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This book is "the Tang and Song Dynasties Jinyuan medical book as" one of series of books, the Tang and Song Jin Yuan period is the best time to inherit and develop the traditional Chinese medicine, has shown unprecedented academic prosperity. The book created the etiology classification "three for theory". And because of the outline, vein, disease, syndrome, treated as a TCM etiology and dialectical treatment method system.
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"Three for a disease" because of "three party on our day" "easy to Jane Fonda" Chen no alternative medicine academic thought of Appendix A: Chen no alternative medicine academic thought research references appendix two: 1991 edition of "Chinese Library Union Catalog description," Chen Yan Wang Shuo works after @##@ remember details Chen Yan, the word no selection, number of Crane Creek Road, the State Department of Qingtian (now Zhejiang Qingtian county) people, holding the concerned expert textual research, the person was born in the Northern Song Dynasty and for three years (AD 121 years), died in the first year of Song Nanshaoxi (1190 ad), at the age of 69. Chen Yan is a Confucian, medicine, and in medical clinical, was very influential. His major work "three because of a disease that party on his position" in traditional Chinese medicine. The inheritance, development of the "Huang Di Nei Jing", "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" and other etiological theory, founded the etiology classification of "three for theory". And because of the outline, vein, disease, syndrome, treated as a TCM etiology and dialectical treatment method system. Practice it by its from abundance back to limitation, the simplified formula of academic thought and philosophy of science. "Chen no alternative medical encyclopedia" by Chen and his disciples of the 3 works, the abstract is as follows: 1 "three for a disease certificate of" the book of 18 volumes, class 180 door, receiving more than 1050 first. The theoretical basis of this book is "three theories", pay attention to the etiology, pulse, to cause class to disease, pulse angle resolved etiology. In order to reflect the disease because the outline, vein, disease, syndrome, for the purpose of "rule by vein to disease, illness to differentiation of symptoms and signs, along with the card after treatment", "are three because, due to the academic ideas and methods for". Whether from the macro structure and micro structure can be seen in the book emphasizes the "three for" based on "the general spirit of Party Theory", this book content is a prescription proportion is large, but the overall structure but everywhere etiological study of importance for guiding treatment and reasonable command of the. The book "three for" and "party" theory is an organic whole, meaning the book named. 2 "three for" our day the Jiaqing of the Qing Miao asked (Zi Fangyuan) will be called ginger 体乾's hidden in the "Chen Yuanyi" three song board for "our day" (see Miao's Autobiography) to one one books and. This booklet called "in our day the original narration" and "six gas on the original narrative" is the "three for a party on disease and syndrome" volume five "five theory" and "six gas Syria theory", so "three" in our day by the two original Syria and understanding as the book of Syria, less well understood for the classification of syria. One possibility, that song is "three for luck. A disease and syndrome" methodology in the aspects of punctuation, school note together. The 3 "easy to Jane Fonda" this Chen Yan's disciple Wang Shuo, the book does not pass, only discusses "* Ju students spices thirty character rule", "add Decoction Treatment thirty poems" and "city four circular medicine therapies" 10. The increase in loss of drink and shop round drugs in 2/3 above the entry may be in for a "three party" disease and syndrome found in theory, which we can intuitively understand the inheritance relationship between the two. This book is very brief but at the time it was widespread, profound influence. The above three basically covers the major works of Chen Wuze and his disciples now can see, in order to better explore the medical thoughts of Chen Wuze, we have written "Chen no study" the alternative medicine academic thought, a collection of "Chen no titles" alternative medicine academic research papers, for reference.
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