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Date of publication:2005-3   Press: Liaoning science and Technology Press   Author:Zhang Tianze  

"The first edition of" oncology in 1996 has been published in December, the popular national readers, and even many units will be the main reference book reading for the cultivation of tumor specialist. But in the period before and after the book was published 10 years, along with advances in medicine and biology, there is more awareness molecules on the cancer, the mechanism of development; progress in clinical and basic research of the corresponding rapidly, especially in recent years with the completion of the human genome, gene analysis of large scale, technology, and the rise of proteomic research, studies of cell cancerization flash, comprehensive study has been from single gene level in the past to integrated, multi-level, the informationization, the various molecular markers of cancer spectrum study to become a reality. Is due to the rapid progress of these basic theory and technology, promote tumor prevention, early diagnosis and treatment, such as chemical prevention, tumor markers, targeted therapy, conformal radiotherapy in breast cancer and led to the rise of tumor chemotherapy before operation and so on, so that the tumor prevention and changed innovative, germination "necessary" is reprinted the update of oncology. In a variety of enhanced "Oncology" reprint of the idea, of course, the organization the "perfection", "innovation" as the goal, the larger size, the author and works, it wasn't easy, but get colleagues wide support and enthusiastic response, in addition to individual chapters, rewriting.
Author brief introduction

Zhang Tianze, M.B.Ch.B, born in 1920, graduated in 1943 the city of Shenyang River along the Christie Memorial Medical College graduated seven years. 1944-1951 years of general surgery in hospital and physician; 1952 engaged in Clinical Oncology; after 1980 mainly clinical and research tumor department of internal medicine; 1983 as the work China magazine editor and Clinical Tumor Institute; 1988-1996 two term China anticancer association; 1989-1996 years elected executive director of the Asia Pacific Alliance anti; even elected 1992 two China Association National committee. As a professor, Cancer Hospital of Tianjin University Tianjin city director of the vital interests of tumor research fellows and honorary director. 2004 February died in the tumor hospital of Medical University Of Tianjin. China's famous scientist China surgical oncology, cancer cause development exhibition.
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On the first cancer epidemiology second cancer etiology third cancer prevention fourth cancer molecular biology of the cell fifth cancer diagnosis sixth tumor volumes of seventh head and neck cancer of eighth thoracic tumor ninth gastrointestinal cancer tenth urinary and male genital system tumor volume of eleventh tumors of female reproductive organ twelfth article thirteenth bone tumor and soft tissue tumor of fourteenth skin cancer, Fifteenth tumors of the central nervous system tumors sixteenth children seventeenth lymphoid malignancies eighteenth hematopoietic malignant diseases leukemia nineteenth other twentieth metastases twenty-first oncology emergencies twenty-second cancer patients with support for twenty-third cancer patients rehabilitation, palliative treatment and nursing index
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