• Modern anesthesiology Technology

    Modern anesthesiology technology, an Gang, Xue Fushan editor, science and technology literature press,

  • Dentofacial deformity orthopedic

    Editors: the book is divided into fourteen chapters, the first chapter briefly introduces the history of functional orthopedic treatment. Second, the three chapter is the basic theory of functional orthopedic treatment. The fourth chapter systematically introduces the function analysis and diagnosis. The remaining chapters of this paper introduces the design principle, a variety of commonly used functional appliance indications, appliance,

  • Basic and clinical prostate cancer

    The book is divided into 28 chapters, including basic and clinical two parts. The basis part includes the latest genetics and molecular biology knowledge and other practical knowledge; clinical application and selection including the new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and diagnostic technology, the basic research, the prostate cancer clinical practice and new development,

  • Brain tumor

    The book is a monograph about clinical brain tumor diagnosis and treatment of the disease, the book is divided into five sections, a total of fifty-one chapters, about more than ninety words. First, the epidemiological characteristics of brain tumor and its classification. Based on the introduction of brain tumor second, special is the animal model, anatomical concept, cell culture, blood brain,

  • Neurodegenerative diseases

    Neurodegenerative diseases, the book is a multi volume large advanced reference book "Neurology" China's first content people's Military Medical Press Planning published a more comprehensive system of China, edited by Professor famous neurologist Chen Shengdi. "This volume is divided into 4 parts and 39 chapters, introduced a system of movement disorders, hereditary,

  • Modern lung cancer surgery

    "Modern" lung cancer surgery by more than 30 engaged in basic research and clinical work written by experts in lung cancer. The book is divided into four parts, the first part surgery for lung cancer, a total of seven chapters, besides the anatomical, physiological, lung cancer of the lung pathology, etiology, epidemiology are introduced in detail, also increased lung cancer,

  • The principle and application of Alexander oral orthodontic technique

    Alexander is the orthodontists world famous, he has accumulated rich clinical experience through years of practice, created their own unique technique, this technique has been widely accepted orthodontic doctors around the world and has a good therapeutic effect. In 1991, Dr. Alexander for the first time to China teaching sub,

  • Manual of mental disease of modern drug treatment

    Manual of mental disease in modern medicine, Qu Falin ed., Shanghai: Second Military Medical University press,

  • The utility short-term psychotherapy

    The utility short-term psychotherapy, Cheng fires, edited by Tang Qiuping, people's Medical Publishing house,

  • Cardiovascular and dialogue

    Doubts, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases for many years, is not only the patient, but also including physicians and Department of internal medicine (some hospital is the Department of the brain) doctors themselves, because the partition for that they often neglect the heart and brain are closely linked. The majority of cerebrovascular disease and cardiovascular disease are common risk factors, patients with cerebrovascular disease is myocardial infarction,

  • Mental illness and mental health

    Although modern psychiatry research has made great progress, but the mental or emotional diseases of all kinds continue to plague patients, family members and other care personnel, the psychiatrist also felt very awkward. This book is written for non psychiatric professionals, it almost covers the adults face,

  • Study of dental pulp disease

    "Research" dental pulp disease a book embodies the stomatology College of Wuhan University dental pulp disease subjects of all my colleagues in nearly 20 years of effort and achievement. This book focuses on the research results of this subject research in caries research and dental pulp diseases. Research on dental caries of Stomatology College of Wuhan University from 2,

  • Pudendal diseases and sexually transmitted diseases

    "Pudendal diseases and sexually transmitted diseases" selected clinical and pathological color photo 328, unifies our country national condition wrote a common sexually transmitted disease diagnosis and differential diagnosis of 14, more than 80 kinds of and easy to occur in the genital skin disease, gynecological diseases and diseases in Department of urology. ,

  • STD and AIDS prevention training strategies and methods

    The design of this book introduces the prevention of STD and AIDS role training, basic elements, scheme, challenge the current training of STD and AIDS prevention faces and measures, training organization, implementation and management strategies and methods, including the training method of choice, capacity building training management, implementation and teaching staff, and,

  • Emergency anesthesiology

    Emergency Anesthesiology (fine), edited by Ceng Bangxiong, people's Medical Publishing house,

  • Anesthesia information

    "Anesthesia Informatics" introduces the basic situation of Internet knowledge, computer information retrieval, internet medical information search engine, network the skills of using the search engine, network periodical full text database of resources etc.. ,

  • ECG professionals training materials

    ECG professionals training materials, 2004 national health work conference pointed out, the construction of a party and people trusted health care team, is the key to the success of the reform and development of health undertakings. The team thought, moral character, style, and determines the level of China's health in the future. The medical and health industry with thousands of households,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of ocular fundus disease

    "The diagnosis and treatment of ocular fundus diseases," Professor Huang Shuren has long been engaged in medical treatment, teaching and scientific research work in our department of ophthalmology in the field of science, has the rich clinical experience, he and his staff room for many years on the collection and collation of the Department of ophthalmology clinical data and images for diagnosis, treatment and study and improve laid a,

  • Repair of cleft lip and cleft palate

    This book is about 90 words, illustrations 10C pieces, is divided into 4 parts. First, pandect. The incidence, pathogenesis, causes, preventive measures, classification and treatment principle of the deformity of cleft lip and cleft palate. Article second article, cleft lip. The cleft lip nasal deformity repair, repair and secondary deformity repair,

  • AIDS Clinical Pathology

    AIDS is a serious diseases endangering human health, has now spread to the world, China also faces the threat of AIDS epidemic. In order to meet the current needs of AIDS clinical diagnosis, treatment and research, special organizations compiled this book. The book is divided into general (1 ~ 8 chapters) and the theory of (9 ~,

  • Clinical cancer pain management

    This book consists of clinical pain experienced treatment expert group is prepared, a total of 30 chapters. According to the need of clinical application of cancer pain, the problem from a different angle comprehensive elaboration, and discussed the status and Prospect of treatment of cancer pain, analysis of the current failed to effectively relieve the cancer pain,

  • Non neoplastic diseases of salivary gland

    "Non neoplastic diseases of salivary gland" author has for many years engaged in the salivary gland of non tumor disease diagnosis and research experience, editor in USA National Institutes of Health (NIH) engaged in research work, familiar with the production and development of the latest research direction. "The main content of salivary gland tumor disease" non including salivary gland anatomy and histology,

  • Introduction to human color vision

    This book is about human color vision, especially research monograph causes color vision and color vision abnormalities and correction mechanism, the book has six chapters, the important progress of the color and color correction is introduced, points out the problems to be solved; mutation by using mathematical method to color process topology research and abnormal color vision,

  • The new head and neck oncology

    The new progress of tumor research book binding, pathogenesis and treatment technology of each part of head and neck tumors were systematic and comprehensive elaboration; on multidisciplinary combined diagnosis more development in recent years (especially the early diagnosis), by means of comprehensive treatment and new development sequence of some biological treatment and other content, especially for,

  • Clinical kinematics

    Clinical kinematics of third edition, edited by Maruyama Hitoshi (Japan), heap Ming et al, China press of traditional Chinese medicine,

  • Department of internal medicine and Oncology

    Tumor in China has become a common and multiple diseases, such as attention, serious threat to people's health. Tumor prevention and treatment in China started late, but in the past 40 years there has been a lot of achievements. Especially in the Department of internal medicine treatment progress faster. This book is the Chinese experts and several friendly foreign experts,

  • Elimination and prevention of skin troubles

    Today's health series. "Let the skin beauty" can be said to be a female desire, almost every day we learn about skin care makeup and skin trouble information through the magazine, TV etc.. The book of the skin structure and functions of the user-friendly instructions, the age spots, dull skin, wrinkles, relaxation, acne,

  • Contemporary cancer recipe

    The book into 18 kinds of common malignant tumor, briefly introduces the basic situation type, the tumor diagnosis and clinical, mainly discusses the dialectical treatment of Chinese medicine, western medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine is effective for treatment of various cancers, prescription, also recommended a number of unilateral, recipes and diet, each prescription details,

  • Temporal lobe epilepsy

    "Temporal lobe epilepsy" published by the Fudan University press. ,

  • Calcium, calcium, vitamin D and osteoporosis

    This book is a center with osteoporosis, briefly introduces the calcium, calcitonin and established clinical and research Vitamin D3 and new progress. The book is divided into seven chapters, the first chapter introduces the calcium physiological, pathology and clinical and basic knowledge of "calcium deficiency" academic concept, and the calcium current,

  • Technology and process for oral cavity repair

    "Technology" oral repair a total of 8 chapters, about 30 words, 300 illustrations, in order to help the readers to understand and grasp the dental professional knowledge, especially increases the close relationship with oral anatomy and physiology of content. In the writing process, the author will try to compress the basic theory, focuses on the clinical operation and,

  • Non operation treatment of hemangioma and lymphangioma

    This book a comprehensive introduction to hemangioma and lymphangioma etiology, pathology, clinical diagnosis and treatment, and introduces the principle and application method of necrosis therapy in the treatment of hemangioma and lymphangioma, is introduced and studied hemangioma and lymphangioma a monograph. The book is divided into 3 chapters, the first, the hemangioma etiology,,

  • Basic and clinical depression

    "Depression": basic and clinical comprehensive introduction to the basic research of depression and the clinical diagnosis, treatment status, including the etiology, epidemiology, clinical depression performance and other content, focuses on the specific implementation steps and treatment. The second edition on the basis of the first version, an increase in specific cases,

  • The diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly

    This book is based on years of clinical experience and combined with the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly prepared. Contents not only covers the characteristics of aged patients with cardiovascular disease and the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, and at the same time, the application of new techniques in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly in the. Not only to all kinds of old heart,

  • Modern TCM Oncology

    The previous, next, the appendix three parts. The basic theory is divided into ten chapters, the first chapter introduces the prevention and treatment of Chinese history, tumor history, open up the future. The second chapter compilation of "Huangdi Neijing", "classic", "Golden Chamber" and "Shen Nong's herbal classic" and other traditional Chinese Medicine Classics on tumor discussion,

  • Prevention of vitiligo and melasma

    "Vitiligo and melasma treatment" from the basic knowledge, vitiligo and melasma is composed of three parts. In second, in the three part, the definition, etiology, diagnosis respectively, classification of vitiligo and melasma, especially for the treatment and prevention are introduced in detail. The contents of user-friendly, simple and practical, is urban and rural patients,

  • Dementia patient answer

    Dementia patient answer, this book on the basis of the previous work, according to the author's clinical experience for many years, in the form of Q & A, in order to explain profound theories in simple language to etiology, classification of dementia, clinical features, diagnosis and treatment and other aspects of a comprehensive introduction. The book consists of dementia, dementia, dementia classification of treatment and rehabilitation,,

  • Phenotypic genetic modification and tumor

    In the regulation of gene expression, phenotype genetic modification (epigenesis, also translated as epigenetic, genetic modification or epigenetic modification) dominated. Chromosome by DNA and histone wrapped. The main contents of epigenetic theory is down regulated the transcription of DNA methylation, and,

  • Carcinoma of the uterine cervix

    This book consists of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University professor Chen Huizhen, Professor Gao Yongliang Zhejiang Provincial Tumor Hospital and tumor hospital China Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College professor Sun Jianheng lead editor. It will be three primary malignant tumor in gynecologic oncology in gynecologic oncology clinical series in the form of written and published, divided into "sub,

  • Clinical PCR gene diagnosis

    "Key clinical PCR gene diagnosis is based on clinical practicability" for the purpose, from the basic principle of PCR technology, primer design, template preparation, all kinds of clinical specimens of PCR amplification, product testing methods, are analyzed in detail, the experimenter as long as according to the program, they can successfully,

  • The outpatient department of internal medicine manual nerve

    "Neural outpatient department of Internal Medicine Handbook" is divided into 36 chapters, including: diagnosis and treatment of consciousness disorders, diagnosis and treatment of dementia, diagnosis and treatment of mental and behavioral disorders, aphasia, apraxia, agnosia diagnosis and treatment. "Neural outpatient department of internal medicine manual" was published by Liaoning science and technology press. ,

  • The clinical difficulty severe grand rounds

    This book is devoted to severe problems, clinical meet emergency, through rounds and case discussion, getting the correct diagnosis and treatment were collected and writing a book. The characteristics of this book is from the clinical practice, solve the problems in diagnosis and treatment of severe problems, emergency, and has strong practicability. Through case discussion, expansion,

  • Depression

    The book is divided into nine chapters, respectively expounds the concept and classification of depression, neural and biochemical basis, pathogenesis, etiology, clinical manifestation, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, prevention and genetic counseling. This book is for psychiatric, psychological counseling, psychotherapy, neurology, obstetrics and Gynecology Department of internal medicine,,

  • Depression treatment key

    Depressive disorder or depression, probably in twentieth Century 80 years, some of China's famous psychiatric experts, depression should be translated into depression, I also agree with the. Later, mental illness of international classification of disease classification and USA, also called depressive,

  • The diagnosis of malignant lymphoma pathology

    Pathologic diagnosis and differential diagnosis of lymphoreticular tissue benign, borderline lesions lymphoma is very difficult, and the rapid development of related research. In order to meet the urgent needs of the majority of Pathology, educators and researchers, the special invitation of lymphoma pathological experts well-known co authored a book. The book includes basic science,

  • Modern eye tumor orbital disease

    "The modern eye tumor orbital disease" written by famous experts of Zhongshan Medical University Department of Ophthalmology center, is a comprehensive system introduced ocular tumors and orbital disease of modern diagnosis and treatment of academic works, the book is pandect, and operation of 3 parts and 19 chapters, 500 pieces (including color illustrations of 60 pieces). First introduced the eye,

  • The pathological basis of Department of Ophthalmology

    Department of Ophthalmology pathological basis of atlas (in Chinese and English), edited by Huang Xiuzhen, people's Medical Publishing house,

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