The diagnosis and treatment of hypertension treatment.

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Zhang Chunfei, graduated from Second Military Medical University, majoring in clinical medicine, Chinese people's Liberation Army Deputy Director of the General Political Department of the hospital department of internal medicine, years of work in the first-line, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and other common diseases in Department of internal medicine has deep research, accumulated rich experience. Has published many papers in the national medical journals, book "to have a" diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, diabetes and nursed back to health @##@ " Calcium antagonists is a member of a large family, like the rain under the same umbrella under the person, gender, age, race, the character of each are not identical. The longest, the most common is the nifedipine (nifedipine), it is the first generation of calcium antagonists. Blood pressure after taking nifedipine decreased quickly, but due to the rapid expansion of blood vessels, patients often feel a headache, rapid heartbeat, flushing, not easy to adhere to treatment. In addition, nifedipine effect of short duration, generally every day take 3 times, and two times between blood pressure medication may rise, it is difficult to do 24 hours of effective blood pressure control. The economic situation in China based on, there is a considerable part of patients need to lower drug prices, but should pay attention to calcium ion antagonist not long-term, large doses of short acting, can add the use of beta blockers to enhance the efficacy, reduce side effects. In order to overcome the first generation calcium antagonist, shortcomings, and the development of the second generation of drugs, including the release of short acting calcium antagonists and controlled release dosage forms, the short acting drugs to the past is not ideal enough to put on a special coat, prolong the duration of action, side effect is reduced to. But the gastrointestinal function of patients may influence the efficacy of drugs, so this kind of medicine can't broke taking. Amlodipine (Norvasc) is a representative drug of the third generation of calcium ion antagonist, is currently the only molecule itself long-acting calcium antagonist. It has a half-life of 35 ~ 50 hours, so it does not require the use of slow-release or controlled-release dosage forms, can be taken once daily, 24 hours of steady control of blood pressure, and its efficacy is not affected the function of gastrointestinal tract and food patients, can also be taken together with the vast majority of drugs, but also broke taking. In addition, due to its role over a long period of time, the patient occasionally miss a dose not cause elevated blood pressure. It is worth mentioning that, calcium and calcium ion antagonist drugs daily we use no contradiction. In fact, the two drugs while the opposite effect, but when used in combination, the role will not cancel each other out, and can promote each other. Calcium is to correct the negative calcium balance, prevent the disturbance of calcium metabolism and bone calcium loss, at the same time to avoid calcium salt deposition in the vascular anomalies, soft tissue, reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis. A calcium ion channel special on the cell membrane, under normal circumstances, the extracellular calcium concentration is far greater than the cellCalcium ion concentration, maintain this concentration gradient depends primarily on the calcium ion channel. Once the cell membrane calcium channel regulation failure, a lot of calcium can enter cells, causing vascular smooth muscle contraction, blood pressure will rise, even can cause angina, myocardial infarction. Calcium antagonists can through antagonism of calcium ions through the membrane into the cell, thereby reducing the constriction of the blood vessels. Proper and correct use of calcium antagonists can close the calcium channel in time, non normal calcium influx blockade. Clinical use of calcium antagonists, such as nifedipine, amlodipine, Raschig equality is the drug of choice in the treatment of hypertension. Thus, calcium and calcium ion antagonist can play a role in cardiovascular protection, the prevention and treatment of hypertension, the two are the same service is not a contradiction.
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"One pass" hypertension treatment and nursed back to health life security, tell you the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and nursed back to health professional, people over the age of 35, 25000000 people with hypertension and hyperlipidemia and. A book in hand, healthy and carefree, professional diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and nursing methods of Capital Medical University, director of the Institute of cardiovascular disease chief physician, Professor, doctoral tutor Yang Xinchun escort for your health
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The first chapter preface preface hypertension basis. The blood pressure and the concept and classification of two. What is the arterial blood pressure, measured how numerical representation? Three. What is high and low? Four. The normal arterial blood pressure fluctuation five. Influence of fluctuation of blood pressure by a factor of six. What is the 24 hour blood pressure rhythm? Seven. What kind of blood pressure rhythm is the most dangerous one? Eight. What is the hypertension? Nine. The hypertension of the "three high" and "three low ten. What is the essential hypertension? Eleven. What is the primary hypertension? Twelve. What is the secondary hypertension? Thirteen. High blood pressure and hypertension is one thing? Fourteen. How to measure blood pressure? Fifteen. Hypertension type sixteen. The pathogenesis of hypertension seventeen. TCM Mechanism of hypertension eighteen. Pathophysiological hypertensive disease nineteen. Parents have hypertension, children will also have hypertension? Twenty. Hypertension and occupation environment relations twenty-one. Relationship between disease and age hypertension twenty-two. Clinical manifestations of hypertension. Hypertension complications: Twenty-three cerebrovascular accident, renal artery and uremia, hypertensive heart disease, coronary heart disease twenty-four. Hypertension risk stratification of hypertension control rate is low twenty-five. Why? Twenty-six special types of hypertension. Twenty-seven. Chronic hypertension and accelerated hypertension twenty-eight. What is the hypertensive? Twenty-nine. What is the crisis of hypertension? How to save? The second chapter of Western medicine therapy for hypertension. Hypertension treatment to two. The treatment principle of hypertension three. It was found that high blood pressure also what needs to be done to check? Four. The critical hypertension whether to need treatment? Five. No symptoms of hypertension need antihypertensive therapy? Six. What are the commonly used antihypertensive drug treatment? Seven. Diuretic antihypertensive drug characteristics of eight.B receptor blocker antihypertensive drug class features nine. Calcium channel blockers hypotensor features ten. What is the angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor class of antihypertensive drugs? What are the characteristics? Eleven. What is the angiotensin II receptor antagonists? What are the characteristics? Twelve. Alpha blocker features thirteen. Talk about indapamide and the No. 0 and fourteen. The hypertension treatment need immediate medication? Fifteen. Treatment of hypertension combined medication? Sixteen. The hypertension drug combination with several is appropriate? Seventeen. What are the combination of hypertension common? The eighteen drugs in the treatment of hypertension. Five principle nineteen. What are the short acting, in effect, long-term hypertension drugs? Twenty. Sustained release and controlled release agent of difference? Twenty-one. Winter and summer have different antihypertensive medication? Twenty-two. What time hypertension medication is best? Hypertension drugs should be taken before meals or after meals? Twenty-three. Take the medicine also need to monitor blood pressure? Blood pressure to normal also need to take medicine? Twenty-four. High blood pressure quick buck, right? Twenty-five. High blood pressure drugs to how to do? Twenty-six. Hypertension complicated with other disease (coronary heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and drug treatment of twenty-seven). In treatment of senile hypertension need to pay attention to what? Twenty-eight patients with hypertension. Find out what needs to go to the hospital? Twenty-nine. Pregnancy induced hypertension. Hypertension nursing of thirty three grade prevention of thirty-one patients with hypertension. Please keep away from these drugs thirty-two. Wary of antihypertensive drugs of TCM treatment of adverse reactions of the third chapter of hypertension. TCM treatment of hypertension. Hypertension two TCM Syndrome Differentiation Typing and treatment three. Niuhuang Jiangya capsule four. Compound Kendir Leaves Tablets five. Duzhong Jiangya tablets of Zhenjujiangya tablets six. Seven. Diao antihypertensive tablets eight. Naoliqing pills. Qingnaojiangya Pian ten. Yufengningxin tablets eleven. Yangxueqingnao Granule twelve. Tianmagouteng granules. What are the thirteen herbs commonly used antihypertensive? Fourteen. High blood pressure can be cured by traditional Chinese medicine? Fifteen. Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of toxic and side effects of sixteen hypertension. Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of hypertension is "pure Chinese medicine"? Seventeen. The treatment of hypertension of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine can be used at the same time? Eighteen. The hypertension of external therapy of traditional Chinese medicine nineteen. Hypertension self massage treatment twenty. Body acupuncture therapy for hypertension twenty-one. Electro acupuncture therapy of hypertension. Hypertension twenty-two moxibustion therapy twenty-three. Chinese medicine cupping therapy twenty-four of hypertension. Hypertension scraping therapy twenty-five. Hypertension auricular plaster therapy twenty-six. Pricking blood therapy of hypertension twenty-seven scalp acupuncture. Hypertension (Party's scalp acupuncture therapy system) twenty-eight. Hypertension cutting therapy in twenty-nine. Hypertension acupoint catgut embedding therapy thirty. Acupoint hypertension therapy thirty-one. Magnetic acupoint therapy for hypertension thirty-two. Pillow therapy of hypertension thirty-three. TCM therapy for hypertension thirty-four. Traditional Chinese medicinal bath therapy of hypertension. Hypertension thirty-five Qigong therapy thirty-six. Chinese medicated diet therapy of hypertension. Hypertension thirty-seven medicated spectrum (liver yang hyperactivity type) thirty-eight. Hypertension diet spectrum (inverse wind phlegm) thirty-nine. Hypertension diet spectrum (Qi deficiency and dampness type) forty. Hypertension diet spectrum (kidney yin deficiency type hypertension diet (forty-one). The spectrum of liver kidney yin deficiency type) Forty-two. Blood pressure medicine spectrum (virtual two Yin and Yang medicated) forty-three. Hypertension diet spectrum (yang deficiency diet) forty-four. High blood pressure medicine tea therapy fourth chapter hypertension natural therapy. Sleep disorders affect the hypertension? Two. Insomnia what harm? Three. Insomnia have what symptom? Four. What drugs can cause insomnia? Five. Sleep how long is normal, what is sleep good standard? Six. Older people sleep seven. Characteristics of hypertension in elderly people how to sleep? Eight. Old people sleep better? Nine. Ten the relationship between insomnia and hypertension. Hypertension patients how to sleep? Eleven. Patients with hypertension to improve sleep? Twelve. Elements of influencing the quality of sleep in patients with hypertension and thirteen. 10 methods of expert proposed hypertension patients do not eat sleeping pill to self Overcoming Insomnia fourteen. What food can help sleep? Fifteen. The porridge therapy hypertension insomnia sixteen. Several hypertension, insomnia nutrition recipe seventeen. What food can cause insomnia? Eighteen. The hypertension patients how to take sleeping pills? Nineteen.Not suitable for taking sleeping pills. The crowd of twenty. What time to take sleeping pills? Twenty-one patients with essential hypertension. Exercise not less twenty-two. What is aerobic exercise, what is anaerobic exercise, what's the difference? Twenty-three. Why exercise can buck? Twenty-four patients with hypertension. What sports do for? Twenty-five. Patients with hypertension how to master their exercise intensity? Twenty-six. Exercise program in patients with hypertension. The matters needing attention twenty-seven exercise hypertension patients? Twenty-eight. The circumstances under which the hypertension patients not suitable for sports? Twenty-nine. To people vary due to illness thirty hypertension patients. Patients with hypertension "dangerous action" thirty-one. China diet should pay attention to what? Thirty-two. How to adjust the diet of patients with hypertension? Thirty-three. Hypertensive patients to use the food thirty-four. Hypertension patients bogey (less) with food on table thirty-five. Thirty-six. Ten kinds of fruit of antihypertensive drugs lowering blood pressure thirty-seven. Son of a buck porridge thirty-eight. Low salt diet plays an important role in treatment of hypertension in patients with hypertension thirty-nine. How to reduce salt intake? Forty. Patients with hypertension "vegetarian health" on? Forty-one. Patients with hypertension can be tonic? Forty-two. What kind of people are obese, how to determine obesity? Forty-three. The influence of body weight on blood pressure in forty-four. The hypertension in obese patients how to weight control? Forty-five. The basic principles of healthy weight loss forty-six. Delicious thin porridge let you easily lose forty-seven. Low energy diet nutrition recipe forty-eight. Nine hypertensive patients a healthy weight loss diet principle forty-nine. Why the best therapy for prevention and treatment of obesity is exercise, how to exercise to lose weight? Fifty. How to establish a healthy weight loss diet? Fifty-one. "In order to lose weight do not eat the staple food" on? Fifty-two. "Three meals a day, eat one or two meals a day, you can lose weight" on? Fifty-three. The effect of smoking on blood pressure in Fifty-four patients with hypertension. Can you drink? Fifty-five. The mental health standard fifty-six. The elderly mental will occur and what changes? Fifty-seven. What are the common psychological problems of the elderly? Fifty-eight. Let the old people from three mental disease fifty-nine patients with hypertension. How to keep psychological balance? Sixty. Sixty-one common psychological problems of patients with hypertension. Hypertension patients to be alert to depression in sixty-two. The commonly used method of treatment of depression in patients with hypertension sixty-three. Guard against drug-induced depression sixty-four. Resistant to diet element sixty-five. Suitable for depression in patients with depression, recipes @## @ According to WHO survey data shows that, cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of human death, accounting for about 29.2% of total deaths, and the major factors leading to cardiovascular disease is hypertension, high cholesterol and high blood sugar. Therefore, a lot of people talk about the mere mention of "three high", not only have to bear the pain of the body, but also brings enormous psychological pressure for themselves and their families. The danger of hypertension, hyperlipemia and hyperglycemia three symptoms, the author of this book from the actual demand of readers, explain profound theories in simple language describes the "three high" causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine method, daily therapeutic and preventive care and other contents. The purpose is to let readers know in diagnosis and treatment of "three high" in mind, do "nip in the bud". The systematic, pertinence, practicability and maneuverability characteristics, not only for all "three high" patient and family reading, and the majority of middle-aged and older healthy crowd, in the early prevention of "three high" also has the guidance and help of very practical.
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