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Date of publication:2005-9   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Tang Wangshu   Pages:103   Words:74000  

People talk about the tumor have some "talk about tumor color", therefore, prevention is more important. The book in question and answer form, popularization, explain profound theories in simple language from the reader's angle elaborated systematically the gynecologic cancer prevention knowledge. To raise awareness of cancer, prevent the increase in cancer and early detection of cancer knowledge, teach them once suffering from cancer and timely correct treatment, rehabilitation treatment in the correct measures etc..
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One, how many gynecological examination gynecological tumor 1 items included 2 women what circumstances should gynecological examination gynecological cancers occur in 3 what parts of 4 gynecological tumor will do the genetic 5 gynecologic tumor can prevent 6 pregnant before they need the gynecological examination gynecological tumor and 7 fertility 8 gynecological benign and malignant tumor what is the difference between 9 found lower abdominal mass common gynecological disease is what 10 pelvic masses must cut it 11 What gynecological diseases can cause the uterus increases 12 found in physical examination of uterine myoma to do 13 hysterectomy affect sexual life 14 girls susceptible to what gynecological tumor 15 how to judge the disease leucorrhea traits 16 why not free clean the vagina 17 how to reduce vulva disease 18 abnormal vaginal bleeding due to what, how to treat, two borderline tumors, precancerous lesions and benign tumor malignant change 1 or 2 borderline tumors, 3 precancerous lesions of benign tumor, malignant change three common gynecological malignant tumor (a) 1.HPV cervical cancer and cervical cancer what is the relationship between what is 2 sex and cervical cancer 3 delivery and cervical cancer has what relation of 4 cervical carcinoma can prevent 5 of cervical cancer have what show 6 how to diagnosis of cervical cancer 7 why cervical biopsies of 8 why do colposcopy in 9 cervical cancer in several type how to stage 10 how to treat cervical squamous cell carcinoma 11 how to treat cervical adenocarcinoma in 12 cervical cancer radiotherapy 13 cervical cancer before radiotherapy should which examination to make 14 advanced cervical cancer and how to improve the curative effect of 15 radiotherapy dose 16 how to determine what are the side effects of radiotherapy of cervical cancer 17 how to estimate the survival of 18 cervical cancer to regularly check (two) 1 what is the cancer of vulva white lesions of the vulva condyloma acuminatum and vulvar cancer 2 what is the relationship between the 3 what genital lesions can be cancerous 4 vulva cancer what common signs and symptoms of vulvar cancer staging treatment of 5 to 6 vulva cancer...... Vaginal carcinoma (three) (four) (five) in endometrial carcinoma and ovarian carcinoma (six) and malignant tumor related @##@ pregnancy Gynecological tumor is a common disease among women, age from infants to the elderly women (our diagnosis and treatment of patients from 1 years old to 92 years old). Gynecological tumors, including benign and malignant tumors, malignant tumors seriously endanger women's health, threat to women's life, in the treatment of malignant tumors, the effect of early treatment with advanced cancer treatment is not the same. Most patients with early tumor effect is good, and the bad effect of late most. And some malignant tumors from benign tumors are malignant. Gynecological tumor is our "medicine" and "patient" common problem ("suffering" is not only the patient himself also includes her relatives) we hope that the majority of women and their families to know more about some of the knowledge, to improve the understanding of the disease, understanding of some related etiology, symptoms, what age would have what problems, if got how to treat the disease and so on, so as to enhance the women's cancer census work. The women I have actively participate in consciousness. We also in gynecologic cancer alert. Through screening can detect precancerous lesions, also found no obvious symptoms of early tumor. Because there is no special early symptoms of gynecological malignant tumor, only presented with abnormal vaginal bleeding, increased vaginal discharge, abdominal mass or "indigestion", belch, abdominal distension discomfort or size changes. These "common" "common" symptoms are often neglected by the patient. Only the early symptoms of gynecological cancer awareness, it will be possible to do early diagnosis and early treatment, so as to get a good therapeutic effect. We therefore about with gynecologic malignant tumor in the book. The book's first half we introduce a common gynecological disease symptoms, common benign tumor and treatment, as well as the problems associated with gynecological malignant tumor. In the patient and family to consult with us most of these problems are many years practice. The second half of the book, we specify the most common gynecologic malignant tumor: cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer. The book writers are engaged in gynecological tumor years of medical personnel. In the work also deeply appreciate the gynecological malignant tumor incidence and mortality are increasing. This disease both society and the family will cause incalculable damage, especially in the medical measures are still very limited today, in the face of some advanced cancer patients, the doctor also very helpless. But if detected early and choose the appropriate treatment, so most of the patients can be treated.
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