• Clinical practice guidelines for Department of Ophthalmology

    "Practice guidelines and clinical study guide series, Department of ophthalmology clinical practice in the medical institutions of higher learning (case version)" in accordance with the ophthalmology practice requirements carefully compiled. The book is divided into two parts, the first part is the typical case of common eye diseases as a guide, puts forward the diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, prognosis of the disease,

  • Let your eyes more bright

    "Let your eyes more bright" the contents of roughly eight words summed up: available science with the eye eyesight protection. "Let your eyes brighter" and strive to achieve vivid content, easy to understand, avoid difficult, boring, obscure words, in order to let the readers to read the reading, stick out a mile, easy to master. As a popular science book,

  • Diabetic eye disease

    "Diabetic ophthalmopathy: prevention and rehabilitation" includes: Diabetic damage to human body is mainly a series of urgent, chronic complications. Many patients know that diabetes to heart, cerebrovascular and renal damage, but it ignores the effect of diabetes mellitus on eyes. And the heart, kidney, eye candy,

  • Visual rehabilitation guidelines

    The book is the result of Sino German cooperation "visual rehabilitation" project, Germany meters Suhl foundation, introduces visual basic knowledge, visual assessment and measurement, visual rehabilitation training knowledge. ,

  • A common disease in Department of Ophthalmology control

    Prevention and treatment of common diseases, Department of Ophthalmology, "twenty-first Century disease prevention key books: prevention and treatment of common diseases department of Ophthalmology" is the new "new common disease prevention studies series one. The book is divided into 15 chapters, the content based on evidence-based medicine, to highlight the prevention and cure of diseases as the principle, and combined with the present situation and the trend of the development of Ophthalmology, a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the Department of Ophthalmology,

  • Clinical anterior chamber angle map

    "Introduction" content: clinical anterior chamber angle of anterior chamber angle is an angle, peripheral corneoscleral limbus inner surface is small, but the structure of micro precision, this site abnormality or disease, often lead to blindness. The anterior chamber angle examination is one of the routine Department of Ophthalmology doctor must master. Such as congenital glaucoma waterproofing system no,

  • Diseases of the retina electrophysiological diagnosis

    "Retinal diseases electrophysiological diagnosis (Hardcover)" is a professional book other style. It takes the form of essays, chronicles Miyake Yomi professor of retinal diseases electrophysiological diagnosis experience and academic point of view. Professor Miyake Yomi is a distinguished scholar of international clinical electrophysiology of vision field, is the two session of the international clinical vision,

  • Red eyed Disease Prevention Manual

    "Red eyed Disease Prevention Manual" system in detail, explain profound theories in simple language describes red eyed disease, etiology, epidemiology survey, clinical, laboratory testing, prevention and control, prevention knowledge quiz, appendix and so on, which is by far the more perfect financial professional and popular science in a body of eye disease. "Red eyed disease prevention,

  • Hydrogonioscopiology 23 first in the world

    "Hydrogonioscopiology 23 world first (English Edition)" explain item by item background, notes, and little-known things 23 interpretation from all aspects and various angles. "Hydrogonioscopiology 23 world first (English Edition)" there are a lot of good things, good things, life-saving things, complete,

  • Department of Ophthalmology attending doctor Handbook

    "Department of Ophthalmology attending doctor Handbook" is a suitable for China's Department of Ophthalmology physician reference book. The attending physician shoulder important responsibilities in the Department of ophthalmology clinical work, both to handle various diseases in Department of Ophthalmology, including difficult diseases, but also undertake teaching work many residents' training etc.. Working condition of attending will be straight,

  • Clinical diagnosis and treatment of diseases in Department of Ophthalmology

    "The Department of ophthalmology disease diagnosis and treatment" is in reference to the Department of Ophthalmology Li Fengming before a large professional academic works "book", the famous department of Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology experts Ge Jian, Zhao Jialiang prepared 8 year textbook "Department of Ophthalmology" and the Chinese Medical Association, the authority of the "clinical technical specification" and other department of Ophthalmology,

  • Techniques of manual small incision cataract surgery

    Manual small incision cataract surgery technique, "El Department of Ophthalmology Series: the manual small incision cataract surgery technique" is divided into 14 chapters, besides the brief introduction and cataract surgery, anatomy, anesthesia, surgical indications, preoperative and perioperative medication, and beginners how to select patients, mainly introduces the surgical technique tunnel type manual small incision cataract,

  • Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine common disease in Department of Ophthalmology

    "Chinese Medicine Department of Ophthalmology diagnosis and treatment of common diseases guide" is a common disease in Department of Ophthalmology diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the eye, was deeply analyzed and provides various disease diagnosis, dialectical and treatment, the disease diagnosis and treatment for eye diseases. "Chinese medicine common disease in Department of Ophthalmology treatment guidelines" by Chinese medicine,

  • Clinical glaucoma

    "Clinical Glaucoma Glaucoma" highlights new theory, new concept and new technology, combined with clinical application. Briefly introduced the base associated with glaucoma clinical etiology and pathogenesis theory progress; focuses on the clinical diagnosis of glaucoma tonometer new technology (Icare, UBM, HRT,

  • Clinical department of Ophthalmology nursing guidelines

    "Clinical Department of Ophthalmology nursing guide" is divided into five chapters, the first chapter for diseases in Department of Ophthalmology nursing guideline, the second chapter is the Department of ophthalmology operation guidelines, the third chapter is the scoring rules Department of ophthalmology operation, the fourth chapter is the Department of Ophthalmology nursing guidelines for isolation, the fifth chapter is the Department of Ophthalmology special medication guide, it covers almost all contents of the Department of Ophthalmology nursing. ,

  • Zhang Huaian Department of ophthalmology clinical experience

    "Zhang Huaian Department of ophthalmology clinical experience" introduces the famous TCM expert of Department of Ophthalmology Sir Zhang Huaian (1918 ~ 1996) of clinical experience and academic expertise. Zhang Huaian medicine for more than 60 years, accumulated rich clinical experience and special expertise in diagnosis and treatment of disease, so many patients to return to the light. The book is divided into five parts, including,

  • Eye misunderstanding and truth

    Wu Guijun compiled the "eye" is based on the misunderstanding and truth in the Department of Ophthalmology, medical treatment, teaching and scientific research for nearly 30 years of experience and experience, aiming at the misunderstanding of some common problems and the eyes scientific truth, concise text, simple easy to understand. "Eye misunderstanding and truth" consists of 6 chapters,

  • Department of Ophthalmology (English focusing in control)

    "Department of Ophthalmology" is a monograph discussing focus Department of Ophthalmology basic theory, basic concepts and basic knowledge. Cover the clinical teaching essence, innovative format, access to convenient; has been featured in many cases, some in clinical practice it is difficult to see, is helpful to broaden their horizons, cultivate correct clinical thinking; language is concise and fluent, illustrations,

  • The utility of diseases in Department of Ophthalmology nursing

    "Practical" diseases in Department of Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology nursing including anatomy and physiology, Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Ophthalmology, Department of ophthalmology operation techniques of disease and nursing, medicine, common eye disease prevention department of Ophthalmology and visual function in health care. The contents of the book is combined with clinical practice, highlight the people-oriented, in each chapter of care of patients in the humanities,

  • The diagnosis and treatment of uveitis

    "The diagnosis and treatment of uveitis" tells the story of the main pathogenesis and immune function of human body of modern medicine has known the affected eye was closely related to the variation of pathogenic factors, but the specific individual patient is often not easy to accurately detect. Since the 20th century, the full understanding and effective prevention and treatment of many patients with specific pathogenesis is still quite difficult. Industry,

  • You can get rid of glasses

    77 bright good recipe, "you can get rid of the glasses (77 eye good recipe Revised Edition)" tells the story: at present 100 people in 70 myopia, myopia has become the common disease, and age had a trend of gradual decline, you want to wear glasses to live? Have you thought about can get rid of the glasses? Department of ophthalmology is designed,

  • Eye ear nose throat and oral cavity diseases

    "Chinese grassroots doctors training series, eye ear nose throat oral disease" to the primary care physicians as object, writing the content to be concise and to the point, the basic concept, the common and frequently occurring disease as the subject, appropriate to introduce some theories and the actual clinical work in progress. To strengthen practical basis,,

  • Binocular vision and low vision

    "Binocular vision and low vision" is divided into two sections, mainly introduces the visual physiology, normal binocular vision, phoria and vergence, regulation, non strabismic binocular vision abnormal clinical analysis, concomitant strabismus and binocular visual content. "Binocular vision and low vision" take the work process optometry technology as the main line, will be teaching,

  • You can say no to myopia

    "You can say no" to myopia myopia prevention as the main line, introduced the basic concept, misunderstandings of myopia and myopia of the hazards and people treat myopia. On the causes and mechanism of myopia were analyzed, to understand the way introduced readers in learning, life, diet, etc all kinds of glasses,

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