Handbook of brain trauma sequela hemiplegia and family therapy

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Hemiplegia is the clinical common and frequently occurring disease. The disease mainly caused hemiplegia have a brain tumor operation sequela and cerebrovascular diseases caused by or cerebral embolism, cerebral trauma caused by hypertension cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage. At present, both cerebrovascular disease or brain trauma, brain tumor operation after hemiplegia caused by the world medical field is still difficult. Therefore, the medical field at home and abroad in order to tackle this problem has been studied, although there are certain effects in the early operation therapy and drug treatment, greatly reduce the mortality rate, has achieved the treatment outcome. But early treatment, late treatment because of the lack of scientific and effective, pre treatment and post treatment caused the disconnection, the treatment effect is not persistent consolidation, the therapeutic effect and functional recovery in patients with compromised, limb muscle atrophy, paralysis, convulsions, joint contractures, movement dysfunction or loss, morbidity is high, to the the patient bring life inconvenience and pain, to bring a heavy financial burden to the family. In this regard, the adverse consequences of the cause of disease, hemiplegia after injury, and after the operation and pathological changes caused by dysfunction was analyzed and clinical research, comprehensive summary: on cerebral hemorrhage, brain tumor and brain trauma operation therapy can relieve the intracranial pressure, drug therapy can be dehydrated decompression and alleviate cerebral vasospasm. However, although the craniotomy and resection operation foreign body lifted the abnormal operation of oppression, but also human trauma will cause new damage to the brain, is bound to brain cells regeneration, artificial wound repair, nerve injury and recovery in the late functional recovery have serious adverse effects. Because of the different types of lesion compression and damage in parts of the brain, so that the command transmission function of temporary restricted, obstacles which parts of the brain or loss. At the same time, because the parts of the brain abnormalities and operation treatment and the influence of most of the normal brain tissue, leading to command the conduction function of normal brain tissue restricted, obstacles or loss. Therefore, during operation and after drug treatment, brain tissue was affected by various adverse factors caused the brain command conduction block, the patient from the head to the trunk to the side of upper and lower limbs neural stem, command conduction function branch and nerve fibers will be lost. The head and face, trunk and limbs on one side of lower limb muscle and soft tissue due to lack of brain, central nervous system induced, stimulating and exciting, cause the blood circulation.

The German medical expert Adami Dis (Georgis Adamidis) said: "Professor Li Peigang in the treatment of pain or treatment of movement disorders after trauma or paralyzed, far beyond the possibility of traditional western medicine, we believe firmly. The lack of such things in the western world...... As Paracelsus (Paracelsus) proverb says' who can cure the disease, is the good doctor'". Another medical expert Hayne (Carsten Henn) said: the new therapy of Professor Li's supplement and extension of the world medical. Li Peigang medical treatment for its safe and reliable, no side effect, quick effect, obvious curative effect, high cure rate, and has scientific sex, advanced sex, feasibility and other characteristics, widely used in the treatment of many diseases in medical field. Such as: common disease: cervical arm lumbago and scelalgia; world diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, traumatic paraplegia, cerebrovascular disease, hemiplegia caused by brain trauma sequela, peripheral nerve injury, sequelae of fracture operation. Is the best way for patients to restore health and public disease prevention and body-building. This book uses a large amount of Applied Anatomy diagram, new technique treatment chart as well as the scientific and effective training methods diagram, guide doctors, patients, family clearly grasp the basic principle, the basic medical knowledge of anatomy and physiology "Li Peigang medical treatment" of the new theory, new ideas, new methods and scientific and effective training methods, so that doctors can better for the majority of patients; the majority of young parents to become their children's personal doctor, let everyone be health protection of God himself and his family.
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Li Peigang, began working in the Department of orthopedics clinical study in twentieth Century at the end of 70. In the course of treatment, he according to cause fracture and fracture after operation of fracture delayed healing, joint dysfunction, hemiplegia, paraplegia, traumatic brain injury and brain tumor operation sequela, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis (aseptic fibrositis) and pathological changes of the cervical arm and leg pain disease and other diseases, summarize the new
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The first Li Peigang medical treatment of the first chapter of Li Peigang medical treatment to form the second chapter Li Peigang medical treatment in medical contribution in Chapter third, Li Peigang medical treatment of the new treatment methods of the first section of the Li Peigang new medical treatment techniques of second new techniques of the therapeutic effect of fourth chapter Li Peigang medical treatment of the motion mechanism of the first section of the Li Peigang the idea of sports medicine second day static and moving time section third passive movement and active movement method in section fourth of the scientific movement and motionless cons second hemiplegia sequelae of traumatic brain injury, introduction to the first chapter, hemiplegia sequelae of traumatic brain injury causes the second chapter Li Peigang medical therapy in the treatment of hemiplegia, sequelae of traumatic brain injury in third Li Peigang medical a new therapy for the treatment of hemiplegia sequelae of traumatic brain injury, the first chapter of human anatomy section of human skeletal anatomy section second body ligament and joint anatomy section third human muscle anatomy of fourth day human blood circulation fifth human neural anatomy of second chapter rear new manipulations in the treatment of the first section posterior cervical new manipulations in the treatment of second day back The new technique treatment waist third back of lower limbs new manipulations in the treatment of the third chapter in front of new techniques for the first section of anterolateral cervical new techniques new manipulations in the treatment of second upper anterior new manipulations in the treatment of third day of chest and abdomen for fourth day lower front new manipulations in the treatment of the fourth chapter, the brain trauma sequela hemiplegia scientific and effective training methods the first section of the Li Peigang medical effective exercise methods second ideas that exercises section third exercise fourth passive active exercise method of Li Peigang memorabilia write on the back of the words
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In view of the influence of fractureAnd the fracture and soft tissue repair many adverse factors, according to the different types, different operation treatment, and take out stitches after fracture stability, in clinical on can choose different methods of treatment, strength. After treatment, according to the stability of fracture of the proper exercise, can play a relieve swelling and pain, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, stripping adhesion, softening blood edema machine caused by tubercle and scar tissue contracture, prevent blood and tissue adhesion, expanding the organization gap, lift the fractured limb fracture pressure and local blood circulation, improve fracture and The new supersedes the old. local role to ensure supply of nutrition, fracture and damage of the tissue, promote the fracture healing and soft tissue, shorten the healing period; prevent joint stiffness, the fibrous tissue mutual machine adhesion, atrophy and dysfunction, to create a good environment for the repair of bone healing healing and soft tissue injury. The new therapy and fracture combined with the optimization of operation treatment, can improve the effect of operation treatment technology, reduce the operation trouble, the healing and functional fracture restore reach the acme of perfection, opens new therapeutic methods for fracture sequelae of fracture treatment and prevention. 4 new therapy for the treatment of neck lumbago and scelalgia innovation and breakthrough of neck lumbocrural pain is a common clinical. Although many methods at home and abroad of the treatment of the disease, but still did not achieve effective and satisfactory results. Therefore scholars at home and abroad to set up a "pain specialist" research institutions, but has not yet developed treatment methods and effective treatment methods, make the neck, arm, waist, leg pain patients often disappointed, resulting in "patients with the cervical arm and leg pain, the doctor headache" argument. Neck and arm pain disease although is not what a serious illness, do not kill, but will bring many adverse effects to the body, if things go on like this will on the overall function caused varying degrees of damage, and cause other organ dysfunction and pain occurs, thus health indirect damage to human body, become influence people's health and arch-criminal killer. Through the observation and treatment of neck, arm, waist, I found, leg disease not only occurs in older people, but also extended to the preschool children and adolescents. Therefore, to the neck, arm, waist, leg pain disease not according to the age, to attack on disease. In the clinical practice on the basis of the above, to change the old traditional ideas, wrong ideas at the same time, especially for the cervical vertebra disease, senile bone hyperplasia and spinal stenosis is analyzed in detail and the re positioning, through clinical research for many years, I summarized: degenerative bone hyperplasia and spinal stenosis not a pathological changes, it is not a disease. It is a normal phenomenon in human skeletal biochemical, growth, mature, senescence, physiological deterioration process, a kind of natural law is any external forces can not stop. Pain, numbness and other nerve compression symptoms and joint dysfunction and bone hyperplasia, lumbar spinal stenosis and no relationship. Therefore the normal physiological degeneration diagnosed disease is wrong, multi treatment to their more prove futile. Not only is invalid, but the damage of other organs of human body;
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