Advanced cancer research (volume third)

Date of publication:2003-12   Press: Xi'an Jiao Tong University press   Author:Fan Daiming editor   Pages:241   Words:196000  

This book is a comprehensive introduction to cancer research progress of works -- "front" for cancer research in third volumes. The book has 12 chapters, introduces the latest developments of the tumor genes, tumor metastasis, tumor resistance, tumor immunity, signal transduction, tumor angiogenesis, tumor chemical prevention and reversal of aspects, including the research of the Institute in the aspects of. The book suitable for cancer researchers, teachers and students in Institutions of higher learning related professional, undergraduate and postgraduate in medical universities and medical workers to read.
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Fan Daiming, male, born in November 1972 in 1953, joined the army in December, chongqing. The incumbent vice president of the The Fourth Military Medical University, professional technology to the rank of major general; director of Department of internal medicine, Xijing Hospital, chief physician, Professor, Department of internal medicine, the PLA Institute of digestive diseases research director, director of the State Key Laboratory of cancer biology, graduate students, 博干 graduate and postdoctoral tutor, director of the national base of clinical pharmacology. 1975
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The first chapter of P13K/Akt signal pathway and tumor Akt gene clone two the structural characteristics of Akt three activation of Akt four is involved in the regulation of the upstream of Akt molecule five substrates of Akt six Akt function of seven Akt and tumor Ref. second chapter DARPP-32 and tumor DARPP-32 in the neurons of the slow synaptic transmission in the role and mechanism of two DARPP-32 and tumor reference third chapter of Runx transcription factor family and tumor Runx and leukemia in two Runx with human tumors, Ref. fourth chapter mitochondria and multidrug resistance in cancer drug transporter mediated apoptosis of MDR two and MDR three mitochondrial biology function of four mitochondrial and tumor MDR reference fifth chapter tumor vaccine and multi table a combined vaccine research progress of tumor vaccine research of two DNA vaccine research of Ref. sixth chapter the biological function of RhoA and its relationship with gastric cancer RhoA gene and its protein structure of two RhoA molecular regulation of three RhoA downstream effector molecules of four RhoA protein function of five RhoA and six RhoA in gastric cancer and tumor reference seventh chapter Rho protein and tumor angiogenesis and the research progress of Rho protein and Rho protein in two tumor and tumor angiogenesis in three Future reference eighth chapter of tumor susceptibility gene 101 and tumor...... HIF-1 tumor cells ninth chapter cyclooxygenase-2 and angiogenesis in the tenth chapter of ING1 gene and tumor in eleventh chapter of the ubiquitin proteasome system and tumor twelfth chapter anoxic conditions to flexible regulation mainly English abbreviation index
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