Self control of chronic gastritis

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In the work of the hospital outpatient service, room, reception of most of the patients with digestive system diseases, and digestive system diseases in chronic gastritis was the most. With the development of society, the law of life and people's diet structure is constantly changing, the prevalence rate of chronic gastritis is also rising. Therefore, education the masses how to prevent chronic gastritis, obligation and responsibility of medical workers. Since the beginning of the book and published in 2004, has been reprinted several times, a circulation of more than 4 books. "Chronic gastritis self control" second edition, in addition to retain the original book style, and add some content, it has the following characteristics: ① explain profound theories in simple language, easy to understand, more practical. The book uses the common people can understand the language, use less medical terminology, "the reader to read it, understand the use, with the effective". The increase of the stomach some new knowledge, new therapies, new drugs, as well as new inspection technology, fully reflects the new progress in the treatment of chronic gastritis, as has been the main cause of chronic gastritis and Helicobacter pylori infection, given in detail in the book. The emphasis on prevention, promote healthy lifestyles and scientific diet culture. Prompt people to manage their mouth, keep healthy stomach. Diet is an important adjunctive therapy for chronic gastritis, therefore in the book with more space is introduced for chronic gastritis diet and tea, for the selection. Sincerely hope that this book will bridge health bridge between doctors and patients. Due to the limitation of the author, the book deficiencies, hope wide readership and colleagues generous with your criticism, in order to facilitate the correction.

The book has been published since, welcomed by readers, has repeatedly printing. This revision, maintain its user-friendly, scientific and practical characteristics, on the basis of the first version added new knowledge about chronic gastritis prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the new technology, new drugs, as well as the new diet. The revised version is more suitable for the patients with chronic gastritis and grassroots medical staff to read.
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A basic knowledge of the stomach, 1 in what part of the body? 2 adjacent to the stomach and which organs? 3 normal gastric shape of the same? 4 stomach is divided into several parts? What is the relation between the 5 wall structure and lesion? 6, lower digestive tract is how to distinguish? What are the clinical implications? What is the 7 cardiac and pyloric function? What are the main physiological functions of 8 stomach? What are the 9 gastric glands? 10 what is the gastrointestinal hormone? Gastric secretion which gastrointestinal hormone? 11 what is the physiological function of gastrointestinal hormones? 12 what is the gastrin? It has what effect on gastrointestinal? 13 stomach by what nerve? 14 what is the intramural plexus? 15 stomach to digest the food? 16 gastric absorption function? 17 stomach is how movement in digesting food? How the stomach movement in 18 fasting? 19 gastric emptying by which factors? What is the role of the various components of 20 gastric juice? The 21 is to digest food gastric juice secretion? 22 Chinese medicine "and" western medicine "and what are the differences and similarities between spleen and stomach"? 23 what is the gastric mucosal barrier? What are the factors involved in the barrier action of gastric mucosa in 24? 25 what is the cell protective effects on gastric mucosa? What are the causes of the increased gastric acid secretion in 26? Syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine two, clinical manifestations and prevention and Western medicine diagnosis, treatment of three chronic gastritis, four chronic gastritis in five, chronic gastritis diet nursed back to health
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Children gastritis causes are many, mainly has the following several. (1) drink too much cold drink a lot of cold drink can make the stomach by the stimulation of both cold and chemical substances, cause the change of gastric mucosal hyperemia, swelling and erosion of Pathology, easily lead to the occurrence of acute, chronic gastritis. (2) the biggest characteristic food preference children eclipse is met to eat food binge eating, and see don't like food do not move chopsticks, which not only easily lead to malnutrition, will cause the gastric motility and secretion disorders, especially overeating cause gastric dilatation, gastric blood vessel oppression, caused by ischemia and hypoxia, and gastric mucosal injury induced by acute gastritis, good hair. (3) the raw food to eat something, especially if the parents do not pay attention to the fruit and vegetable cleaning, bacteria, virus and other pathogenic microorganisms will be its surface adhesion is together to eat, so can produce acute gastroenteritis caused by the large number of ingested bacteria or virus. In addition, but also because of Helicobacter pylori was to swallow a human growth and reproduction of gastric mucosa caused by chronic damage, resulting in chronic gastritis. (4) passive smoking in children passive smoking, inhaling the smoke can make gastric vasoconstriction, reducing blood flow of gastric mucosa, reduce resistance. Investigation shows, grow up smoking environment of children in the home, the high prevalence of chronic gastropathy. (5) effects of drugs used some drugs that stimulate the gastric mucosa, such as the treatment of cold antipyretic analgesics and antibiotics, hormones, very easy to damage the gastric mucosa. (6) bile reflux gastrointestinal motility dysfunction, bile reflux, gastric, gastric mucosal damage.
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