Invisible orthodontic treatment

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Chinese medicine science and Technology Press   Author:(Italy), Cazaux / (day) Tucker Malden / Xu Baohua   Pages:155   Words:287000  

"Invisible orthodontic treatment" one book, is the latest and most authoritative to introduce a system of tongue side orthodontic technology books, this book introduces the processing methods of clinical treatment of tongue side orthodontic technique, to solve the operation method includes daily clinical practice and common problems. This book is the author of personal clinical experience, this book uses examples to prove the latest treatment orthodontic technique the high-end professional field in terms of innovation in lingual. The book covers the essentials of some are from professional practice and academic exchanges for many years, some from numerous publications, these concepts will be clearly, be good at giving systematic guidance to be introduced. After the publication of the book that is widely received orthodontic doctors the world's praise, the book is rich in images and a large number of cases, systematically introduces the latest contemporary orthodontics theory and technology. Content that is easy to understand and facilitate clinical application. Believe it Chinese version will be published to promote the development of the China's tongue side orthodontic technology's.
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Giuseppe Scuzzo is a doctor, Italy Association of orthodontists American Association of orthodontists, founder USA tongue side orthodontic Association and the European lingual orthodontic Association and former president.
Giuseppe Scuzzo doctor to the medical degree in 1983, 1988 for oral medical degree, both at the University of Rome, has obtained a master's degree in lingual orthodontics at Cagliari University in 1993,
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The preparation of this book is the cause of Chapter 1 introduction of lingual orthodontic treatment essentials of diagnosis and treatment of the second chapter tongue side orthodontic treatment is critical to the success of the third chapter tongue side orthodontic technology laboratory procedure chapter fourth Hiro system laboratory procedure chapter fifth brackets and bands of clinical bonding the sixth chapter biomechanics and biomechanical comparison of the seventh chapter of tooth extraction the mechanical principle of chapter eighth extraction cases ninth chapter non extraction treatment mechanics chapter tenth non extraction cases eleventh chapter lingual straight wire technique twelfth chapter tongue side orthodontic treatment of holding
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