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Date of publication:2009-8   Press: The chemical industry   Author:Hu Zhenglin   Pages:131  

I am engaged in a hole? Optical occupation education workers, engaged in this job for nearly thirty years. In this thirty years, often there will be some glasses colleagues, neighbours and friends, to learn about the optometry, optician problems, such as how to choose glasses frame, how to choose glasses etc.. At present, the vast majority of the wearer, to understand the optometry and glasses, just by reading about Department of Ophthalmology care, love eyes eye protection of popular science books. However, this kind of book types although many, but the central problem to optometry, optician for this book is less. From colleagues, neighbors and friends often keeps asking about this situation, people who wear glasses still very want to learn this knowledge, there are a lot of glasses industry colleagues and suggestions for the majority of people who wear glasses to write such a book. Based on the above, the author will be engaged in the eye? Optical occupation education since often asked questions are summarized, and the problems related to occupation training school officials mentioned together. Based on these two issues, and pick up lens users are most closely related to the problem, it is divided into ten parts. Taking into account the readers to read this book, is likely to choose to read way, so do the corresponding design at the time of writing: if each part is a whole, and each one of these subjects are also an independent problem. Due to my limited knowledge, the book also there may be some omissions and deficiencies, hope that the majority of readers, especially glasses industry colleagues to be correct, and made valuable suggestions.

"As clear as noonday glasses" mainly introduced in the daily use of eye and with glasses in the process, we should know some refractive, optometry and correction of related knowledge, discussed the eye refractive, from a professional point of optometry, glasses frame and the glasses, contact lenses, choice, with straightaway language, explain profound theories in simple language to introduce scientific knowledge, can give the reader more intuitive understanding more image, so that the reader can use in daily life, the correct optometry, so as to realize the protection of eyesight, improving vision objective. "As clear as noonday glasses" can provide care for eye health, expected to acquire or guarantee good vision people refer to use, especially suitable for the majority of parents of children reading reference.
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The basic process of structure 1 your eyes my eyes eye 2 see 3 look far see mystery and nearly 4 eyes of 4 eyes in 5 and the length of astigmatism in 6 eyes tired, is the visual fatigue of 8 recessive strabismus strabismus and amblyopia is not a question that can be ignored 9 damage to visual function 10 eye? Optical correction to solve the problems of 11 myopia prevention 12 refractive merits of 122 test I change from passive to active what need 16 optometry optometry program 17 passive PK24 optometry optometry equipment for 18 commonly used 19 computer optometry and conventional optometry 25 vision is the ultimate standard test optometry quality 27 on mydriasis the 28 PD 30 monocular observation: Optical quality and visual identification of species structure is the basic requirements for measuring pupillary distance 313 glasses frame I pick my glasses frame 34 frames of the 34 pupil decided glasses frame size 36 face decided to mirror ring styles of glasses frame 38 skin color determines the glasses frame color 39 economic situation determine the glasses frame grade 41 age and hobbies decided glasses frame fashion 41 glasses frame selection of the most basic requirements for selection of lens 424 lenses in diopter correction using 46 lens 47 lens 54 pick glasses Sheet need to learn what information the 585 glasses of glasses with new recruit? Wear principle of 62 new glasses "combat" training of 656 words C D contact lenses contact lenses of 70 fashion and risk coexist 71C1: invisible glasses and frame glasses degree conversion 72C2: contact lenses advantage 73C3: 75C4 contact: contact lenses: 76C5 lenses contraindications indications: select 77C6 77C7:Ortho contact lenses? K ≠ OK77D1: wearing contact lenses "normal" response to 78D2: 79D3 anomaly eye wear contact lenses for safe use of contact lenses: the glint and flash of cold steel 807 refractive correction of refractive correction in the "sophistry" 84 be just unfolding operation 86 refractive operation and health: look before you leap 89 what to wear circumstances, the development of myopia can accelerate the 90 how to ensure the service life the quality of glasses 92 asymptotic glasses 938 treat our eyes rest 96 visual conditions 97 VDT operation should pay attention to the problem of 100 wear glasses have to pay attention to eye health 102 glasses of 1059 to parents how to protect the eyesight of children parents problems facing the 108 young eyes in refractive development rule of 108 "and" 109 myopic eyes let myopic degree increased slowly 111 What kind of eye visual behavior is 112 what kind of visual behavior on bad is good 114 what food to eat to myopia potentially harmful 116 what food to eat to eyes is beneficial for 117 have myopia, can not wear glasses? 118 glasses, how to use more scientific? 118 what circumstances, should be equipped with new glasses 119 teenagers, as much as possible to reduce the contact lenses used time of 120 adolescent myopia, refractive correction operation is strictly prohibited to accept 120 how parents for the child to determine refractive correction mode 12110 eye health care and vision is most vitamins close 126 zinc, calcium is an indispensable element of comfortable vision 127 eye care recommended recipe 129 references
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The eye as shown in Figure 1-1 structure of human. Simply put, the eye structure is: three layers of skin, a bowl of water, a fire burned in front of a lump of jelly, open a window, behind a small bias aside. A layer of "shell" is the outside of the outer membrane, we will call the fiber membrane. This layer is composed of two parts. One part is located in the front of the eye, called the cornea, the other part is corneal behind the larger surface area of the white sclera. The cornea is a transparent, the surface looks cornea is round, that is not the case. The cornea is a horizontal elliptical, vertical diameter should be less than the level of about 1 mm in diameter. The characteristics of corneaIn the refractive properties of the eye is significant, indicating that human existence: mild astigmatism is normal, astigmatism degree of light in the not up to 0.5DC, will be judged as no astigmatism. The next layer is a film in the eye, this layer of membrane, called the uvea. The film used to form has the very big difference. The front part of the said that as the wheel, also someone says like Falun, this part is called the iris, surrounded by the iris is called the pupil window E1. Hole. Under normal circumstances, this is the only channel 1 pupil outside light into our eyes. A ringlike structure behind the iris is a triangular form by cross-section, like the ring on the construction of the dam. The back is lined in the "shell" in the "egg shell membrane", this structure is called the choroid. The innermost layer is "egg membrane", this is the retina. This is the external object impression in our eye position, but also our subjective visual process really start position. There are two special functional region in the retina. If, in the eyes of the optical axis as the dividing line of words, by this very small area outside, is called the macular region, the regional center for a 0.2 mm sag sag, which is called the fovea. This is our only area of clear vision. We usually put the three layer of the film outside, in the eye, inner, collectively referred to as the wall of eyeball, referred to as the ball wall. The remaining part of the eye is the eye content, referred to as the eye content.
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