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Illness is each of us lives the inevitable, and even can be said to be born, we start from the moment, this life is always in the struggle with the disease. The body is like a precision machine, constantly bumps in daily life, wear, damage, subjected to various anthropogenic or natural loss, and disease will appear constantly. In the increasingly rapid pace of life today, people travel daily to the workplace and home, the body machine does not stop accelerating rotation, the resulting disease is also more and more: cold, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases...... Many of the diseases associated with physical machine operation. All we can do is keep careful maintenance, repair the body frame machine, minimizing the disease on the machine wear and damage, so as to maintain the normal operation of. But not everyone is able to properly maintain the body of this machine, and not every time, we can accurately find the defect in the machine, and is fast and effective to repair it, restore normal operation. What is worse, you don't even understand these factors affecting your body machine work, you do not know when it will find you, also don't know why it will find you, but do not know how to put it away. Maybe some people will say, I understand the disease, cold is a cold, a sore throat is lit, ill just such a thing. Then we come together as oneTest, the ten with the disease is, what do you think is right, what is wrong? "Breakfast is very important, you must eat well." "Cold it to cover over khan." "Diabetes is the sugar to eat more, so the diabetic patients can not eat sweets." "There's something wrong with the will to take medicine kidney tonifying kidney." "Isn't good old people have, calcium on the line." "Liver disease is infectious disease, got in segregation." "Hypertension elderly people, young people, never mind." "The most health sanitary pad, a woman to use." "Diarrhea is a laxative, Xie Li Ting can help you." "A tumor, is going to die." In fact, these assumptions are wrong. Yes, a disease that these we usually hear is wrong. A cold is not the small trouble, his sweat and not necessarily be able to treat a cold; the relationship between the onset of diabetes with sugar is not your imagination of so close; and our kidneys, and rendering unlike in advertising, always need to fill...... Now you Is it right? Think you did not like his imagination to understand the disease? In fact, this make our body machine problems "things" and not as "be the same outside and inside" of your imagination, it has puzzled and deception, to for a long time, it has been the existence of many misunderstandings. The above is only for the most simple misunderstanding of common diseases, meet the eye everywhere misunderstanding and so on, it is because of these errors, which leads to we can not an antidote against the disease, the body will be the machine to resume normal. So, what is true, what is false, what is right, what is wrong? Cold should cover the sweat? In diabetics, what can eat sweets? Common disease in the end Is it right? You have in mind? In this book, we will give you one one analysis, discard the false and retain the true, grilled to common diseases "camouflage", all the mistakes you know stand in the sun, to tell you, how to correct and effective prevention and treatment of diseases.

Neurasthenia is excessive use of the brain? Diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar? Hepatitis will be contagious? Bone and joint disease is the disease?...... Everyone thinks they know is correct, but often these be opinionated harm our suffering. This book from the professional point of view the cobwebs, discard the false and retain the true will catch all in one draft, living habits and understanding mistakes, will you know mistake - depth analysis, and put forward the effective method to deal with the right of common diseases. Let ignorance get away from us, the truth is we're close to a point; let it get away from us, health is nearer to us a little!
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The first chapter you don't know about the disease. From the first defecation caused death about the correct understanding of the most important why people get sick / sometimes sick is not a bad thing / no health ailments careful disease from the mouth disease diet mistakes / sick after eating taboos don't make wrong habits hurt you life the living zone / daily motion errors beware of folk prescription does not cure anti harm recipe misunderstanding / how to correctly use folk prescription drugs that not disease except you don't understand the common disease in patients with diabetes, blood sugar dropped as low as possible, the lower the better / stroke will be "Chong Vessel" / sweat cold / hands or feet numbness is stroke / kidney to kidney second chapter not underestimate the cold cold -- the most familiar stranger why you will catch a cold common cold and influenza / cold medicine classification / cold susceptible to cold out cold prevention / cold and its similar symptom diagnosis / treatment of influenza / cold diet third chapter insomnia caused by neurasthenia problems -- hide In the insomnia the truth behind your nerves health who is likely to neurasthenia / why neurasthenia / you have what kind of neurasthenia, let your nerves are no longer weak how to prevent neurasthenia, neurasthenia treatment in Chapter fourth, the most common chronic disease in type two two diabetes and "sugar" cannot draw equal sign of diabetes who may the diabetic classification and pathogenesis of diabetes and diabetes self diagnosis to prevent diabetic psychological prevention / diabetes diet control / diabetes exercise prevention / diabetes medication fifth chapter Killer Elite two cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, you really understand the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases you start understanding of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases the main inducement / common cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease classification and symptoms of how to get rid of "killer" -- cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and liver diseases are not the sixth chapter "fiercer than tigers" you don't know about liver disease re understanding of the etiology of liver disease and liver disease of traditional Chinese medicine on liver disease description / Liver disease classification / liver disease susceptible population and diagnosis of liver disease prevention and treatment of liver disease prevention and treatment of liver diseases in seventh children you don't know about kidney disease everyone may have kidney disease why have kidney disease kidney disease etiology and predisposing factors of traditional Chinese medicine on renal diseases / explain / kidney disease classification to protect your kidney disease pre / kidney disease treatment of eighth chapter "second" of the brain disease two gastrointestinal disease the most easily overlooked "second big brain" "second brain" the passions of gastrointestinal disease etiology / gastrointestinal disease classification / gastrointestinal diseases we self maintenance "the second brain" gastrointestinal disease prevention / gastrointestinal diseases treatment in ninth children female "-- which it would be awkward to disclose" gynecological diseases is not shameful disease of Department of gynaecology disease of Department of gynaecology how to wrap you gynecological disease causes and easy feeling crowd / gynecological disease TCM etiology and disease types and self diagnosis which it would be awkward to disclose, a elimination of prevention of gynecological diseases and gynecological diseases Treatment of bone and joint disease tenth chapters to understand you may also suffer from osteoarthritis who moved your bones and bone and joint disease, osteoarthritis in TCM interpretation / classification of bone and joint disease and symptoms of health began to bone prevention / osteoarthritis disease treatment in the eleventh chapter, bones, > not terminally ill cancer if you broke into the tumor misunderstanding what happened tumor etiology of benign tumors and malignant tumor / cancer tumors from the hands and health prevention of tumor / cancer treatment
Chapter excerpt

The first chapter of cause you don't know about the thing of disease from a defecation death December 20, 2006 morning 9 when, give us countless laughter crosstalk Master Mr. Ma Ji had a myocardial infarction died at home. According to experts, Mr. Ma Ji is sitting on the toilet of the accident, according to Mr. Ma Ji's relatives and friends recall, Mr. Ma Ji was in an old heart disease patient, and constipation history, according to Ma Ji, past medical history and symptom diagnosis died, died because of heart suddenly stopped, but experts believe that Mr. Ma Ji's death because the defecation causes heart attack. Mr. Ma Ji's death is caused by a defecation, for many people, this event seems to be a sudden event, in fact is not sporadic cases, the toilet, sudden death accident occurrence of myocardial infarction is often can not fresh. The elderly because of physiological function decline, increased vascular stiffness, especially those suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, blood pressure regulation function, increased vascular fragility. The squatting or sitting defecation, because the body lower yield, lower extremity vascular serious oppression, especially suffering from constipation and breath hold forced defecation, the organs of the body muscles are forced, abdominal wall muscles and diaphragm muscle contraction, make abdominal pressure increases to a great extent; and abdominal pressure increases, will increase the heart ejection resistance, so that the blood pressure and myocardial oxygen consumption increased, leading to myocardial ischemia, angina pectoris or myocardial ischemia caused by serious arrhythmia caused by sudden death, possibly due to atherosclerotic plaque rupture, thrombus formation cause of myocardial infarction and the threat of life. In addition, cerebrovascular severely diseased people defecate can also lead to higher blood pressure suddenly changes, so it can be induced by stroke and cerebral infarction. Therefore, for hypertension, cannot hold back the toilet, can not be forcibly defecate, this is basic common sense. The doctor also told hypertensive patients should pay attention to maintain smooth stool, preventing constipation. Drink plenty of water, especially in the morning. Drink a cup of boiling water, usually to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Once the constipation, to take more honey, sesame, walnut, if still small, must be under the guidance of a doctor to use "Enema Glycerini" cathartic. Mr. Ma Ji apparently do not do this, constipation, defecate, just is the neglect of some small details, would have lost their lives. According to the family of Mr. Ma Ji recalls, Mr Ma Ji has been suffering from heart disease, also have a certain degree of constipation, but neither he nor his family did not pay attention to constipation, constipation is often considered the elderly. In daily life, if we ignore some small details, or for some diseases and common sense of life have the wrong understanding, the consequences are very serious, may even lose their lives. As this example, constipation is a common and frequently occurring disease, is not a fatal disease; but for hypertensive patients, constipation is a deadly, must not regard as unimportant. If Mr. Ma Ji usually lives more attention, more alert, a correct understanding of and attention to the disease, take appropriate measures, such as death should be avoided. In fact, besides Mr. Ma Ji, because some of the things on negligence or misunderstanding and lead to disease and death there are many examples: in 2004 April 8, Ericsson China area president Yang Mai because of improper exercise on a treadmill, sudden death, at the age of 54; in January 22, 2005, electrical Department of Tsinghua University at the age of 36 Jiao Lianwei 9 dollars the onset is sudden, after hospital invalid death; in April 10th the same year, the famous painter Chen Yifei break down from constant overwork. Died of illness in Shanghai, at the age of 60. The sudden death of these celebrities have a strong warning to us: how good a person suddenly "go"? This had to cause our attention. From a medical perspective, there is no It is without rhyme or reason. sudden death. The so-called "when a person", in fact is early disease in the body, the body health has already appeared the problem. But because the symptoms do not show it, or is shown without cause patient corresponding attention problems, days and months multiplying, one day due to a cause, for example, overwork, emotional, full body and so on, long-term accumulation of finally broke out, may cause serious consequences. So we willFrom the daily life of the erroneous understanding disease prevention and disease focus, details need to pay attention to the prevention and treatment of various common diseases in question for everybody. The most important understanding as the saying goes, "life, It's only human illness", is our each person must experience, whether the disease is greatly is small, regardless of the condition is light is heavy, whether it is a short time is long, who can't avoid getting sick of this thing. However, although we all his life and various diseases to deal with, but not every man really know how to treat the disease. Some people hear you sigh deeply sick, depressed mood; some people feel a little sick needn't put in the mind, so let down, without attention; and all the people be suspicious, always thought that he is suffering from an incurable disease. In fact, it is these mood or attitude affects one's health, how we treat the disease, the disease will correspondingly to treat us. Just as our ancestors said "the disease from the heart, the heart for fu. The heart can be killed, the heart can also help ", the heart is the disease of the fundamental, how to understand the disease correctly, it is the first step to cure. Why do people get sick the disease, is to start from the pain and discomfort and other symptoms. The word "disease" China Oracle, and "appearance", "foot disease" name, its meaning is the site of pain "disease"; the meaning is in the bed, that is to say the patient could not rise, limitation of activity. As you can see, the disease records is an ancient, but since ancient times, people have used "It's only human life," this sentence to describe the disease, visible, the ancients did not take sick as great scourges, but ill considered and eat and sleep as usual. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to their health, many people become on the "disease", seems like a lifetime disease indicates that his body had a big problem, actually this kind of understanding is not correct. So, let us have a look lest we avoid disease is how one thing. Many people think that the reason why people get sick, because their bodies are not strong, physical problems, so Ill start blindly eat tonic tonic fill the body, in fact ill not only the body not strong enough so simple. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the reason why people get sick, one is one's own resistance to decline, that is the deficiency of vital qi; the two is the influence of pathogenic factors, namely the evil excess. "It" is that the human body itself, and the "evil" refers to all the pathogenic factors. Disease is the process of righteousness and evil struggle. The deficiency of vital qi is the premise and basis of human disease, medical works "China Q - fever assessment report thirty-third" has been recorded: "put together by the evil, the gas will be empty." Evil is able to attack the human body and disease, the inevitable because righteousness first virtual. Evil refers to all kinds of pathogenic factors, including six exopathogens, disease, improper diet, impassioned internal injuries, and damage, injury, parasites, insects and animals such as birds injury, sometimes also contains pathological metabolites produced within the organism, such as: phlegm, blood stasis, sushi, humidity etc.. Different categories, the different nature of the pathogen in the human body, can be in different disease, showing characteristics of the disease, different disease types, properties, symptom severity and disease. Good and evil in the struggle of the process, if the positive and negative evil wins will attack. Simply put, illness is its resistance and environmental factors interact to result, therefore, illness is a complex process, it is the human body and the environment can not be compatible and reflect the Chinese tallow tree. Like many people migrated to a new place will The climate does not suit one., thus showing some disorder in the body, such as loss of appetite, mental fatigue, sleep is not good, and even diarrhea and vomiting, palpitation and chest tightness, skin itching, but a return to the old place will fully recover a sample, this is not only because the body is not strong enough, but because between human body and the environment can not live in harmony, resulting in disorder. As can be seen from this example sick is not only causes the patient's own, but also environmental reasons, so, want to prevent or treat the disease must also consider environmental factors, if only just to eat "Shiquandabu pill" sort of tonic supplements, is not enough to prevent disease, the body with the environment, Chinese tallow tree harmony is the most important. Sometimes the illness is not we have introduced disease is due to produce less and the human body and the environment. The front, that is to say, the disease is the human body due to not adapt to the environment and self adjustment result. The majority of people fall ill phenomenon is human performance in the regulation of body waste, clean up the phenomenon, is human body automatically adjust the balance shown in the state. At the same time, the body in the blood deficiency, no extra effort to diagnosis, many patients will be hidden on the surface, people do not get sick. Blood supply, hidden lesions can be diagnosed as body, began to appear, the body will go to therapy. So, the sick is not all bad, sometimes it instead of physical self immune results, is a good thing. For example, we often have a fever. Many factors can cause have a fever, have a fever is the process of human body against pathogens, is the body's immunity in the start, is the people's defense system in the fight and disease. Simply say. Have a fever is the body in the eradication of bacteria, when recovered, natural to disease, fever, calm down. With its similar have diarrhea, but also human to eliminate bacteria, if blindly medication to rudely stop have a fever or body self-healing reaction diarrhea such, will affect the body's immune system. So, the sick is not necessarily a bad thing, it is our body in the fight and bacteria, is a process of human self-healing, which we often find the reason often have little ailments are more able to longevity. Therefore, when people are sick, must not have resentment, anger in the heart.
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"Everything you know is wrong: a common disease": most likely to harm you sick, not bacteria, virus or bad weather, and your ignorance! You believe firmly that, perhaps it is harmful to your health! Please remember: don't let the so-called "common sense" harm you!
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