Psychological diagnostics

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The connotation of psychological diagnosis first chapter first psychological diagnosis research object, a psychological diagnosis (Psychodiagnostik) is a word, is the earliest in the Rorschach (Rorschach, 1921) proposed "psychological diagnosis" in a book. Since the psychological diagnosis has been put forward, psychological diagnosis field has been changing, the connotation of psychological diagnosis has been differences. First proposed this concept is dedicated to the field of psychiatry, then gradually applied in the field of medicine, and finally in psychological counseling and therapy are widely used in the field. On the diagnostic meaning, different opinions of different scholars. Gordonson (R.M.Goldensen) in the "Langman" in the dictionary of psychology and psychiatry that psychological diagnosis is based on symptoms, signs, examination or test as the basis, determine the type of / about obstacles, as well as a disease, a pervert or a series of characteristics of individuals were classified according to the. Stone and Nelson (D.R.Stone&E.C.Nielsen) that the diagnosis is not confined to the defect, but suitable for all learners intrinsic part of effective teaching. Diagnosis is to the needs of students, learning scientific description or classification condition or defect. Corsini (R.J.Corsini) in the "Encyclopedia of psychology" that diagnosis, or to be more exact psychological diagnosis, mainly includes two aspects, on the one hand refers to the state of emotion and behavior of individual and the relevant information for classification process; on the other hand, on the basis of some commonly accepted classification system for people to determine the name of the individual state. Walsh and Betz (1990) think psychological diagnosis is a process to help others cope with all kinds of problems and difficulties, mainly includes four elements of information collection, the understanding of information, integration of information and solve the problem of the intervention program. In the psychological literature in Germany, psychological diagnosis occupies a significant position. Definition of psychological diagnosis is very extensive. Psychological diagnosis is an application and development of measurement tools to science related properties evaluation, situation, even the object. The obtained information must be integrated, forming a comment or suggestion. Ager and Petermann (1992) think psychological diagnosis is systematically collected data, scientific processing to it, in order to provide evidence for the solution and implementation plan, and monitor the implementation process, so that optimum. Based on information processing complex based decision making. In this process, with the various rules, tools and mathematical algorithm and so on, so as to find out the obvious characteristic and make conclusion. As these special symptom carrier, may be individuals, groups, institutions, the objective things.......
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The first chapter is the introduction section psychological diagnostics research object second psychological diagnosis principle and methodology in section third psychological diagnosis and related disciplines. In the fourth part the learning psychological diagnosis significance of the second chapter the history of the development of psychological diagnosis first day psychological diagnosis before the scientific development stage second psychological diagnosis of scientific development stage third Festival psychological diagnosis trends of the third chapter the basic theory of psychological diagnosis first day psychological diagnosis of four components and three level theory of second day experiment period theory and diagnosis cycle theory in section third other psychological diagnosis theory in the fourth chapter of psychological diagnosis first day psychological diagnosis process overview section second psychological diagnosis process chapter fifth mental disorder symptoms the first section of psychological problems, psychological disorders and the edge of the state second common mental disorder symptoms third psychotic disorder and mood disorder symptoms fourth neurotic disorders and reactive mental disorders and personality disorders hysteria section fifth section sixth psychological and physiological disorders in Chapter sixth, the basic method of psychological diagnosis first day of psychological diagnosis Methods second other psychological diagnosis method of the seventh chapter the basic skills of psychological diagnosis first day psychological diagnosis reception and presentation skills second psychological diagnosis of questioning and listening skills in third quarter l data processing techniques in the diagnosis of the eighth chapter etiological diagnosis skills first day the social reason diagnosis second cognitive diagnosis third biological diagnosis ninth qualitatively, quantitatively and difficulty in diagnosis of the first qualitative diagnosis of second quantitative diagnosis of difficult cases in section third psychological diagnosis of mental disorders tenth chapter specific diagnosis first day neurosis specific diagnostic section second psychological and physiological disorder diagnosis third diagnosis of personality disorders in fourth children's mental disorder diagnosis in Chapter eleventh the psychological effects and psychological diagnosis the quality requirements in the first section in the process of acquiring information effect in the second quarter of the information processing time bias in the third quarter of the information output deviation fourth accept information feedback error fifth psychological diagnosis quality requirements @##@ main references. This book introduces the basic nature of psychological diagnosis, a preliminary outline of historical development of psychological diagnosis, systematically the basic theory of psychological diagnosis, discussed the basic process of psychological diagnosis, specific methods and the basic knowledge of psychological diagnosis psychological symptoms described the psychological diagnosis must learn, deeply discusses the basic skills psychological diagnosis, diagnosis of psychological diagnosis tasks from the etiological diagnosis, qualitative and quantitative diagnosis, a variety of common are analyzed in detail, finally discusses the basic quality of the psychological effect in various stages of psychological diagnosis and diagnosis of problems in personnel. These formed the basic framework of psychological diagnosis, appears the comparison system. Pay attention to one, the practice is also characteristic of this book so, specific methods in this book, combining with specific problem introducing psychological diagnosis aspect introduced, the book has a high application value, according to the practice of workers in psychological counseling and therapy.
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