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The occurrence of hypertension is very common, according to the statistics of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, at present the number of patients with hypertension in China has reached 160000000. Which includes not only the elderly, middle-aged and young people more considerable suffering from hypertension. In the face of widespread hypertension, a negative attitude towards or even ignore their existence, is not desirable. Hypertension can be caused by various reasons, manifestations of arterial contraction lasting pressure higher than 18670 kPa (140 mmHg), or a diastolic blood pressure greater than 12000 kPa (90 mm Hg) is a kind of vascular diseases. Hypertension not only itself to ourHealth damage, but it will also cause many other diseases, it is one of the main causes of various heart, cerebrovascular disease and kidney disease, endocrine disease etc.. For example, hypertension is a kind of cerebral vascular diseases, its continued development is extremely easy to cause cerebrovascular accidents, such as cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, etc.. Serious when, the patient will appear disabled or die. For instance, hypertension, the cardiac output may result in resistance, even the heart burden, left ventricular to overcome resistance and strengthen muscle contraction, which can cause left ventricular hypertrophy or dilatation, serious when still can cause heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, heart disease. High blood pressure can cause coronary heart disease incidence increased 5 times, and the mortality in hypertensive patients with heart failure rate as high as 40%. Hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by a "high morbidity, high mortality, Gao Zhican rate" of the "three high" characteristics, has become the first killer of health harm people "." Focusing on prevention and treatment of hypertension in the early discovery, early treatment. For most patients with hypertension, using some antihypertensive drugs alone in the early treatment can achieve the purpose of treatment. But if the patient and family early in the disease has not care attitude, along with the development of the treatment of the disease is also increased, and there may be other serious problems (such as heart, brain, kidney complications etc.). Therefore, as soon as the popularity of prevention and treatment of hypertension knowledge is necessary. This book from the perspective of public medical point of view, introduces the related content of the treatment and prevention of hypertension. Is divided into four parts: the first part introduces the elementary knowledge of hypertension; second to talk about is high blood pressure medication; third articles about hypertension diet; the fourth part of article, introduces some prevention and treatment of hypertension on exercise prescription. Language description of user-friendly, practical content, prominent operability, very suitable for patients with hypertension and its family of reading, and can choose according to their own illness.

This book from the perspective of public medical point of view, introduces the related content of the treatment and prevention of hypertension. Is divided into four parts: the first part introduces the elementary knowledge of hypertension; second to talk about is high blood pressure medication; third articles about hypertension diet; the fourth part of article, introduces some prevention and treatment of hypertension on exercise prescription. Language description of user-friendly, practical content, prominent operability, very suitable for patients with hypertension and its family of reading, and can choose according to their own illness.
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The first chapter of hypertension knowledge of hypertension knowledge on normal blood pressure and hypertension factors and the relationship between blood pressure of hypertension and what are the reasons of hypertension are the main symptoms of what the diagnosis of hypertension what needs to be done to check what is the selective inspection items and Beckoning hypertension electrocardiogram examination significance why ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in heart, brain, kidney complications of special examination and diagnosis criteria of hypertension hypertension is how to divide the type of disease course of hypertension stage three hypertension and secondary hypertension hypertension and high blood fat, high blood sugar second chapter hypertension life knowledge of hypertension on health hazards are susceptible to hypertension in the elderly prone to hypertension, aura symptoms which raise Wei often measure blood pressure a good habit to self testing hypertension risk degree of blood pressure measurement methods of self nursing records correctly what hypertension three grade prevention of women and children for hypertension prevention good habits contribute to the prevention of high blood pressure patients Should pay attention to the details of life second scientific medicine, health protection of the first chapter of hypertension medication knowledge antihypertensive drugs treatment principle for the treatment of hypertension commonly used antihypertensive medicine for the treatment of hypertension and other antihypertensive drug treatment can be combined with western medicine antihypertensive drug problems we should pay attention to what time taking antihypertensive drug effect best what drug should not and buck combined with medicine in treating hypertension commonly used antihypertensive medicine should pay attention to the problem of special patients with antihypertensive medication should be cautious use of antihypertensive drugs prone to adverse reactions of the second chapter of Western medicine in the treatment of hypertension, diuretics alpha blockers, beta blockers, angiotensin II receptor antagonist of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and calcium channel blockers other commonly used antihypertensive drugs the third chapter of the traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of hypertension antihypertensive medicinal herbs commonly used antihypertensive medicine antihypertensive prescription of traditional Chinese medicine third medicated diet, eat out health diet notice patients low first chapter hypertension diet therapy in hypertensive patients how to arrange day The regular diet in patients with hypertension TCM dietary vitamin and tea antihypertensive effect has the antihypertensive efficacy of staple foods have the antihypertensive efficacy of non-staple food class food hypertensive patients should pay attention to diet second chapter hypertension daily diet Yuba kelp silk mix mix of peanut Dried tofu celery celery mixed peanut mix duck fried double shredded bamboo shoots tomato stew tofu tomato stewed sirloin tomato fried potatoes, fried celery Dried tofu celery fried shredded pork mushrooms sauteed celery asparagus stir-fried chicken shreds asparagus stir fried rabbit carrots fried Asparagus carrot cooked kelp apple Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee lettuce stir-fried chicken shreds pig's trotters stewed peanuts kelp stir fry celery vinegar radish soup with tofu and kelp soup with white gourd celery meat soup kelp meat soup millet porridge lotus seeds, lotus rice porridge glutinous rice porridge asparagus breeding wheat and millet porridge radish porridge spinach rice porridge jellyfish third chapter hypertension daily medicated side chrysanthemum burn Perch Eucommia sauteed kidney slices fried shredded pork fried chicken wolfberry Lycium Du Zhongdun minced chicken Gastrodia stewed chicken block double fried Yanggan braised crucian carp Dendrobium Huang Jingdun pig The meat of Achyranthes bidentata style aloe stew pork spareribs stewed pork stomach fried pork livers from Scutellaria Suanzaoren fried duck silk Hawthorn roast mutton Pueraria Sauteed Lettuce figwort stewed duck stewed chicken soup Tremella yam tree peony bark wolfberry chrysanthemum soup Eucommia quail soup Cassia lotus root soup wolfberry Grass Carp soup porridge almond bark of Gastrodia elata japonica rice porridge corn porridge almonds Cassia chrysanthemum porridge porridge chrysanthemums celery Gastrodia rhizome lotus leaf porridge, rice porridge Chrysanthemum Tea rob Hemp flowers tea Apocynum Green Tea Shuanghua Green Tea Plumula Nelumbinis Green Tea wolfberry honey tea appendix exercise therapy of hypertension in patients with essential hypertension patients in first chapter how should follow the principle of motion in patients with motor problems that should be noticed in chapter second hypertensive patients exercise walking Taijiquan Qigong Wuqinxi traditional high Er Fuqiu outdoor natural bath
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The 6 psychological factors of anxiety, tension, depression, poor mental state is also an important factor of the induced hypertension. Clinical studies have demonstrated that: long term anxiety causes increased secretion of adrenaline, accelerated heart rate, resulting in cardiac output increased, causing elevated systolic blood pressure; and the individual in the provoking condition, will strengthen the peripheral vascular resistance, resulting in elevated diastolic blood pressure. Therefore, it has close relationship with psychological emotion and hypertension. In addition, traffic congestion, noise, city life is too nervous rhythm and other environmental factors, will directly cause the individual psychological and emotional changes, resulting in bad mood, which is also an important cause of hypertension. 7 important factors and factors of tobacco was also induced by hypertension. Research shows that: the incidence of hypertension in smokers than non-smokers high 2 ~ 3 times, and a large number of drinking is closely related to the incidence of hypertension have also been proved. Therefore, alcohol or less stained. 8 disease factors some disease can also cause high blood pressure, such as nephropathy, diabetic, thyroid function of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Suggest these patients go to a hospital checking blood pressure regularly, to prevent the onset of hypertension. 9 drugs some drugs can also cause elevated blood pressure factors, such as drug oral contraceptives, certain antidepressants, with mineralocorticoid effects (such as deoxycorticosterone etc.), and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If the long-term use of these drugs, should pay more attention to the change of blood pressure. The main symptoms of hypertension which mild hypertension usually no obvious symptoms, when blood pressure increases to a certain degree and long enough, will be accompanied by heart, kidney, brain and other organs lesions. 1 hypertension symptoms of hypertension in some patients in nervous, excited or exertional dizziness, headache, tinnitus, headache, nasal bleeding, conjunctival hemorrhage of head and facial discomfort, headache, dizziness, especially in the most significant. And also the common chest and limbs discomfort symptoms and sleep disorders, etc.. (1) headache. Hypertensive patients with symptoms of headache, get up early in the morning or after eating, wash your face or high pillow lying will decrease, while in the body tired or exercise will appear after the pain. Location of headache patients generally is not fixed, common forehead, brain, on both sides of the temple is beating pain, pain mainly manifested as pain, dull pain, serious when can have a splitting headache. In addition, if the patient has severe headache with fixed position, may be associated with cerebral vascular accidents. (2). Dizziness is one of the common symptoms of hypertension, can be transient or persistent, more common in female patients with essential hypertension. Here to remind patients: hypertension is caused by dizziness rarely causes the individual to lose balance, if be dizzy, the body imbalance, unstable situation, you should consider the possibility of stroke. (3) tinnitus. Binaural tinnitus is a salient feature of tinnitus induced hypertension, general continues for a long time, sometimes, sometimes as if the cicadas buzzing. (4) and chest discomfort. Common in hypertensive patients with palpitation, palpitations, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, especially in motion or ended, these symptoms will increase significantly, the reason and the high blood pressure caused by myocardial hypertrophy, myocardial ischemia, heart failure and other relevant. (5) limbs discomfort. Hypertensive patients with limb symptoms are significant, common have numbness of limbs, muscle aches, sense of ants crawling skin, legs chills, walking legs pain and other symptoms. Serious when, also seen with movement disorders or local sensory disturbance. (6) sleep disorders. In addition to the common symptoms, performance can also be found in patients with hypertension, insomnia dreaminess, sleep disorders, but also resulting upset, memory loss, inability to concentrate. P6-7
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"Hypertension medication Food Guide": the science of administration and reasonable food, is the key to cure the disease. A meal of soup, a meal, a new revolution in treatment of diseases. Understanding of hypertension, pay attention to health science and medicine, health food diet, eat healthy
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