Esophageal gastrointestinal cancer

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The object of this book is non professional people, and writers are used to compose the majority of professional scholars, no writing science articles experience, although to popularize, in the form of Q & A, explain profound theories in simple language system from the perspective of readers with questions, and one one to explain, can science still more, interesting enough, similar to popular or easy reading, during which some of the content can be written, especially for more people, each style, style and different, can according to the professional requirements of the book are unified. The book to teach university cancer prevention knowledge, understanding of gastrointestinal cancer occurrence, development, how early detection, with what method to diagnosis, how to choose treatment, suffering from digestive tract in what mood to treat, such as can receive regular and reasonable treatment, disease prevention, disease knowledge to know, to cure disease rehabilitation of cancer patients. The book is divided into general and system or organ classification of the articles, will be published in parts. In short, the preparation of this series of popular science books is different from writing a popular science article or professional books. This book has invited experts in cancer research for many years, the relevant sections were prepared, as far as possible to answer readers need to know the problems, and strive to scientific and practical, easy to understand, so that the majority of readers in particular the patients and relatives benefit from, as they prevent cancers of the digestive tract desk reference books. The author of this book are medical experts.
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1 what is the esophagus, where it is, what is the function of 2 what is what are 3 esophageal carcinoma precancerous lesions of 4 cancer preventing general principles are applicable to esophageal cancer in 5 esophageal carcinoma occurrence and population living area have what relation of 6 esophageal cancer etiology may have 7 esophageal cancer is "eat" out of 8 esophageal cancer and nutrition related 9 how to prevent esophageal cancer 10 what is the 11 early esophageal cancer early esophageal cancer has what symptom 12 how to early diagnosis of esophageal cancer, 13 of esophageal carcinoma what are the clinical manifestations of 14 esophageal cancer growth morphology characteristics of 15 treatment decisions according to the TNM staging of esophageal cancer -- 16 "swallowing" some of esophageal carcinoma is 17 Why to esophageal barium meal, what should notice 18 angiography before operation 24 esophageal cancer 22 basic problems of how to treat the endoscopic ultrasonography what to prepare 19 important diagnosis means -- esophagoscopy 20 upper gastrointestinal endoscopy preparation 21 endoscopic ultrasound Become esophageal cancer treatment 23 esophageal cancer surgery patients before what should be prepared for operation in treatment of 26 patients with 25 what what is Esophageal cancer radical resection of esophageal cancer 27 what is the palliative operation and palliative resection in 28 esophageal carcinoma operation methods are those 29 what is the esophageal carcinoma operation anastomotic fistula 30 what is the chylothorax in 31 esophageal cancer patients in the radiotherapy of 32 patients with esophageal cancer is where Dan Chungen treatment of radiotherapy in 33 esophageal cancer patients treated with radiotherapy what are the reactions of 34 esophageal cancer is straight do operation period of radiotherapy in 35 esophageal carcinoma Department of internal medicine on 36 what is the esophageal catheter palliative care in 37 how to treat metastasis of esophageal cancer in 38 esophageal cancer why often need comprehensive treatment of 39 oral "heartburn" is a disease of the signal, why is common in esophageal cancer after 40 what is general esophagitis and esophageal cancer in 41, related to what is called "reflux esophagitis", and postoperative recovery to 42 reflux esophagitis how to diagnosis and treatment of 43 combined Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of reflux esophagitis 44 what is the effect of esophageal hiatal hernia and operation after the 45 for the protection of diaphragmatic hernia esophageal please post operation patients medication into the drink boiling water 46 postoperative cellular pain, pain and common cell families with 47 preparation of patients with esophageal carcinoma. Spectrum should pay attention to what matters...... Two, three gastric cancer, colorectal cancer
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People talk about the tumor have some "talk about tumor color", therefore, prevention is more important. The book in question and answer form, popularization, explain profound theories in simple language from the reader's angle elaborated systematically the esophageal gastrointestinal cancer prevention knowledge. To raise awareness of cancer, prevent the increase in cancer and early detection of cancer knowledge, teach them once suffering from cancer and timely correct treatment, rehabilitation treatment in the correct measures etc..
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