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Illustration: "headache" experience almost everyone has, in the fierce competition of the modern society, troublesome things or come unexpectedly pressure often trigger headaches. Why would a headache in simple terms, occur in the head pain, can be called a headache. The cause of the pain, may be any part of the body, from but actually, because there is no transfer of brainDistribution of nerve pain, itself does not cause pain, we will feel headache, is the main structure, blood vessels, bones, brain meninges or other non parenchymal tissue full of head and neck pain nerve is stimulated, the flood, the sensory nerve to the brain caused by communication. There is also a variety of classification of headache pain is pain, dull pain, ache beating heart throbbing pain, or sour, with continuous or intermittent way, pain time may last from a few seconds to a few days. Unilateral headache may occur in the head, may also have pain on both sides. In addition, various pain symptoms may perform alone, may also appear at the same time. Regardless of the manner in which a headache, which represents the normal function of the human body is disturbed, although most headache is not fatal, but also causes severe illness, but it could still be a healthy red light warning, should not embrace the wait, regardless of its neglect of. People with chronic headache, in particular should be treated actively, otherwise, in addition to pain, long-term mental stress, the more it will cause excessive burden on the body and the mind.

On the basis of scientists and neurologists efforts, headache medicine booming, many a headache is one by one opened the mysterious veil. But there are still many patients by headaches, find doctors, folk prescription and spread the wealth around them, but still a headache. So how to let a headache patients receive appropriate care, to relieve their pain, let them return to society, enjoy working with the joy of life, is always a headache medicine goal. Spreading medical knowledge is very important, and spread the correct medical knowledge is more important, because health is priceless. Any medical knowledge need to pass strict inspection and scientific, because the slightest mistake, some without medical behavior that may hurt the innocent. Especially the headaches such common diseases. Hope this stick, can let most headache patients benefit.
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The first known 001 headache headache is a disease of 002 what is headache testing table 003 headache: what kinds of 004 tension type headache has what symptom 005 cluster headache has what symptom 006 trigeminal neuralgia has what symptom 007 migraine symptoms what are 008 what omen migraine migraine 009 you will be genetic 010 what is chronic daily have a headache 011 when to medical treatment of headache in 012 what disease the most terrible headache headache caused by brain tumor and 013 what is the relationship between the 014 Department of internal medicine disease will also cause the headache 015 "ice cream headache" what are the effects of 016 what is the relationship between sleep and headache 017 headache can cause stroke 018 dizziness and headache what is the relationship between the 019 women are more likely to stop it 020 headaches in the elderly should pay attention to what the 021 children with headache should pay attention to what the 022 headache what needs to be done to check 023 headache should see a section 024 when to migraine preventative 025 painkillers have what currency in class 026 how to correctly take painkillers 027 Botox can improve headache second life to 028 how to record their headache log 029 in the life of migraine prophylaxis to prevent tension type headache 0 030 The 31 cluster headache prevention and mitigation 032 hangover headache is how to improve the 033 eyes headache how to improve 034 how Sui solution stuffy nose headache 035 how to improve depression headache 036 stress management can prevent headaches 037 improve posture can prevent tension type headache 038 travel how to prevent migraine in 039 cold compress can improve headache 040 physiological period how Sui solution headache 041 aromatic therapy can improve the headache 042 positive attitude towards chronic headache impact 043 pillows also causes the pain 044 folk therapy on headache effectively do third diet 045 drink plenty of "good" water can relieve headaches 046 wrong eating often leads to pressure type headache 047 what to eat to you can pre 8 party pressure type headache in 048 Vegetable & Fruit and vinegar can be pre 8 party pressure type headache 049 preventing menstrual headache what should notice 050 improve menstrual headache what to eat 051 nuts can prevent menstrual headache 052 lavender, rosemary can relieve headaches 053 eat what can improve insomnia headache 054 eat what can improve the wind cold headache migraine mistake eat 055 056 prevent migraine diet 057 prevent menopausal headache what to eat 058 people need to often headache The nutrients of 059 buckwheat can relieve headaches 060 often eat brown rice to improve the headache 061 oats also relieve headaches function 062 what fruit can improve the symptoms of headache 063 relieve headaches vegetables in which 064 Mosla pedicle can cure liver headache caused by 065 how to alleviate fatigue headache 066 curry on headache also has the effect of slowing down the 067 why eating less salt can alleviate headache 068 irregular diet will also have a headache 069 find cause headache food 070 headache absolutely can not eat cold food 071 headache drinks effectively do 072 to supplement vitamin C and vitamin E073 headache patients can supplement the Rhodiola 074 added lecithin will improve headache 075 headache how to add vitamin vitamin B076 headache must eat health food fourth articles to Article 077 of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese medicine for treatment of headache effective 078 Chinese medicine for headache syndromes differentiation method 079 relieve headaches local massage 080 to 081 Chinese conditioning headache headache acupoint which 082 headache relief points are what the 083 ear can improve the symptoms of headache 084 commonly used prescription treatment of headache 085 can improve the wind cold headache medicine 086 can improve insomnia headache medicine 087 can improve menstrual Headache medicine 088 can improve menopausal headache medicine herbs 089 can improve the pressure headache 090 improve nursed back to health medicated pressure headache headache for 091 which Health-Enhancing Herbal Tea 092 take Chrysanthemum Tea can relieve headaches 093 moxibustion on headaches 094 Qigong therapy can improve the headache 095 foot massage can improve the symptoms of headache of fifth regimens of exercise article 096 the movement to improve the symptoms of headache principle 097 can improve the headache of Gymnastics (a) 098 can improve the headache Gymnastics (two) 099 can improve the headache Gymnastics (three) 100 can improve the headache (four) @##@ Gymnastics The modern people life stress, diet and extreme imbalance, "less meat Vegetable & Fruit" dietary patterns, often lead to many chronic diseases. But in addition to chronic disease to come quietly, some headaches may also be caused by the wrong diet. So when you a headache, a proper diet and avoid causing headaches for food, can make the symptoms of headache slow, "headache to 100 strokes" will guide you how to correctly choose the food in the headache, avoid symptoms.
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"100 strokes" headache: headache to practical life to the book. Have a headache what harm is there? How to prevent headaches in life? What food to improve the headache is the most effective? In daily life, learn to relieve stress headaches!
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