical Association, the Medical University Of Anhui research and outstanding paper award of more than 10.
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Dialectical publisher words that the eye disease diagnosis and treatment of dialectical treatment the first chapter outline of 1.1 eye on the treatment of 1.1.1 syndrome, syndrome differentiation, diagnosis meaning; on the treatment of the relationship between the three 1.1.2 ophthalmopathy local syndrome differentiation and syndrome differentiation in the treatment of systemic 1.1.3 ophthalmopathy, the subject, slow, anxious and homes, homes in vein vein from the disease and "and" 1.1.4 different diseases, treating the same disease with different methods and the same disease with different governance, different syndromes Tongzhi 1.2 drugs in the treatment of 1.2.1 in treatment of 1.2.2 treatment of 1.3 acupuncture in the treatment of 1.3.1 1.3.2 1.3.3 acupuncture moxibustion and acupoints chapter second eyelid disease 2.1 blepharitis 2.2 hordeolum chalazion eyelid herpes zoster in 2.5 2.3 2.4 2.6 ptosis paralytic incomplete eyelid closure and paralytic ectropion conjunctiva disease third chapter 3.1 epidemic acute conjunctivitis 3.2 Chlamydia 3.3 phlyctenular conjunctivitis and follicular conjunctival keratitis 3.4 vernal conjunctivitis 3.5 pterygium corneal disease fourth chapter 4.1 catarrhal corneal ulcer in 4.2 marginal corneal ulcer in 4.3 acute serpiginous corneal ulcer in 4.4 dendrimers, disciform keratitis 4.5 diffuse superficial punctate keratitis 4.6 Mooren's ulcer 4.7 corneal softening the fifth chapter leucitis 5.1 shallow or deep anterior scleritis 5.2 cycles of recurrent superficial scleritis sixth chapter uvea disease 6.1 iridocyclitis 6.2 intermediate uveitis 6.3 exudative choroidal inflammation 6.4 central slurry chorioretinopathy 6.5 uveal brain inflammation and sympathetic ophthalmia 6.6, eye, genital syndrome 6.7 angioid streaks of seventh chapter retinopathy 7.1 retinal periphlebitis 7.2 Central retinal vein occlusion in 7.3 central retinal artery occlusion in 7.4 primary retinal detachment in 7.5 senile macular degeneration in 7.6 degeneration myopia eighth chapter optic neuropathy 8.1 optic neuritis 8.2 optic atrophy 8.3 optic disc vasculitis in 8.4 acute anterior ischemic optic neuropathy ninth chapter crystals and vitreous disease 9.1 cataract and vitreous opacity tenth chapter 9.2 of primary glaucoma in 10.1 acute and chronic angle closure glaucoma in 10.2 open angle glaucoma and other eye diseases eleventh chapter 11.1 peripheral nerve paralytic strabismus 11.2 visual fatigue 11.3 flare scotoma in 11.4 orbital pseudotumor 1 Analysis of cases of clinical experiences and the twelfth chapter 1.5 Adie pupil the difficult cases of ocular adnexal disease refractory relapse 12.1 sty 12.2 blepharitis radical 12.3 conjunctival itching in 12.4 refractory recurrent phlyctenular conjunctivitis (report of follicular conjunctival keratitis, Gong Moyan) 12.5 pterygium in 12.6 unexplained paralysis of extraocular muscle in thirteenth chapter of cornea analysis of 13.1 cases of acute serpiginous corneal ulcer in 13.2 Fuchs superficial punctate keratitis 13.3 marginal corneal ulcer refractory relapse 13.4 necrotizing herpes simplex virus deep keratitis 13.5 permanently diffuse superficial punctate keratitis 13.6 marginal atrophy in Fourteenth chapter uvea disease case analysis of 14.1 sympathetic ophthalmia 14.2 idiopathic uveitis 14.3 glaucoma Schlossman syndrome cure 14.4 central exudative chorioretinitis chapter fifteenth retinal, optic neuropathy case analysis of 15.1 young people of central retinal vein occlusion in 15.2 total dry retinal periphlebitis analysis 15.3 cases of exudative senile macular degeneration in 15.4 eyes the retinal pigment epithelial layer hematoma 15.5 Analysis of 16.1 myotonic pupil Analysis Chapter sixteenth other cases as cases of paragraph 15.7 of acute ischemic neuropathy: analysis of 15.6 cases of optic nerve atrophy degeneration in myopia patients (Adie pupil) case analysis 16.2 flare scotoma in case analysis
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Traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine Department of Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology between complementary, integrative medicine, is one of the guiding principles of our health work. However, because the two have different cultural backgrounds and historical background, therefore, to achieve real combined with clinical practice, that is to combine medical theory, are still waiting for clinical medicine, basic medicine, natural science and philosophy breakthrough. From the current development of the primary stage, when diagnosed with some kind of disease, syndrome differentiation and treatment with science, law, parties, drugs and a series of TCM theoretical guidance, is effective and method for obtaining the most scholars recognized. Therefore, the first chapter of the book discusses the relationship between eye disease diagnosis, syndrome differentiation and treatment of the three. From the second chapter, the modern medical disease, according to the anatomical unit eye chapters, focuses on some eye diseases in TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment methods, also briefly describes the understanding and diagnosis of this disease of modern medical indication. The second part of the traditional Chinese medicine traditional medical record form, introduces the concrete process of diagnosis and treatment of some difficult cases, in order to enhance the reader on the treatment of understanding of ophthalmopathy syndrome. "Eye of syndrome differentiation and treatment experience set" by Huang Shuren.
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