Common eye disease syndrome

Date of publication:2008-6   Press: Lin Shunchao, Zhao Xiuqin, people's Medical Publishing (2008-06)   Author:Lin Shunchao, Zhao Xiuqin   Pages:577  

"Common disease syndrome" by people's Medical Publishing house.
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Accommodative Effort Syndrome (excessive regulation of syndrome) Acquired Lues (acquired syphilis) Acsota Syndrome (Alpine syndrome) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) Acroc callosal Syndrome (acroc callosal syndrome) is a Acute Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis (AHC) Acute Retinal Necrosis Syndrome (acute retinal necrosis syndrome) Addison Syndrome (Addison syndrome) Addison-Biermer Syndrome (o - than syndrome) Adie Syndrome (Addie syndrome) Adrenal Sympathetic Syndrome (adrenal sympathetic syndrome) Adson Syndrome (Adelson syndrome) A Esotropia Syndrome (A esotropia syndrome) A Exotropia Syndrome (A pattern exotropia syndrome) Aicardi Syndrome (Ai Karl Di syndrome) Alacrima Syndrome (no tears syndrome) Alagille Syndrome (o. Ji le syndrome) Aland Syndrome (Alan's syndrome) Albers-Schonberg Syndrome (Ai Shun syndrome) Albinism I Syndrome (albinism syndrome type) Albinism II Syndrome (albinism syndrome type Syndrome (Fundus) Albinotic albinotic fundus syndrome) Albright Syndrome (Albright syndrome Syndrome) Alcoholism (alcoholism) Alport Syndrome (Allport syndrome) Alstroem-Olsen Syndrome (o - Austrian syndrome) Alstrom Syndrome (Aalst Rem syndrome) Alzheimer Disease (Alzheimer's disease) Amalric Syndrome (Malik syndrome) Amaurosis Fugax Syndrome (amaurosis fugax syndrome) Andogsky Syndrome (an Si base syndrome) Angelman Syndrome (happy puppet syndrome) Angelucci Syndrome (安哥鲁兹 syndrome) Aniridia Syndrome (aniridia syndrome) Ankyloblepharon Syndrome (ankyloblepharon syndrome) Anoxic Encephalopathy Syndrome (hypoxic encephalopathy syndrome) Anoxic Overwear Syndrome (hypoxia (corneal) fatigue syndrome) Antimongolism Syndrome (anti Down's syndrome) Anton Syndrome (Anton syndrome) Apert Syndrome (Appel syndrome) Apert-Crouzon Syndrome (o - G syndrome) Argyll · Robertson Syndrome (A Rokon syndrome) Arnold-Chiari Syndrome (o - and syndrome) Arnold · Pick Syndrome (Anand Pick syndrome) Ascher Syndrome (Acheulean syndrome) Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome (compulsive autosomal Dominant light eye excitation syndrome) A-V Syndrome (A-V syndrome) Avellis-Longhi Syndrome (o - Dragon syndrome) Vitamin C Deficiency (vitamin C deficiency) Axenfeld Syndrome (Akerson Field syndrome) Axenfeld-Schurenberg Syndrome (A Xu syndrome) Babinski-Nageotte Syndrome (BA - Na syndrome) Balint Syndrome (Bahrain special comprehensive Banff Syndrome syndrome) (Banti syndrome) Barnard-Scholz Syndrome (BA - 'syndrome) Barre-Lieou Syndrome (BA - syndrome) Barrier Deprivation Syndrome (barrier deprivation syndrome) Bartholin-Patau Syndrome (BA and PA syndrome) Basement Membrane Exfoliation Syndrome (basement membrane peeling syndrome) Bassen-Kornzweig Syndrome (BA - Department syndrome) Batten-Mayou Syndrome (BA Mei syndrome) Behcet Syndrome (Behcet syndrome) Behr Syndrome (Bill syndrome) Bell Syndrome (Baer syndrome) Benedikt Syndrome (Benedict syndrome) Benign Abducent Nerve Palsy Syndrome (benign abducent nerve paralysis in@##@ syndrome) "Common disease syndrome" new content, informative, or clear, practical, is a book for the medical workers, suitable for clinical, scientific research, teaching, comprehensive, systematic medical tool reference book. More than 4000 English, Chinese references and detailed in English index, is the "eye" of the one's own knack in common syndrome. "Common disease syndrome" describe and Department of Ophthalmology on the common syndrome in 570, the name of disease to English naming, each syndrome were from clinical and pathologic characteristics are discussed in detail. Each syndrome is divided into eight parts, including the name of the disease, translation, alias, summary, etiology and pathology, eye characteristics, general features, treatment. The syndrome alias range, we conducted a comprehensive structured, as far as possible the alias list complete. Briefly describes the incidence, the research progress and the main feature of this disease, as well as the earliest reported at present, domestic and international awareness of the disease. Ocular manifestations and systemic features a detailed description of the symptoms, signs and specific auxiliary examination. In the end of the book English index. English index in alphabetical order; Chinese index to stroke order, the same as the first character strokes, with second words of the Chinese phonetic alphabet order, and so on, very convenient for readers to find.
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