Zhong Shizhen clinical anatomy atlas: Department of urology clinical anatomy atlas

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Shandong science and technology   Author:Ding Zihai   Pages´╝Ü249  

Ding Zihai, born in 1952, Henan Nanyang people. The Southern Medical University (formerly the First Military Medical University Professor), minimally invasive surgical anatomy Institute, "deputy editor China Journal of clinical anatomy" and "Journal of clinical Anatomy" deputy editor in chief, members China Anatomical Society of professional committee of human anatomy, Guangdong Province anatomical association. Engaged in the professional committee of Guangdong Province Committee of anatomy, anatomic association. In the anatomy of 32 years. A deeper knowledge of clinical anatomy, made outstanding achievements in the aspects of hand microsurgery anatomy, flap, experimental study of nursing anatomy of nerve injury, application research. Published more than 60 papers, edited 6 monographs, 2 teaching materials. By the military scientific and technological progress "in two, 3, enjoy special government allowances. Take the army and provincial key projects 3. In recent years the anatomy of minimally invasive surgery has carried on the positive exploration, formed the Southern Medical University of minimally invasive surgery and anatomy Institute, a more in-depth study in the skull lock also approach and abdominal minimally invasive surgical anatomy research.
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Structure diagram first chapter Department of Urology chest 1-1 mark line and abdominal zoning map 1-2 back mark line graph 1-3 of upper abdominal surface marker 1-4 thoracic (front view) graph 1-5 thoracic and pleura (back view) figure 1-6 diaphragmatic morphological (the view) figure 1-7 anterolateral abdominal wall superficial fascia Fig. 1-8 abdominal oblique graph 1-9 internal oblique graph 1-10 transversus abdominis 1-11 rectus sheath of rectus abdominis (1-12 diagram) diagram 1-13 anterolateral abdominal wall hierarchical graph 1-14 layers of the abdominal wall (level) figure 1-15 layers of the abdominal wall (diagram) diagram of 1-16 anterior abdominal wall inner surface view 1-17 inguinal shallow deep layer. Figure 1-18 the inguinal region 1-19 groin tube (diagram) diagram of 1-20 posterior abdominal wall muscle 1-21 trapezius and latissimus dorsi muscle of waist deep in Figure 1-22 figure 1-23 posterior abdominal wall muscles and lumbar muscle 1-24 superior lumbar triangle and lumbar triangle diagram 1-25 chest, abdominal wall neural map 1-26 chest, abdominal nerve figure 1-27 Department of Urology operation incision abdominal commonly used graph 1-28 renal operation approach (level) figure 1-29 lumbar, sacral plexus nerve plexus in Figure 1-31 figure 1-30 abdominal pelvic 1-32 pelvic connective graph 1-33 bone X-ray Figure 1-34 female pelvic artery (MC) of vascular wall in Figure 1-35 (CAST) branch of posterior 1-36 internal iliac artery (artery angiography) graph 1-37 morphology of the gastric mucosa of the stomach in Figure 1-38 figure 1-39 gastric 1-40 artery, 1-41 empty ileum colon colon region organs in Figure 1-42 figure 1-43 peritoneal organs (children specimens) figure 1-44 omental 1-45 colon segment (contrast)...... The second chapter third chapter fourth chapter urinary organs of adrenal gland of male reproductive organs of fifth chapter of minimally invasive anatomic @##@ Department of Urology This book has 5 chapters, respectively, the urinary organs Department of Urology related structure, adrenal, male reproductive organs and Department of Urology minimally invasive anatomic. The main structure of the body wall, Department of Urology, income of abdominal and pelvic blood vessels and lymph nodes, abdominal and pelvic digestive tracts, the female reproductive organs such as graph, understand the adjacent relationship these organs and urinary organs, to improve the operation quality is very important in the Department of urology. On the position, and the morphology of urinary and reproductive organs adjacent to fully display. Considering the importance of image technology, the image right amount, especially the variation of the anatomy of the organ to see. Follow the scientific, practical, according to the guiding ideology of the clinical anatomy and innovation, the knowledge of anatomy and clinical application of actual close union, the system does not rigidly adhere to the map. At the same time as much as possible and artistic unity of organic.
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  •   This book is the classic anatomy atlas of the Department of Urology, the deficiency is not fresh cadaver specimens, looks like is not very good, so some anatomical level is very important in the Department of Urology of the display is not very clear.
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