Health of the patients with hyperlipidemia

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Introduction what is a "degree", more than the "degree", good things will become bad, fat is no exception. Lipid is one of the basic components, the omnipresent, the importance of self-evident -- you can't do without it; but the body especially the lipid content in the blood is too high, will also bring many adverse effects. With the improvement of living standards, people's daily intake of too many "nutrition", blood lipid of modern people are increasingly high, high blood lipid occur increasingly younger age. Hyperlipidemia is a very troublesome disease, because it really is "Disease enters by the mouth.", "days and months multiplying", related to eating habits, life, whether exercise, drinking and smoking. Because the drug can only play the role of adjuvant therapy, so those who aspire to reduce blood lipids, must get rid of bad habits, long-term adherence to the scientific way of life, only this is a test of the will. But it is too wide, the effect of elevated blood lipids harm is too serious, if not the letter, please see the article "related disorders". Of course, everything is "to gradually", complications and the harm is not immediate, have a look those lying in bed, should be vigilant! In order to himself, in order to responsible for the life -- you shall increase prevention and alert lipids. At the time of writing the book, meet how to use common language to professional knowledge was as clear as noonday problem. After several efforts, I gave up this approach, the reason is very simple -- just as if you want to know how a country, a country tourism, better learn the language, in order to let patient friend in-depth understanding of hyperlipidemia, or by a professional way, and in the structure also try use professional habits. But for ordinary questions, or list, which supplements. Can say, this book between professional and popular science, I believe this book can provide useful information for you. This book is dedicated to hyperlipidemia friends self management! In 2008 October @##@ editor In the first chapter related basic knowledge about hyperlipidemia several facts first day of hyperlipidemia, incidence rate according to the "2007 sources of Chinese pharmacist clinical pharmacy seminar", according to the epidemiological study of the development of many related lipid was confirmed in our country, the incidence of hyperlipidemia in a conservative estimate is 7% ~ 8%, the actual the incidence rate is up to 10%, over 100000000 of the population needs to receive lipid-lowering therapy. Two main harm, the harm of hyperlipidemia is leading to atherosclerosis related diseases, which led to many, one of the most common fatal disease is coronary heart disease. Severe chylomicronemia can cause acute pancreatitis, is a fatal disease. Damage of hyperlipidemia on the body is concealed, gradually, and systemic. It is the direct damage to accelerate systemic atherosclerosis, because the most important organs of the body must rely on the arterial blood supply, oxygen, once the artery is atherosclerosis plaque clogging, will lead to serious consequences. Arteriosclerosis of the renal failure, and high blood fatDisease is closely related to. A lot of research data show, hyperlipidemia is stroke, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, sudden cardiac death and other diseases are independent and important risk factor. In addition, one of the important risk factors of hypertension, hyperlipidemia is the promotion of abnormal glucose tolerance, diabetes. Hyperlipidemia can also cause fatty liver, cirrhosis of the liver, gallstones, pancreatitis, fundus hemorrhage, blindness, peripheral vascular disease, hyperuricemia, claudication. Some primary and familial hypercholesterolemia patients also can appear tendinous, nodular, palm around the plane and orbital xanthoma, arcus juvenilis etc.. 1 hyperlipidemia and hypertension anomaly is closely related to the occurrence and development of hypertension and blood fat. Many hypertensive patients with disorder of lipid metabolism, blood cholesterol and triglyceride of three was significantly higher than in normal people, and the content of high density lipoprotein cholesterol, low. An important risk of hypertension and dyslipidemia are factors of coronary heart disease, both, the incidence of coronary heart disease than a high. There is a close relationship between 2 hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis atherosclerosis is associated with lipid metabolism disorder. In large and middle arteries, the deposition of lipid artery intima formation of porridge, minced lesions and fiber hyperplasia, vascular wall hardens as characteristic. The disease is more common in the elderly and middle-aged people, its importance lies in the heart, cerebral atherosclerosis often results in heart, brain ischemic diseases, such as coronary heart disease, vertebral artery insufficiency, cerebral thrombosis and other diseases, which can have serious consequences. 3 hyperlipemia and cerebral stroke with the increase of age, the body's blood vessels will be like water furring gradually like jam. When a blocked blood vessel 50%, people can not feel, when block 70% may lead to stroke. Dyslipidemia in patients with blood viscosity is higher than normal, so easy to form the thrombus, leading to the occurrence of stroke. Dyslipidemia is a major risk for atherosclerosis and stroke factors, should cause the attention of people. Hyperglycemia can cause atherosclerosis, risk factors and cerebral infarction. Two, control benefit according to WHO statistics, there are about 15000000 people die of cardiovascular disease each year around the world. Cardiovascular disease mortality has been accounted for a variety of diseases mortality of 50%, if early diagnosis, treatment, can reduce the deaths of 6000000 people at least once a year. In patients with blood lipid abnormality present in nearly 100000000 of the 75% patients, no obvious clinical symptoms, with a certain degree of secrecy, but always the incidence may be. Modern research has shown, serum cholesterol decreased by 1%, the risk of coronary heart disease can be decreased by 2%. Therefore, prevention and treatment of dyslipidemia is significant. Such as low density lipoprotein cholesterol decreased more than 30%, compared with less fat, can make coronary happen again lethal or non lethal fell 33%, 29% decline in stroke, cardiovascular mortality decreased 28%, 22% decline in all-cause mortality.......

This book is the main content in the prevention and treatment of hyperlipemia, introduces the basic knowledge of hyperlipidemia, condition monitoring, drug treatment, daily life and hyperlipidemia treatment and prevention of complications. Informative book, easy to understand, is scientific and practical, suitable for grass-roots community health prevention institutions practitioners and hyperlipidemia in patients and their families with reference to reading.
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Article first chapters about the basic knowledge of hyperlipidemia several facts first day of hyperlipemia related fact second hyperlipidemia prevalence in second chapter orders to the diagnosis and classification of first commonly used laboratory second hyperlipemia clinical displays third hyperlipidemia diagnosis and classification of the third chapter FAQ treatment the fourth chapter first principle of treatment of drug treatment of second different types of hyperlipidemia drug selection fifth chapters other therapy the first surgical therapy second plasmapheresis therapy sixth chapter common lipid drug section hydroxymethyl glutaric two acyl coenzyme A (HMG - CoA) reductase inhibitor second cholic acid separated medicine section third benzene Phenoxy Acetic acid type fourth nicotinic drugs fifth unsaturated fatty acids sixth other lipid-lowering drugs chapter seventh medicine section of TCM second unilateral, third day fourth day prescription medicine with hypotensive effect of traditional Chinese medicine fifth day tea, medicated gruel sixth acupuncture, massage eighth chapter FAQ section. General section second misunderstandings lifestyle ninth chapter diet control section nutrients relationship between serum lipids and second day food lipids in third day diet therapy principles of fourth different types of hyperlipidemia diet prevention and treatment measures of fifth different types of hyperlipidemia diet prevention and treatment measures sixth day fat quality section seventh has function of reducing cholesterol the tenth chapter first festival food weight loss obesity and blood lipids. In the second part of chapter eleventh obese judge other life matters first moving section second quit smoking, limit alcohol third day to avoid adverse drug effects of fourth day emotion twelfth chapter FAQ section knowledge section second misunderstandings related disorders thirteenth chapter the harm of hyperlipidemia the fourteenth chapter first quarter second quarter conditions associated with coronary heart disease hypertension third cerebral vascular disease in fourth day diabetic fifth nephrotic syndrome in sixth day of fatty liver in fifteenth chapter FAQ section of common sense errors appendix section second commonly used terms
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This book is dedicated to hyperlipidemia friends self management! "Health" of the patients with hyperlipidemia hyperlipidemia introduced the related knowledge, including basic knowledge of hyperlipidemia, condition monitoring, drug treatment, daily life and hyperlipidemia complications. Believe that the book value, it can provide information, than an expert outpatient service of the provision of more, although as long as you pay less than an expert fees. What things have a "degree", more than the "degree", good things will become bad, fat is no exception. Too widely, the effect of elevated blood lipids harm is too serious, if not the letter, please see the article "related disorders". Of course, everything is "to gradually", complications and hazards are not happen immediately, but please have a look at those fragmented sick person, please alert! For yourself, take responsibility for your life -- if your high blood lipids. This book is dedicated to hyperlipidemia friends self management!
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