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Date of publication:2005-11   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Tao Le [a]   Pages:546   Words:1544000  

This book is one of a series of reference book clinical American selling practice, McGraw-Hill publishing. The book includes clinical practice to prepare, in clinical practice, the Department of internal medicine ward practice points, pediatric ward practice points, medical books introduction and ranking etc.. The book uses the Student-to-Student form, everything after clinical doctors, students summary, very refined, practical, can effectively help the clinical practice of medical students. The book is suitable for medical college students and clinicians. `
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Tao Le, MD, Dr. Le has led multiple medical education projects over the past seven years. As a medical student, he was editor-in-chief of the University of California, San Francisco Synapse, a university newspaper with a weekly circulation of 9000.Subsequently, he authored First Aid for the Wards and First Aid for the Match and led the most recent revision of First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 At Yale, he was a regular guest lecturer on the USMLE review courses and an adviser to the Yale University School of Medicine curriculum committee. Dr. Le earned his medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco in 1996 and completed his residency training and board certification in internal medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital. He subsequently went on to co-found Medsn and served as i
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PrefaceAcknowledgmentsHow to ContributeChapter 1:Guide for Wards Success Introduction The Team A Day on the Wards The Oral Presentation Daily Wark Activities Tips for Wards Survival Difficult Situations Yours Advantages Getting Off to a Good StartChapter 2:Practical Information for All Clerkships Reading Key Studies Fluids and Electrolytes Acid-Base Calculations Sliding-Scale Insulin Patient Emergencies Appendix Top-Rated Books Electronic ResourcesChapter 3:Internal Medicine Ward Tips High-Yield Topics Pulmonology Nephrology Gastroenterology Hematology Endocrinology Infectious Disease Rheumatology General Medicine High-Yield References Top-Rated BooksChapter 4:Neurology...... Chapter 5:Obstetrics and GynecologyChapter 6:PediatricsChapter 7:PsychiatryChapter 8:SurgeryAbbreviationsIndex
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The book features, book: 1 starting from the practice point of view, create a Student-to-Student counseling forms; 2, concise, key points and difficulties of direct clinical practice; 3, the book English simple, easy to understand, can also used to improve medical English level. Very lucky in the ward during the internship has such a reference book, the contents of the book is very practical, can satisfy our need to practice. In addition, after reading this book, our medical English level has been improved. --Bao Yiqian's 99 level of eight years clinical medicine, Peking Union Medical College
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  •   A very good book for learning English, as well as clinical interns internship are very helpful!!!
  •   Internship when don't like department is ramming paste, now read books began to regret.
  •   The quality is very good, can have some inspiration. Not very advanced preaching, but practical.
  •   A good book, and soon received a, much better than imagined ~ to buy books, feel so good and have convenient ~ ha ha
  •   You can practice English
  •   Very good, and the recommended bibliography and the important documents in the relevant fields
  •   The quality of the book is very good, but the content is very practical, very helpful for learning medical English, sometimes encounter problems can also read, very helpful to our families, other people also want to buy a.
  •   The contents of the book is good, say something basic and the current teaching is consistent, helps to improve my English level. The book knowledge are also very practical.
  •   Good books, improve the professional English level
  •   Such as the title. With pleasure. Seems to spend energy, after all, is English expression, there are very authentic.
  •   Simple and easy to understand, is not suitable for the contact English often medical staff!!
  •   The book is very good. But when I received the do not know why the book corner has obviously been pressure marks, obviously! Dissatisfied.
  •   Like, look at the beginning.
  •   And some numerical and domestic use some deviation but little effect or English difficulty problem in general for his English is not very sure to abandon the purchase, 3 first author is Chinese but seems to have immigrants

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