Traditional Chinese medicine regimen or diabetes

Date of publication:2010-1   Press: Science Press   Author:Liang Xiaochun, Sun Lianqing, Zhao Li,   Pages´╝Ü196  

In the past thirty years, China's rapid economic development, people's living standards have markedly improved, realized the automation, the eating fast food, the city, the attendant is the popularization of diabetes. In the Western Pacific seventh conference of the International Diabetes Federation recently held, community health survey the local person in charge of lead showed 60% of respondents, for people at risk of diabetes (obese or have a family history of diabetes). The International Diabetes Federation Western Pacific chairman Gondon Bunyan made it clear: diabetes control, prevention before cure. And urged the governments, people from all walks of life to participate in the prevention and treatment of diabetes in the business, including the government to formulate relevant policies, popularize knowledge of diabetes prevention, screening and detection, assessment of disease risk factors and hospital communication information. Only the whole society to work and pull together, it may contain the diabetes epidemic tendency.

In recent years, the number of diabetes increased dramatically, in 2006 China's number of diabetes up to 40000000, while people with pre diabetes is as high as 33000000. Diabetes control, prevention before cure! This book by the Union Hospital of Chinese medicine experts based on years of clinical experience prepared, mainly from the early treatment of diabetes mellitus. Prevention and early signal, introduces the reason, the prevalence of diabetes mellitus diabetes mellitus and TCM regimen may diabetes. The contents of the book is easy to understand, be lively and vivid language, is the patient at risk of diabetes and diabetic early reading for.
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Liang Xiaochun, Professor, doctoral tutor of Peking Union Medical College, director of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. From 1999 to 2000 in the study USA herbal health science center Dezhou University in the treatment of diabetic microangiopathy. Undertaken by the National Natural Science Fund and the Ministry of health, State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, capital development fund and other key projects in more than 10. Won the Beijing science and technology award, China combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine
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The first chapter Chinese why prone to diabetes Chinese diabetes five factors Chinese diabetes is susceptible to diabetes not only from the parental genetic changes in the structure of diet induced diabetes culprit "beer belly" is pregnant with diabetes Wo soil anxiety, anger is caused by diabetes risk factors like diabetes the second chapter is the mysterious veil of blood glucose and insulin diabetes is about two factors -- the guarantee of life blood glucose is the driving force of life to maintain blood glucose is the brain glucose fuel from where to where to insulin is the key to the door to open the cell insulin is the body only hypoglycemic hormone insulin is the guarantee of glucose and smooth the name insulin resistance is the "key" and "lock" due to failure of the third chapter on diabetes 21 dangerous signal diabetes of 21 kinds of common danger signal 1: always feel fatigue signal 2: before 3: palpitation tremor signal decreased visual acuity, shadow of sight fluttering signal 4: repeated skin itching, easy to boil signal: 5 recurrent vulva Sao to itch signal 6: numbness, burning, pain, paresthesia signal 7: walk The road is stop and go, appear intermittent claudication signal 8: often epigastric fullness, and even nausea and vomiting signal 9: often diarrhea, constipation or diarrhea and constipation alternating signal 10: often feel micturition weakness, difficulty in urination signal 11: recurrent urinary tract infection signal 12: chest pain signal 13: oral disease recurrent signal 14: inadequate erectile dysfunction, signal 15: "big belly thin legs", "body into elliptical shape" signal 16: female recurrent abortion, stillbirth signal 17: had a child obesity signal 18: children left calendar signal 19: urine bubble increased signal 20: hair loss, it increased 21: signal can not be ignored in the 7 high-risk in fourth chapter not diabetes regimen eat healthy to eat what eat what medicine food homology, prevention of high blood sugar diabetes health care dynamic fun sport intensity can prevent diabetes movement required to master the movement time to remember the good news with Tai Chi self-cultivation coach Yu Ga training Dayan Gong live a wonderful flower flower piano chess calligraphy painting health longevity puzzle to make quality for the good of others find in helping others indifferent to fame and wealth to Derun article The five chapter of the sixth chapter of national build diabetes learn to prevent misunderstanding
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21 kinds of common danger signal danger signal diabetes 21 third chapter on diabetes 4: repeated skin itching, easy to boil the diabetic patients in clinic often complain: the skin is always repeated itching, unbearable, especially after bedtime, mental stress, drink or eat spicy food, will be a drama to itch, but the skin and no skin rash. For a long time, will find that outside itching often first occurred in the two leg, and then spread to other parts of. Some patients also found two front leg 1 / 3 skin appears dark brown flaky pigmentation, and gradually expanded, the skin becomes thin, after scratching large scaly shedding. Some patients in the head, face, neck, back, buttocks and other parts of good hair furuncle swollen, red, swollen, first round heat, pain small nodules, and gradually become larger, the pain intensified, some nodules formed pus embolus yellow in the center, the outflow of pus. But patients with furuncle is not low incidence rate in winter cold. Why will appear above the skin symptoms of diabetes? This is because when blood glucose rises, will stimulate the skin nerve endings and produce the feeling of itching. Hyperglycemia can make human body skin microcirculation, blood and oxygen supply to reduce, the skin can not be fully moisten the skin thinning, desquamation increased symptoms, when this kind of stimulation to a certain extent, will appear itching feeling. In addition, under normal circumstances, the human body the skin secretion of the sweat can inhibit the growth of bacteria, when the blood sugar is easy to cause the sweat secretion disorders, make the skin protection function, the skin by gentle becomes dry, so stimulated Shi RongEasily induced itching. Furuncle is acute purulent skin hair follicle and sebaceous gland infection. The vast majority of furuncle is due to skin and hair follicle and sebaceous gland infection of Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus albus caused. Under normal circumstances, there are often bacterial storage in human skin hair follicle and sebaceous glands, but not incidence. Patients with diabetes due to decreased immune function, the bacteria multiply, so easy to infection. At the same time, due to the diabetic skin sugar content increased, provide suitable breeding ground for the growth and reproduction of bacteria, so the diabetes susceptible to recurrent boils, and prolonged does not heal.
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